Five More From Summer ’95

Great Woods 7-1-95

Let’ start the week off with another dip into the primordial psychedelia of Summer ’95β€”the band’s most experimental tour ever.


Mike’s Song” 6.20 II, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

This menacing version descended upon Blossom, leaving many wide-eyed fans wondering what had just happened.



David Bowie” 6.15 II, Atlanta, GA

Another one of Summer ’95’s top-shelf “Bowies.”



Tweezer > Gumbo” 6.28 II, Wantagh, NY

Another multi-faceted and experimental monster, featuring “Dave’s Energy Guide” and a jam on The Breeder’s “Cannonball,” from the first night at Jones Beach.



Runaway Jim -> Β Makisupa” 7.2 II, Sugarbush, VT

A hard-edged and grinding jam eventually melts into “Makisupa” on the first night of Sugarbush’s summer-ending precursor to The Clifford Ball.



Split Open and Melt” 7.1 II, Mansfield, MA

A first set joyride into seething musical realms.

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851 Responses to “Five More From Summer ’95”

  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    I don’t really care about dates. I think it’s funny.

    But, I would like to take a trip to Eastern Europe or Kauai. And if they are going to be doing Leg II, they don’t have to tell me where, just let me know if it’s August 7th or August 14th, or August 21st, etc.

    It’s the window I really need. I can’t take a vacation in July, be back the 3rd week of July for one week, then go on another 10 day vacation.

    Love me some Live Bait Mike’s.

  2. Robear Says:

    Palmer, save those dates, in case I have any takers on the wager.

  3. Snigglebeach Says:

    @ miner if your still reading,

    What’s ups with the Disco Biscuits. They have not announced a new show in like a year. Know they just did holidaze, but they seem to have disappeared.

    Another Red Light band leaving fans in the dark.

  4. HarryHood Says:

    @ Miner

    I’m not complaining about tourdates or locales. I’m honestly pretty happy with that aspect of things. I just sincerely feel like RLM hasn’t got a clue about the fans of this band and it’s really a little insulting. Some of their decisions even leave longtime Phish employees scratching their heads. I spoke with Kevin S this summer about why they haven’t released anything on Blu-Ray yet, and he said it’s because management doesn’t think there is a market for it yet. He said that it actually costs more to convert the HD filmed video to DVD format, so they are eating the costs based on what they think is true. Same goes with the webcasts. They only webcast sold out shows because they think that making every show available would decrease ticket sales. What’s your thoughts on this? Given the rabid nature of the fanbase, do you disagree? I’m not complaining just to complain. I think I make a valid point that RLM is going about managing this specific band all wrong and that they would actually make more revenue by having a better understanding of “us”.

  5. PrinceNabby Says:

    What Harry Hood said.

  6. tela'smuff Says:

    what does tons of touring in great locales have to do with when they announce the tours? i have yet to find a way to make a living off of Phish, so i have to plan accordingly due to my career, kids, wife, family, etc. it’s just easier for me personally to plan in advance. the delay tactic sucks, FACT. haven’t heard a good arugement as to why it’s a positive thing for the fanbase. although i continue to add a disclaimer i’ll deal with it.

  7. Robear Says:

    Snow, maybe it CAN cause depression with constant use. But you are flat out wrong to say it DOES cause depression.

    I’m a living case study……..irie eyed and happy as a pig in slop, all things considered.

  8. HarryHood Says:

    I honestly could care less about when they announce dates and I really don’t even get excited about the rumors…….. I make my plans once it’s officially announced, whenever that may be. I do however agree with several others on the BB here that since the fanbase is in fact “aging”, announcing the tour in one leg, and sooner than later, would allow people to plan more effectively and make it to more shows. Seems like they think they need to build the hype to sell tickets and really they just need to tell us the dates as soon as possible.

  9. Mike in Austin Says:

    Regarding Mary and suicide.

    I am 100% for legalization and medical.

    Today’s hazard is that any people “prescribe” their own prescriptions for true medical issues they have, including stress, anxiety, etc. Alcohol is the easiest self prescribed drug (and that usually goes terribly wrong.)

    It’s probably an old saw, but some have said “Alcohol isn’t the problem, it’s the cure”

    I defer to Dr. P, but I think it often better to see a good psyche than to try to prescribe a medical solution for yourself. One of the reasons that we don’t have over the counter access to most opiods.

    Otherwise, drugs, as they are often prescribed, just mask bigger issues. And taking drugs doesn’t make the original problem go away (being 40, hating your job or life, etc)

    It just hides it for awhile.

