TTFF: Rewind—2003

7.2.11 - Super Ball (Graham Lucas)

For this Friday’s playlist, we rewind to the often-debated “post-hiatus” era. Regardless of what side of that fence you come down on, I’m sure all can appreciate these gems from 2003. Featuring a grittier, uncompressed guitar tone and uncompromising dives into experimental and psychedelic playing, Phish took things deep during their second go-round. While some jams wound up more focused than others, I hope these selections can be appreciated by fans of any era. Enjoy the distinct, “post-hiatus” sound on this winter weekend! And check out the book offer below.


Walls of the Cave -> Carini” 2.14.03 II, LA, CA

This monstrous jam emerged on the first night of winter tour ’03, restoring some faith after a less-than-impressive comeback run at MSG and Hampton.



Wolfman’s -> Scents and Subtle Sounds” 7.7.03 II, Phx, AZ

This gooey “Wolfman’s” jam merged with the debut of “Scents” in the desert on the opening night of Summer ’03.



Stash” 12.31.03 II, Miami, FL

The defining jam of the first New Year’s Run in Miami.



Seven Below” 7.13.03 II, Quincy, WA

A harrowing exploration that I missed for a high school friend’s wedding. The wedding sucked and  I haven’t seen the guy since. Fail.



Split -> Free” 7.22.03 II, Noblesville, IN

The centerpiece of night two in Deer Creek, and probably the most lasting piece of the run.



Twist -> Simple” 11.29.03 II, Philadelphia, PA II

This jam provided one of few highlights of a rather uninspired Thanksgiving run.



Ya Mar” 8.2.03 II, Limestone, ME

What’s happened to the occasional “Ya Mar” jam? Some, like this one from IT, used to go deep.



Suzy Greenberg” 12.28.03 II, Miami, FL

Phish oozes out of “Suzy” into seething jam that centers on a darkly-spiritual guitar showcase by Trey.



Harry Hood” 7.25.03 II, Charlotte, NC

Just when Phish was beginning to break down improvisational barriers with “Harry Hood” (see Camden ’03 also), they called in quits in ’04.



Cover (Masthay)

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418 Responses to “TTFF: Rewind—2003”

  1. ThePigSong Says:

    Just lapped up the last few drops of my Local’s Hopslam keg. Delicious.

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    RE: Farmhouse

    Mostly, we were both buzzing from that magical feeling of being completely alone, and knowing that we didn’t have to talk to or see a single soul for three whole days and nights, which to both of us was heaven.

    I think Tom told a story about this writing session on PT, he listed many other reasons why they were buzzing…

  3. ThePigSong Says:

    Have you guys checked this out?

  4. plord Says:

    Sanity never fails to crack me up.

    It’s like, why not invite the Butthole Surfers out on stage for a few tunes deep in the middle of set 2? That kind of funny.

    Not funny-haha, more like funny-eeeuuuuuugh.

    Just hit one in the middle of the Wipeout set (’97 and ’98 buffet today while continuing to wire up the studio).

  5. garretc Says:

    plord, if you’re hating on Sanity with that post, well, then I’ll have to take back the kindly tone I just used in the email I just sent. The substance can stay the same, you’d just have to imagine it said in a less-friendly manner.

    Sanity is great!

  6. sumodie Says:

    The Charlotte 03 Hood is awesome

    but that nasty growler of a Suzy from MIA is waaaaay more my style


    (why don’t I spin these more often…?)

  7. sumodie Says:

    Pig, is that the new Neil/Crazy Horse instrumental I’ve heard mention of?

  8. garretc Says:


    That’s sure as heck what it sounds like, although all I know of the subject is what you just said, about it existing.

  9. sumodie Says:

    Am in the middle of TTFF so I can’t stream Neil just now. Guess he still likes a heap of jam in his old age

  10. garretc Says:

    Hmmm… Don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but not instrumental…

    I thought I recognized what it was gonna be too!

  11. garretc Says:

    You know who’d dig the fuck out of this Neil?


    Get on this!

  12. plord Says:

    @garretc, never fear. Sanity IS great. But it cracks me up.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Nice PigSong, we tap our last keg at the pub tomorrow! Savored my last bottle at home yesterday. Such a delicious brew, all year I love the Two-Hearted, but when Hopslam arrives its night and day.

  14. TreasureReprise Says:

    Thanks for posting that Neil Young link. So crunchy, so chunky…

    Any idea where this audio is from?

  15. garretc Says:


    The “credits” say recorded Jan 6 by Crazy Horse

  16. TreasureReprise Says:

    Aah, didn’t click on credits link, thanks. This invoked memories of his ’03 Bonnaroo set. Lovin’ it.

  17. P.S.H.S. Says:

    RIP Don Cornelius, this one’s for you:

  18. phoammhead Says:

    you hang around here for too long and a show could seem kinda meh

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