Five Favorites From Summer ’95

Jones Beach — Summer '95

Tweezer” 6.14 II, Memphis, TN

The Mud Island “Tweezer,” a classic and personal favorite that—I feel—is captivating for the entire 50 minutes.



Runaway Jim -> Free” 6.15 II, Raleigh, NC

Phish took this doggie a long way from home in Walnut Creek, another classic rendition.



David Bowie” 6.24 II, Philadelphia, PA

In a summer that contained countless standout “Bowies,” this version from the Mann Music Center is among the elite.



Down With Disease -> Free” 6.26 II, S. Springs, NY

One of the finest sequences of music from a spectacular summer—a two-pronged, psychedelic monstrosity.



Stash” 6.17 II, Gainesville, VA

A mind-numbing version from that closed the first set on the fifth night of a five night run. And it wound up being the highlight of the show.

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780 Responses to “Five Favorites From Summer ’95”

  1. Jtran Says:

    Was 9 at the time, missed the whole tour

  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    summer ’95. The Mann, Jones beach, and Great Woods. Had just graduated college, started work that July.

    This Bowie from the Mann was da sickness. This was the show where the crazy goth chick with a white rat in one hand, and a black rat in the other hand decided to sit right next me as the show began. It was at that point where the drugs were kicking in and this wasn’t what i need to see. Freaked me the fuck out. Luckily she left after a song or two to go frighten someone else.

  3. angryjoggerz Says:

    Oh, and apparently my book arrived at home yesterday, excited to dig into it. Took me forever to actually buy it, but I did, so I feel good. Something to look forward to this weekend.

  4. willowed Says:

    First shows for this kid were in 1995. Fall tour though.
    UMass 12/4 was my first. Trecked to MA. from CT. Sophomore in College. I remember it like it was yesterday.
    Band vs. Audience Chess match
    Sat directly behind the stage both nights. Took this blue blotter L, changed my life. In a good way!

    That leads me to a good question. Should you take L at your very first Phish show?
    I say yes, as long as you are mentally strong and can handle that shit.

    Listening to this Tweez right now. If this was played at my first show (on L), I would be very, very happy. Then I would wonder where the time went.

  5. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    that story makes me chuckle, palmer.

    I only caught the Mann shows and Gainesville that summer due to working at a camp. Oddly, each year in college I caught more shows when classes were in session than in the summers. huh.

  6. willowed Says:

    “Luckily she left after a song or two to go frighten someone else.”

    That shit sticks with you though Palmer. I am sure that vision was rattling around in your brain the entire show.

  7. Guyute711 Says:

    “Was 9 at the time, missed the whole tour”

    You really dropped the ball man.

  8. phoammhead Says:

    just scheduled half day thurs, jun 14 entire day fri, jun 15 and the following week off from work . . . that’ll be my run – middle of the first leg and let’s hope it’s the meat and not a lull.

  9. albert walker Says:

    first GD and Phish show I ate it Willowed

    back then that’s just how we were taught. you are now at a show and this is what you eat at these shows. have fun.

  10. albert walker Says:

    3 nights AC in a all GA field sounds like heaven to this kid

    3 nights check
    GA field check
    nice close hotel check

    sounds perfect

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    During college, when school was in session, was the time to disappear for a week and hit shows. I blew off a ton of classes on ’94 and ’95 for dead and phish shows. Not that i’m recommending you younger cats do this, but…its easier to miss class than work in a few years..

    We drove from east of nowhere Pa, to Memphis, Tn to see the Dead on a weekend. 16 hours, 4 dudes, in a tiny car.. good times.

  12. willowed Says:

    “Oddly, each year in college I caught more shows when classes were in session”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Summer was for work

    College was for Phish

    Got kicked off my college lacrosse team my senior year for hitting the Island Tour. I still think I made the right call. I was a captain too. Oh well. A small sacrifice

  13. Ramon AC Says:

    Was I there, no, I only saw the second Great Woods and both Sugarbushes from that tour. The 7/1 Hood from Great Woods that gets fluffed all the time was my first Hood ever. 6/28 is better.

    I am an evangelist for the 6/28/95 Hood.

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I don’t think tickets for AC will be an issue at all. Place holds 30k, right?

  15. willowed Says:

    AC will be the bizness. Need some open air GA Phish for this kid.

  16. jerseyjim Says:

    wrt rollcall, and following a band: (no other parallels need apply)

    ponder this timespan:

    Phish 2012: Phish 1994 (18 yrs)
    GD 1995: GD 1977 (18 yrs)

    mind blown.

  17. Ramon AC Says:

    No, that’s a lie. I had seen Hood at Sugarbush in 94.

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Nasty Tweezer at that JB show, with a legit Dave’s Energy Guide thrown in for good measure.

  19. Mr. Palmer Says:

    The Sunday show ( night 3) in AC will be the father’s day show also.

  20. Guyute711 Says:

    I’m still stressing about credit or debt from last summer’s tour but I think AC will be my long trip for this tour if it happens. Least amount of days off for the most shows. I also have some northeastern people from the board I’d like to meet.

  21. Jtran Says:

    Flying back to BTV for a buddy’s wedding on June 2nd and was really hoping to hit some shows to make my flight worthwhile.

    Thinking Woosta the following week, but kind of want to save vaca time for an extended west coast leg this year.

    The Phish are pulling me in though if that date is true…

  22. phoammhead Says:

    AC is de facto festi

    dirty city and nasty phish

    three days mid-june probably not too hot and just right for summertime phish

  23. Leo Weaver Says:

    I’ve got some decisions to make…where do I go for my destination run? It was gonna be Bethel, but looks like that’s off the table now.

    Morning guys!

  24. Leo Weaver Says:

    I passed on the ’95 Fox shows…they would’ve been my first. Terrible mistake. I was young and dumb, didn’t know what was up.

  25. kayatosh Says:

    On 6.24 and 6.25.95 I saw a phish and a GD show. W/o checking stubs (wherever they are) i believe I was at the 6.24 GD show at RFK and the 6.25 Phish show at the Mann.

    Only clear memory from either show is Jerry singing Days Between, giving his all, with long, flowing, white hair blowing behind him. chills right now thinking about it.

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