Five More From Summer ’95

Great Woods 7-1-95

Let’ start the week off with another dip into the primordial psychedelia of Summer ’95—the band’s most experimental tour ever.


Mike’s Song” 6.20 II, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

This menacing version descended upon Blossom, leaving many wide-eyed fans wondering what had just happened.



David Bowie” 6.15 II, Atlanta, GA

Another one of Summer ’95’s top-shelf “Bowies.”



Tweezer > Gumbo” 6.28 II, Wantagh, NY

Another multi-faceted and experimental monster, featuring “Dave’s Energy Guide” and a jam on The Breeder’s “Cannonball,” from the first night at Jones Beach.



Runaway Jim ->  Makisupa” 7.2 II, Sugarbush, VT

A hard-edged and grinding jam eventually melts into “Makisupa” on the first night of Sugarbush’s summer-ending precursor to The Clifford Ball.



Split Open and Melt” 7.1 II, Mansfield, MA

A first set joyride into seething musical realms.

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851 Responses to “Five More From Summer ’95”

  1. bearito Says:

    Yeah looked like 2 queens for $9 hundo + tax which really isn’t that bad if were talking luxury

    Damn…no Memphis?

    Would have been fun to only have to travel 6 measly hours for once


  2. lumpyhead Says:

    Good enough for me. See y’all in AC and hopefully DC>Alpine.

    6/7 DCU Center, Worcester, MA
    6/8 DCU Center, Worcester, MA
    6/10 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester, TN
    6/15 Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ
    6/16 Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ
    6/17 Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ
    6/19 nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA
    6/20 nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA
    6/22 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
    6/23 First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
    6/28 Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN
    6/29 Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN
    6/30 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
    7/1 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
    7/3 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
    7/4 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
    7/6 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
    7/7 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
    7/8 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

  3. willowed Says:

    I just google mapped my AC hotel.

    2.2 miles to venue. Booyah

    With a head full of colors I can walk that in my sleep. Maybe even pick up a hooker on the way back. Who knows…it’s AC bitches!

  4. angryjoggerz Says:

    Those dates seem real. Nothing too exciting there for me, but might consider a return to Deer Creek, I guess. Have not been there since 1993.

  5. sh0whe Says:

    Plus Blossom on 6/24.

    Seem to be confirmed due to nature of the return on the web page:

  6. Jtran Says:

    7/3/10 Caspian > Tweezer > Slave

    on spotify

  7. Tom Says:

    They just changed the website so the date checking no longer works.

  8. verno329 Says:

    If those are the dates then I may have to finally make a trip to Alpine. Lived in WI for 10 years and never made it there. Missed my ride in ’96 (still have no idea what I was thinking) and moved in ’97.

    It’s either Alpine or AC or no Phish for me this summer.

  9. tela'smuff Says:

    i could see a swing through the midwest for DC>Alpine. most likely just wait it out for West Coast.

  10. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    all the woosta bitches with ‘roo tix are pissseeed

  11. albert walker Says:

    AC for certain here. can’t beat it. GA. 3 nights. huge party. love it.

    AV for sure too. under the pavs is $$$$ and will just drive back to the city after the shows.

    Deer Creek is interesting but i think I may be done with the cornfields now that they’ve turned into suburbia. plus 4 nights in a row with AV is too much travelling and not enough chilling.

    SPAC is on the radar if Red wakes the fuck up and jams. highly unlikely.

    Wooster also highly unlikely but indoor dirty phish calls my name.

  12. bearito Says:

    Had a blast at the creek last time despite:

    A) The humidity

    B) The scary amount of Johnny Law driving in

    C)That terrrrrrrrible first set night one, after missing the first three songs waiting for my buddy to get through that long ass line for his tickets

    Hope I can squeeze a trip back this year

  13. willowed Says:

    If this all shakes out
    Jones Beach
    for this kid
    no can do SPAC, I know it’s pretty and all, but I hate that place.
    I’ll take the cold dirty concrete of Jones Beach over that place.
    I do hate missing 3 night runs though. Magic certainly happens during those three day runs

  14. tela'smuff Says:

    there have been fun shows at DC in 3.0, but there hasn’t been that IT show for me. the lightning storm during Fluff was cool, but then i missed the start of the second set walking back after the rain cleared us out.

    AC is alluring. if i did AC, i’d be out on the West Coast trip, and I really want to hit San Fran. never been.

  15. bhizzle Says:

    you guys are tempting me to think about AC, making it sound real juicy….sbix was a blast, but i think that was my last tent experience.

  16. angryjoggerz Says:

    Checking my work travel schedule, I am getting a bad feeling about my music going this summer. Looks like I will be in China for Pitchfork and away for many of these dates. Oh well.

  17. Tom Says:

    SPAC is going to be hard to work for me. Might only be able to hit 7/8 and possibly 7/7

  18. TreasureReprise Says:

    Worcester – Probably, hometown shows are hard to skip. Perhaps they won’t lay an egg in MA this go ’round since Great Woods isn’t happening.

    AC – Maybe, if I pass on Worcester.

    Jones Beach > SPAC – Possibly.

    Still have every intention of keeping my streak of not missing a West Coast show in 3.0 alive too.

  19. Jtran Says:

    7/3/10 Tweezer $$+, not even that whaley

  20. willowed Says:

    Do it Bhizzle
    The three nights for my hotel in AC will cost me 290.00 total. Not bad at all. 2 miles from the venue.
    It’s not fancy, but it does the trick. Ramada West – check it out.
    Stayed there with KP, Jtran and Silly Will. Wasn’t bad at all.

  21. albert walker Says:

    that’s what we’re saving vacation days for treasure.

    hopefully see ya’ll out west. maybe one in Portland too. dare to dream.

  22. bearito Says:

    ^ Solid Tweezer from Alpha indeed

  23. Jtran Says:

    Nothing for me until west coast. Not enough cash flow to support a cross country flying Phish habit. Feels kinda empty.

  24. albert walker Says:

    love that tweezer > slave Jtran

  25. Selector J Says:

    Yep. Looks like another year of no shows for me.

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