TTFM: An International Encore

Tokyo 2000 Flier

Until we have something to talk about, let’s keep the thematic playlists rolling. A lot of people enjoyed Friday’s international flavor, so let’s take another dip into Phish jams from foreign lands to open up this week. Today’s selections contain some real heavy hitters to ease the transition back into the week. Enjoy the tunes, and by all means, “Read the book!


Stash” 7.2.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

Though its tough for me to separate this jam from its set—a frame of non-stop, top-notch Phish—this “Stash” flirts with Phish’s finest pieces ever.



Ghost” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

Phish followed Radio City’s all-time rendition with this “Ghost” from Osaka—another mammoth version. Enojy Kenny Powers’ remaster.



Tweezer” 6.9.00 II, Tokyo, JP

The Tokyo “Tweezer”—a once in a lifetime experience.



Piper -> Makisupa” 7.6.98 II, Prague, CZ

One of the first fully blown-out “Pipers,” the improvisational centerpiece of the show. A stunning jam that had the audience in awe all the way to Barcelona.



Halley’s Comet > Roggae” 7.10.98 II, Barcelona, ES

After an aborted opening set due to sound issues, Phish came out and threw down this lasting, funked-out highlight from the last night of Europe ’98



Down With Disease” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

Another creative monstrosity from Japan 2000.



Harry Hood > Izabella” 7.9.98 II, Barcelona, ES

Phish reprise the “Drowned” progression within this “Hood” then blow out its peak, bringing this Barcelona version into Hendrix’s “Izabella.” Note the whole crowd World  Cup-based “Ole!” chant after the set closer.



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1,135 Responses to “TTFM: An International Encore”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    I prefer this move to the tebow. more of a point out over the horizon.

  2. garretc Says:


    The Tebow implies introspection, a withdrawal into the self, a look at those things that are and have been.

    The Bolt is about focusing the self outwards towards the future, the unknown that exists in the infinite space that extends outward from the outstretched finger. Like a radio tower beaming consciousness out into the universe.

    Or something

  3. tela'smuff Says:

    sometimes i think that the Disco Biscuits have somehow pulled a fast on on everybody. musch like String Cheese, but at least Cheese has taht bluegrass background. i recently discovered that DB’s Mirrors video thanks to PT, and wow, just wow.

  4. joe Says:

    just checked out the divided sky atlanta symphony video. I actually like the arrangement fine, and maybe it’s the recording, but almost feel like it could do without trey altogether. Bland acoustic guitar solos from trey make him seem like he’s out of his league with the professional musicians on stage with him.

  5. joe Says:

    checking out bootlegged symphony videos may be my problem right there

  6. snowbank Says:

    @MIA – fist pumps would probably be fine. It’s not rocking the head whilst someone has a drill to your teeth that is real concerning.

  7. Mike in Austin Says:

    Just play TTE then. No head bobbing to worry about.

  8. Multibeast Says:

    Just checking out DB mirror as well. Whoa. Did the PT send everyone to the youtube video to rant? Pretty hilarious.

  9. Mike in Austin Says:

    Although the “dammit when is this over?” would creep into your head?

  10. Multibeast Says:

    If I was at RR for that show, I don’t know what I would have done when those dancers showed up. Good lord. I know plenty of peeps that go to see them every year at RR too….

  11. phoammhead Says:


    use your imagination 😉

  12. Mike in Austin Says:

    Pavlovs dog. I gotta piss now just for thinking about TTE.

    Retract idea

  13. El Duderino Says:

    Fuck DB

  14. tela'smuff Says:

    i burst into laughter when thinking about it @mutli. also, another reason i will be pissed if i see some cat filming me at a show. god forbid if i ever looked like that. but yeah, what they hell is going on with those dancers? PT is filled with trolls, but damn do they make my ass laugh sometimes.

    like this thread – Trey is pissed at this guy

  15. halcyon Says:

    Any other summer festival announcements that are coming up soon which are preventing the release of all other potential summer 2012 dates. Or is it truly going to be a light touring year as all members of Phish alluded to last year?

    35 More days until I become a dad. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

  16. halcyon Says:

    The only good thing about that video is that it was at Red Rocks.

  17. albert walker Says:

    Joe Gibbs production on this two sevens clash is just so sick

    haven’t spun this vinyl in a bit. may be my fav roots vocal album of all time. every song so slick.

    probably that Albert walker cat singin back up

  18. albert walker Says:

    there is in old dentist that had an office in the board of trade building that would let peeps pay for appointments and to just chill in the chair with the gas on

    grab a noon to one nitrous appointment after making some money on the open before heading up north for a 1:20 Cubs start

    trading bid/ask spreads you could drive a truck through they were so wide. options trading in the 80’s. the good life.

  19. Multibeast Says:

    Sweet gif telas.
    I’ve watched that Dave/Trey doc before….the boys were partying.

  20. lumpyhead Says:

    Pavlovs dog. I gotta piss now just for thinking about TTE.

    ^ that’s fuckin funny Mardukis.

  21. alf Says:

    tt anyone?

  22. phoammhead Says:

    don’t know why i’m hangin’ out in the tt @ alf . . . not going to stick around . . . i’m spinning some rubblebucket off spotify

    spotify is pretty cool. first time checkin’ it out

  23. phoammhead Says:

    aw stepping up to the plate . . . maybe i’ll stick around for a bit

  24. Ghostface Says:

    @miner , I’m eagerly awaiting one of your “Boom…Dates!!! Kangfirmed” posts that I’ve come to cherish pre-official announcement of tours past. You’re not holding out are ya? I just don’t understand why there’s so little info this time. That is all…

  25. Ghostface Says:

    Also, thanks for the “lyric” option for the signed book. It surprised the crap out of a friend who’s going through some health issues at the moment. Big smile came over his face. Not to put a damper on the board, but thought I’d pass along…

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