Twisted Tuesday

10.30.10 - Atlantic City, NJ (Dave Lavery)

One of the songs that has taken a distinct step backwards in this era is “Twist.” Debuted in Summer ’97 along with a host of new songs, “Twist Around,” as it was known then, became an instant vehicle for improvisation. Phish crafted exploratory jams from the song immediately, both in Europe and in America during its first summer. The song continued to be a mainstay launch pad through the 2.0 era, producing such diverse masterpieces as the Island Run “Twist,”(4.2.98), Fukuoka’s Japanese space symphony (6.14.00), and SPAC’s heaping dose of psych-inspired robo-funk (6.20.04). “Twist” was always one of those songs whose dip into the unknown enhanced by the multitude of directions that the jam could take—and Phish often played contained versions as well. With no preset course, “Twist” developed into one of the band’s most diverse jams through the late ‘90s and the post-hiatus era.

Fukuoka, JP 6.14.00

But since Phish came back three years ago, they have reeled in the song considerably. In fact they played one of “Twist’s” most abstract modern excursions at Hampton’s comeback run, as the song sank into murky textures before segueing into “2001.” More often than not, however, the band has used “Twist” as a vehicle for contained, jazz-like improvisation. Essentially, we know what we are getting when “Twist” starts these days, and that is a drastic shift from the song’s former lives. Aside from Denver’s “Low Rider” jam, “Twist” has been a straightforward piece whose differences have lied only in tempo and licks rather than musical direction. Today, let’s dip back into a few lesser-known versions that highlight the intrigue the jam once contained.


7.5.97, Como, Italy

This was the fifth version of “Twist” ever played, and it took place at a free, one-set show in a gorgeous outdoor locale in Como, Italy. With their stage on the sand at the side of a lake with mountains in the background, Phish played a sunset set for anyone who cared to join. In this “Twist,” the band builds into thick, rhythmic interplay, gradually seeping from their own infectious funk into a jam on Deee Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart”—a quality, lesser-circulated nugget from a game-changing tour of Europe.



7.29.97 II, Phoenix, AZ

When Phish got back to the US, they continued to push the boundaries of “Twist” throughout its youth. This version—the next after Como—came one week into the US Summer Tour, and showcases boundary-pushing psychedelia. Using his raw tone and soloing style of the era, Trey locks with Mike to lead the band into a twisted, multi-tiered standout jam that is often left behind by listeners in favor of other, more established favorites. (Excuse the windy audience tape.)



7.4.00 II, Camden, NJ

Kevin Shapiro’s recent soundboard drop of this “Twist” from July 4, 2000, in Camden, allows us to hear the jam’s subtle intricacies unlike any audience tape ever did. The band gets far away from the song in this jam, entering a completely alternate milieu and finding a unique theme deep into the adventure. Dark and exploratory while remaining wholly cohesive, this jam is one of “Twist’s” shining moments. Resolving into “Slave,” this two-song combo punctuated a stellar set of holiday Phish.



7.18.03 II, East Troy, WI

When the band came back in 2003 and got into more abstract playing, “Twist,” occasionally transformed into a platform for increasingly dark encounters. In this version, plucked from deep in the second set at Alpine Valley, Phish spawned an extra-terrestrial spacescape that took more than a few concert-goers by surprise. Trey continued to solo over a blanket of dark ambiance, a gorgeous juxtaposition, as he joined his mates in maniacal sound sculpting. Switching to uncompressed growls with uncompromising fury, Red meshed with piece seamlessly as the band smoothly jammed back into the song’s groove.


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  1. phoammhead Says:


    you’ve got a new look and i don’t like it! well played, though.

    let’s get ready to rumble!

  2. Guyute711 Says:

    Enjoy the jv game tonight phoamm. 😉

  3. halcyon Says:


    Moon was Ginormous rising over the mtns last night. Unreal how big it loomed over the horizon. Pulled off the highway on my way home to appreciate it.

    Spinning a wolfman’s in 5….4….3…2…1

  4. phoammhead Says:

    @Goat711 . . . i mean G$$$ . . . don’t kid a kid!

  5. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    totally forgot what a great resource is until recently. great place to check out shows/songs on the fly to decide if you want to invest the HD space for a better copy later. and perfect for streaming at work.

  6. plord Says:

    Morning BB. Special day for the family. Yesterday was mom’s birthday. Tomorrow is me and my twin brother’s. So natch, twin and wife decide to split the difference and schedule their c-section for today (They have no choice on the section. His wife was a professional ballerina and got dropped from a height; her hips are a mass of pins and plates).

