TTFF: Relics of ’98

Denver 2011

This Friday’s playlist is composed of jams from a different era. All of the songs featured today have taken a back seat during the modern era of Phish, but were once central jam vehicles. I decided to pluck stellar versions from 1998 to add cohesion to the selections. Enjoy the tunes today and through the weekend!


2001” 7.17.98 II

One of the all-time classic versions that never gets old.



Tube” 7.16.98 II

The wide-open funk of the Gorge.



Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I

A somewhat glossed-over version that came as the second song of UIC ’98.



Halley’s Comet > I Didn’t Know” 8.3.98 I

The opening jam of Deer Creek ’98. Might we be returning this summer?



Free” 11.9.98 I

A crunchy first-set beast from UIC ’98; an instant classic.



Cities” 7.31.98 II

Another quintessential piece of Summer ’98 from Polaris.



Wolfman’s Brother -> Lizards” 11.18.98 II

One of the lesser discussed shows of Fall ’98—Greenville, South Carolina—had plenty to talk about.



AC/DC Bag” 8.9.98 II

A smoking summertime version from Virginia Beach; the centerpiece jam from the night they covered “Terrapin Station.”



You Enjoy Myself” 12.29.98 II

YEMSG ’98.

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  1. buddysmyles Says:

    First! 98′ Only saw one show that year, least ever since first show @ Le Spectrum 93′

  2. Oldskool Says:

    Love the sound of ’98. Transition/progression of ’97 -> ’98 -> ’99 was so incredible.

  3. Dr Pronoia Says:

    the year I hopped aboard….

    this will make for a great day off – thanks Miner!

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    whaddup, directing a short today on 35mm. fucking pumped.

  5. SillyWilly Says:

    Good morning, kids

    flew into KC from San F. last night.

    Headed up to Madison today.

    Good luck today, DF. Have fun, man.

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    Good morning, kids

    flew into KC from San F. last night.

    Headed up to Madison today.

    Good luck today, DF. Have fun, man.

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    flew into KC from San F. last night.
    Headed up to Madison today.

    reads like the opening lines of a TVZ song

  8. Jtran Says:

    Felt like I was part of an episode of Portlandia last night…

    Went to a coffee shop for some heady beers and to see this pony tailed hippie guy create ambient soundscapes on his acoustic guitar and loop pedals. Most of the songs once he got them going he’d put his guitar down and sit cross legged next to the kid in tie dye and sweatpants playing Magic: The Gathering and watch. After several minutes he’d start all over again.

  9. Mike in Austin Says:

    Morning all. Great list today. Gonna make sure I listen to them all.

  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    gonna take these jams out
    gonna take em out
    gonna listen slowly
    listen just how I like

  11. DryIceFactory Says:

    This playlist looks so tasty. I’m only familar with the 2001, Mike’s, Halley’s and Free. Pumped.

  12. DryIceFactory Says:

    And obviously YEMSG 98.

  13. angryjoggerz Says:

    Morning everyone. 9 degrees and 8 inches of snow coming. Chicago’d. Working from home today, can deal with this bs. Making a mad dash for jazz records before the man shuts it all down.

  14. InAMinute Says:

    Mmm ’98. I recall “streaming” Vegas Halloween from my dorm room. The buffering was frustrating to say the least.

    I also remember checking with the Dark Side set was posted and was flabbergasted.

    Vernon down the house.

    Rhinoceros to open the Creek. Anyone have a solid copy of this? My fav smashing pumpkins song by a long shot…and of course.

    Island Tour!! Man that was fun (at least the Nassau part I was at). Was listening to this last week, it’s a good reminder of what this band can do. Always fun but man when they take the time they are one of a kind good.

  15. SillyWilly Says:

    Damn. I wonder if I’m driving right into that snow

    Better not post and drive, silliam

  16. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    “When I first came to Montreal, the fans would throw little tinfoils of hash at me. It was nice. It was kind of like the hats going to the matador. Bravo, good game.”

    spaceman, yo.

  17. kayatosh Says:

    98 — oh yeah!

    8.9.98 bag now. unfamiliar w/ it and the 12.29 YEM. all the rest are oft spun faves. well done, miner.

    phish scholarship.

  18. angryjoggerz Says:

    bb are my spun faves

  19. alf Says:

    palmer’s got me revisiting bethel 1 set 1

    tweezer>my friend
    wolfman’s>walk away

    fun set. opening licks of tweezer were a great moment.

  20. tela'smuff Says:

    This verion of Cities is my personal favorite.

  21. albert walker Says:

    Bethel 1 was an amazing tour opener. having the fresh venue everyone was taking in for the first time gave it a nice energy too.

    so much space. think we had a whole row for ourselves right behind the tapers section. such a great show.

    that KDF is one of my favs of 3.0 another jam Trey was on point on as he was most of the first 2 nights of this run.

    98 is my first year I started to really cut back seeing shows. kinda lame since out of the 97-98-99 era it is by far my fav. oh well. caught UIC and Vegas and a few other rippers so can’t complain.

    great chunk of jams Miner
    have a good one kids

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    Just drove pqst a rest stop on the missouri iowa line with these big figures of buffalo and….a conquistador?

    Fuck that, yo.

  23. Calpain Says:

    Been trying to catch up on postings recently. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Thoroughly enjoyed Greensky Bluegrass, thanks @Gd for the heads up and @Robear as well.

    Kaya hit the nail on the head with his analysis, and I have to add that I was blown away by the ambient and groovy/funk textures they were laying down.

    At the start of set 1 I noted the amount of pedals the slide guitarist had at his disposal, they were properly utilized during the show.

    Also, Cavern was played through the PA just before the band took the stage.
    Kaya and I took this to mean good things to come…and boy were we right!

  24. sumodie Says:

    Looks like the bad points outweigh the good points at Polaris Amphitheater nowadays:

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    yeah man. Those opening Tweezer licks at Bethel put a big smile on everyone’s face. There was no looking back from that point.

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