Three Tweezers On Thursday

8.5.10—The Greek Theatre (Wendy Rogell)

The title says it all. With no further ado, here we go.

12.1.96 II, Los Angelas, CA

A piece that quintessentially represents its place in time—the tail end of Fall 1996— this “Tweezer” from UCLA’s Pauly Pavilion often flies under the radar; but it shouldn’t. Phish had begun to shed its arena rock skin for a far smoother style that would begin to takeover their music, and this metamorphosis is fully on display in this “Tweezer.” A version that came on the last run of tour illustrates how far the band had come since their transformative performance of “Remain in Light” on Halloween. And though the initial jam sequence is swanky and groove-based to the core, this extended jaunt eventually builds into a dark and cacaphonous symphony before floating back to earth via futurisic and percussive interplay and a final, old-school “wind down” ending. A true monster in every sense.



12.16.99 II, Raleigh, NC

This hallowed gem illustrates the drone and dissonant style of the late-’99 era quite well. Creeping out of a post-“Velvet Sea” ambient jam late in the second set, this beast emerged. Mike bushwacked the band’s intitial path with bass grenades as Trey set up layered a pillow of psychedleic sounds. Coming with laid-back leads amidst this murky excusrion, Trey began to command the jam with minimalist authority. Settling into a second segment, the band crawls amidst gorgeous ambient-melodica before ascending slowly into a “Slave-esque” that is as cathartic as music gets. This one touches my heart every time I hear it.



8.11.04 II, Mansfield, MA

Forgotten amidst turbulent times of August ’04 was the last “Tweezer” of the post-hiatus era. Though not super long, this jam certainly packs a hell of punch before segueing smoothly into the real version of “Hold Your Head Up.” An oversized, dark and mechanical groove dominates this excursion which certainly possesses an apocalyptic feel that paralleled the band’s “final run” to Coventry.

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457 Responses to “Three Tweezers On Thursday”

  1. albert walker Says:

    it’s funny cuz I’ve probably only spun that Miami tweezer 3 times in the past year and everytime it sounds sicker and sicker

    one of those 3.0 jams that rolls from theme to theme so smoothly with no searching it seems like a composition

    vocal jam and melodic ambient fadeout. boys through it all out in that beast.

  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I have zero faith the Knicks can pull off a close win against a good team.

  3. halcyon Says:

    Watching the baby kick right now, can see her movements. So crazy to watch. Just as Let it Grow came on.

  4. El Duderino Says:

    gettin’ close Halcy!

  5. El Duderino Says:

    y’all gonna’ check out these 3D SW movies?

  6. Jtran Says:

    Stuck on NYE 03 Stash


  7. thedayman Says:

    looove that jam jtran. hadn’t heard it till last week, goosebumps inducing.

  8. Jtran Says:

    Me either dayman. It’s in my once every other day regimen right now

  9. Jtran Says:

    Any of you musicheads ever heard of Mutemath or The Soft Moon? Any good?

    Dr. Dog? Thought they were a band alf pamped but apparently are not

  10. El Duderino Says:

    that was a weak ass play for the final shot by the Knicks Palmer… bad coaching

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    they suck..good night

  12. halcyon Says:

    Dr. Dog is cool Jtran.

  13. RamblinMind Says:

    @JTran – Dr Dog just played Conan and he has their new album streaming:

  14. Robear Says:

    assignment number 1for ‘Mr Miner’s Music Thoughts’

    assignment number 2

  15. Jtran Says:

    Calling telas to the spotify machine

  16. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Just another reason why Chicago schools NYC in every way

  17. joe Says:

    Got stoned in my buddy’s basement. He just moved and hooked up his old 90’s tapedeck speaker combo. Had an old deasd tape 8 16. 91. Good random jerry tune I’m not familiar with right before desolation row and dark star.

  18. garretc Says:

    Nobody bit earlier, so I’ll cast again:

    Any recs on good, under the radar ’77 or ’78 Dead shows? etree links earn bonus points!

  19. El Duderino Says:

    Oct. Dekalb Il.

  20. El Duderino Says:


  21. garretc Says:

    Thanks Duder, I’ll check it. No bonus points for you though!

  22. plord Says:

    Portland 10/2/77
    Broome 11/6/77

  23. garretc Says:


    Have the Broome, don’t have the Portland, I’ll throw that one into the torrent too!

    Still no bonus points handed out though… Haha

  24. garretc Says:

    Aight, here we go!

    Tubes + Tweezers, finally!

    Only one I’ve heard before is Pauley, which is tits, so if the others are on a level…

  25. Jtran Says:

    Get ready to be blown away by Raleigh garret

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