    Mom and dad excited as this is likely their last grandkid; the kids excited to have a new cousin; I’m happy to see my brother finally get off the schneid and join the ranks of the frequently-puked-upon. Through a curious bit of timing and luck, he visited us the morning Calvin was born and got to hold him when he was maybe 8 hours old, but other than that he’s generally clueless about babies. The next couple months are going to be a real eye opener.

  7. Robear Says:

    Nice Plord! Not much to add here.

    The guy on the Slackline at the Super Bowl half time show is a Humboldt State Grad.

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    cnn talked to him

    pretty durn cool

  9. halcyon Says:

    I love time lapse videos. Vimeo has a great collection of them. Going on the space theme from earlier, this one is beautiful.

  10. halcyon Says:

    Happy birthday, and congratulations to you and your family!

  11. Kaveh Says:

    @plord: Happy Birthday’s all around.

  12. Kaveh Says:

    I like the idea of Wolfman’s Wednesday, but I started the day with A Disease Supreme; oh well. 🙂

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    there’s really nothing quite like a ’94 Melt

  14. El Duderino Says:

    There’s really nothing like ’94

  15. poop goblin Says:

    10/30/10 set I

    spun this piece last night. pure fall 2010 rippin type I fire. great chunk.

    Chalk Dust Torture -> Whole Lotta Love > Chalk Dust Torture, Ha Ha Ha, Walk Away, Wolfman’s Brother -> Undermind > Bathtub Gin

    have fun kids
    markets keep grinding up
    scary stuff

  16. kayatosh Says:

    loved that chunk live, poop. will give it a spin soon.

    for now rolling some really touching Jerry

    11.26.88 And It Stoned Me

    ^^^ seek that shit out. inspiring late era jerry.

    mrkts. are a joke. I got creamed in jan. — too short (and short the strongest index of them all, the mighty russel 2K). creaming continued into Feb.

    haven’t learned. i’m short today. ahead on the trade for now. shorted IWM at $83.15. quick hit. make a few shekels. I’ll try to fight my way back to even by April. disgusting performance by me. perhaps it was too much hanging with brother kurt robane and sister silver oak?

    stay strong yall.

  17. kayatosh Says:

    in truth, it’s never anything external. It comes down to maintaining discipline and objectivity. and of course proper $ management.

  18. El Duderino Says:

    maybe it’s time to do something else Kaya

  19. kayatosh Says:

    kaveh: nice stealie. team’s been under performing most of the year. i only watch duke games, so i’m not sure who else is good out there, but i see duke slipping in the rankings. not sure what’s up. lack of a clear on court leader perhaps? We need a Bobby Hurley or a Christian Laettner type that puts the team on his back emotionally. I get chills thinking about those teams. such great players have come through Duke. A lot sticking in the NBA

    keep coming back to these Nov. 2010 MMW shows. wow! (11.18 – $$$ aud. recording. respectful audience) mmw= improv kings. digging it major.

    love is real, not fade away

  20. kayatosh Says:

    been pondering that, el dude. it’s coming to that.

  21. poop goblin Says:

    no Kaya will get it. the pros are all sitting out these markets. that’s why volume is way down.

    and as Kaya knows scalping in a low vol grinding up market is about as tough as it can get. he needs bigger inter day volatility to play the pullbacks.

    our markets don’t want to go down but cuz of Europe and potential for China slow down peeps just aren’t buying our stronger data enough to really run these markets. so much money on the sidelines still not buying this rally.

    tough to trade. very tough. just the algos gone wild on greece hidelines.

  22. El Duderino Says:

    I mean, it sucks for ya’ cuz it’s all your cash and not someone else’s.

  23. kayatosh Says:

    although last year i did OK. I really want to make it work. and that’s MPRT. if you want it too much, you potentially over effort the endeavor, and poor results become more likely.

  24. poop goblin Says:

    I’m chillin about 50% cash. 25% dividend stocks (pharma, oil, miners, telecom) and 25% gold. Homebuilders, banks, and cyclicals have been on fire but I just don’t buy it yet.

    Still hoping for a big move down to go all in. not sure if I ever get it but sometimes the preservation of capital is more important than the appreciation of capital.

  25. kayatosh Says:

    just can’t get long here.

    staying short. mrkt just took a BIG dump in the past 5 mins.

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