TTFM: An International Encore

Tokyo 2000 Flier

Until we have something to talk about, let’s keep the thematic playlists rolling. A lot of people enjoyed Friday’s international flavor, so let’s take another dip into Phish jams from foreign lands to open up this week. Today’s selections contain some real heavy hitters to ease the transition back into the week. Enjoy the tunes, and by all means, “Read the book!


Stash” 7.2.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

Though its tough for me to separate this jam from its set—a frame of non-stop, top-notch Phish—this “Stash” flirts with Phish’s finest pieces ever.



Ghost” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

Phish followed Radio City’s all-time rendition with this “Ghost” from Osaka—another mammoth version. Enojy Kenny Powers’ remaster.



Tweezer” 6.9.00 II, Tokyo, JP

The Tokyo “Tweezer”—a once in a lifetime experience.



Piper -> Makisupa” 7.6.98 II, Prague, CZ

One of the first fully blown-out “Pipers,” the improvisational centerpiece of the show. A stunning jam that had the audience in awe all the way to Barcelona.



Halley’s Comet > Roggae” 7.10.98 II, Barcelona, ES

After an aborted opening set due to sound issues, Phish came out and threw down this lasting, funked-out highlight from the last night of Europe ’98



Down With Disease” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

Another creative monstrosity from Japan 2000.



Harry Hood > Izabella” 7.9.98 II, Barcelona, ES

Phish reprise the “Drowned” progression within this “Hood” then blow out its peak, bringing this Barcelona version into Hendrix’s “Izabella.” Note the whole crowd World  Cup-based “Ole!” chant after the set closer.



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1,135 Responses to “TTFM: An International Encore”

  1. ThePigSong Says:

    The link I had doesn’t seem to of ever gone live, do you have a better one dude?

  2. El Duderino Says:


  3. ThePigSong Says:


  4. ThePigSong Says:

    Does that link work for you?

  5. El Duderino Says:

    there’s only one link fella’s sorry I’m not better help

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Phil’s site is a fail

  7. garretc Says:

    Dr. Dayman, MD droppin’ kanowledge!

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I’m not sure where you guys got that there was a phil stream tonight. the 12-pack of shows starts March 17th. the one last night was a single deal in advance of the shows in Broomfield this weekend.

  9. ThePigSong Says:

    I think you’re right T3 – I had it in my head there was a multi night stream coming. When I saw the stream last night I just assumed this was it. My reading retention skills need work.

  10. halcyon Says:

    There will be a Ratdog reunion webcast on TRI’s website next week.

  11. ThePigSong Says:

    Before I take off, found this while perusing PT for a stream. It’s new to me.

  12. El Duderino Says:

    ah… T3 to the rescue. thnx

  13. El Duderino Says:

  14. thedayman Says:

    haha now that i said it, i feel like a douche. its jus that i don’t know anything about finance, so its nice to try and be helpful for once.

    hows the life man? i miss hotel bane seshes followed by a nice pre show coffee and donut. the shit.

  15. garretc Says:

    “i miss hotel bane seshes followed by a nice pre show coffee and donut. the shit.”

    Seriously, me too… Thank god summer tour is coming up, right? I’m doing pretty well out here. Balls busy with school/work stuff, but I’d rather keep busy than be a lazy pile of nothing, knamean? ‘Cause those are pretty much the only options… Haha

    And don’t feel like a douche, I like to give unnecessarily precise and detailed information when only slightly contextually merited ALL THE TIME

  16. thedayman Says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAAHA, i just literally LOL’ED picturing you say that. good to hear mang, look forward to partying again next show

  17. voopa Says:

    Man, my appendix burst when I was 13 and it was removed…stayed in the hospital for a week after from blood poisoning (result of carbon monoxide poisoning). Then I had my spleen removed when I was 21 from a car wreck…amazing I’m still alive…I attribute it to a steady diet of Jerry, Phish, vodka, and the best of what NorCal has to offer.

  18. Gavinsdad Says:


  19. Kaveh Says:


  20. Kaveh Says:

    A good one:

  21. thedayman Says:

    whoa, that’s intense voopa.

  22. joemeg Says:

    In Turks and Caicos banefree, and by the way I could have had whatever I wanted in my bag, walked through customs without any questions.

    But I brought my old ipod with me and I forgot that I had put on my wedding cocktail hour mix on that ipod. Dam if I didn’t make the best cocktail hour mix ever.

    Some charlie hunter trio? song ( at the end they’re playing it’s a small world after all)> A-train (Phish)>Terrapin Station (Bruce Hornsby piano)> Rock & Roll (phish 1.0?)> Hey Joe (another Charlie Hunter band)> end of Hood (Great Went)> Higher Ground (another Charlie hunter band w/xylophone)> That’s What Love Will make You Do (Jerry–the really really good one from 1980).

    I mean shit. I got the best girl ever, and I made the best mix ever for the cocktail hour at our wedding.

  23. joemeg Says:

    “I attribute it to a steady diet of Jerry, Phish, vodka, and the best of what NorCal has to offer.”

    That’s all you need right there.

  24. Gratefulcub Says:

    6.12.11 wolfman’s >> boogie on

    I had forgotten that nugget of bliss

  25. Tom Says:

    Damn Appendixes. Vestigial Structure’d

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