  10. PrinceNabby Says:

    What Tela’s said too.

    Remember the absurdly drawn-out announcement for Festival 8? It’s nails-on-chalkboard stuff like that, and like this, that bother me. I think the idea over at RLM is that by delaying, they will whip people into a frenzy, leading them to buy more tickets than they would otherwise. Puh-lease!

  11. HarryHood Says:

    My take on it is this. Either RLM really hasn’t got a clue about the fanbase, or they are actively trying to do the opposite of what they fanbase wants. Either way, it’s piss poor management and I’m surprised that Phish is letting it happen.

  12. poop goblin Says:

    they just like peeps like me I guess.

    no kids. no rush. just 3 night runs on weekends. please.

    good job so far. keep em coming.

  13. poop goblin Says:

    of course I’m with MIA

    more tropical dates. Hawaii would be nice. europe would be hip as long as I could get my THC locked down.

    and also maybe give me a call first run potential dates by my wook ass first. that way we can be on the same page and I can adjust them according to my vacation days.

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    Bottom line, RLM is managing Phish, not their fans. If the band is happy and making money, which we all know they are, then what is the problem in the eyes of Red Light? Phish sells out almost all their shows and is sober and raging. Honestly, I feel the whole “what about us” crap is nonsense. You wanna know what about us? The band got back together in a sustainable way for us, and now people complain its not the right way. Phish fans are often the most self righteous fan base under the guise of a hippy community.

  15. heals Says:



  16. poop goblin Says:

    I blame RLM for not getting Red to practice before MSG

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    nice miner.

    the only way to prove whether RLM is mismanaging Phish is to look at their books. $$ is the bottom line from their perspective.

  18. halcyon Says:

    RLM must be laughing at descriptions of them and their managment practices.

  19. poop goblin Says:

    like I said as long as they stick to several 2 and 3 night runs I’m cool with RLM

    if they start droppin Omaha, St. Louis, Lincoln

    then I will start bitchin at RLM

  20. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I am down for some foresnic acounting to make te case against RLM.

    Do you debit a credit or credit a debit?

    Actually, what Miner said is truth. My life is geting so spun out this year I will be lucky to catch a show if they play in my zip code.

  21. jonacho Says:

    Its not that its the “wrong way”. Its that they way some of this stuff goes down makes it more challenging for people with more commitments to make tour plans. ‘What about us’ matters because the fanbase must be taken care of in order to maintain that base.
    Will we still go see the band whenever and however we can? Yes.
    But thats not to say that love has no limits, and the logistics of announcements, etc. matter.

  22. snowbank Says:

    @MiA – And that’s the rub. Many people will live their whole drinking just enough to easy the pain but never know how much better they would feel if they addressed the underlying problem and stopped self-medicating. Western capitalism is built on the numbing effects of alcohol enabling people to tolerate working insanely hard…. creating people that look successful but are ultimately miserable.

    @Robear – The brain science is pretty convincing and I mean the broader definition of depression… not necessarily driven to suicide but sub-optimal mental health. I’m not going to tell you that you are depressed, but I wonder how you think that you would know. Most people that are depressed don’t realize it. Especially those that are functional users. but whatever, I’m on your side and if you are happy, then I am happy. πŸ™‚

  23. tela'smuff Says:

    how many shows sold out in 2011?? i imagine not even half? i have maybe 15-20 good friends that are die-hard Phish fans, none of them are hiding under the guise of a hippy ethos. most of them are married, have kids, have a career, are in their 30’s or 40’s, and are finding it more and more difficult to hit shows. i see this as an evolution of the fanbase and i think it’s only smart for RLM to recoginize that Phish is not picking up a large amount of new young fans, and in fact, have a largely aging fanbase. i personally have only complained about splitting of Leg announcements. small complaint, and one that can make a lot of fans i know lives a little easier. that’s all. they owe me that after Coventry. πŸ˜‰ oh snap.

  24. HarryHood Says:


    Not disagreeing with you at all. I guess maybe I’m assuming that the “majority” of the fanbase is rabid, aging, dedicated, etc and maybe I’m the one with my head up my arse. I just get really frustrated when I keep hearing that RLM is doing things from a “revenue” standpoint at the expense of the fans, when if they really had a grip on things, they could make more money AND make the fans happy. That’s what good management is, isn’t it? Making big bucks while keeping still keeping good customer service. Just my 2 cents.

  25. Mr.Miner Says:

    Guess its just a matter of how importantly you view yourself… πŸ˜‰

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