Five More From Summer ’95

Great Woods 7-1-95

Let’ start the week off with another dip into the primordial psychedelia of Summer ’95—the band’s most experimental tour ever.


Mike’s Song” 6.20 II, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

This menacing version descended upon Blossom, leaving many wide-eyed fans wondering what had just happened.



David Bowie” 6.15 II, Atlanta, GA

Another one of Summer ’95’s top-shelf “Bowies.”



Tweezer > Gumbo” 6.28 II, Wantagh, NY

Another multi-faceted and experimental monster, featuring “Dave’s Energy Guide” and a jam on The Breeder’s “Cannonball,” from the first night at Jones Beach.



Runaway Jim ->  Makisupa” 7.2 II, Sugarbush, VT

A hard-edged and grinding jam eventually melts into “Makisupa” on the first night of Sugarbush’s summer-ending precursor to The Clifford Ball.



Split Open and Melt” 7.1 II, Mansfield, MA

A first set joyride into seething musical realms.

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851 Responses to “Five More From Summer ’95”

  1. El Duderino Says:

    Not a phan of Dennis DeYoung Styx tunes Miner?

  2. Mike in Austin Says:

    Too Much Time On My Hands and Miss America both are awesome tracks.

    I swear I’ve heard Trey tease “Miss America” several times in jams.

  3. BingosBrother Says:

    Come Sail Away is a Dennis Deyoung tune. As is LADY. Which is bomb.

  4. Billy88 Says:

    Canadians are crushing the pop charts, the music is generic and popular. radio rock…………..

  5. Billy88 Says:

    Canadians are crushing the pop charts, the music is generic and popular. radio rock…………..

  6. Mike in Austin Says:

    That’s a paddlin’

  7. BingosBrother Says:

    Postin twice? Thats a paddlin.
    Wearin patchouli? Thats a paddlin.
    Holdin your phone up as a lighter? Thats a paddlin.
    Not hearing the orchestra backing up Phish?

    You better believe thats a paddlin.

  8. garretc Says:

    “Not hearing the orchestra backing up Phish?”

    I dunno Bingos, I think that’s a punishment in itself…

  9. Billy88 Says:

    old enough to know what a paddling is….that’s a paddlin.

  10. bhizzle Says:

    “that label has to go to some death metal band I am sure of it”.


  11. kenny powers Says:

    any western mass / central mass peeps around? Talking Heads cover band this Fri night at the Iron Horse. they’re called “Start Making Sense” and they’re supposed to rip it up. I might go.

  12. tba Says:

    Managing rock Bands is a tough cut throat job, as the people you deal with are too wise in their ways if you get my drift. If I’m Phish’s manager, I look to downsize the amount of places they play, thus saving the band travel/gear hauling money, as well as allow the sound to be at its best since less venues should equate to more time for precision. Also I am finicky about where they do play. I also offer packages, say if a Phan orders 5 shows, they are at least given two nights in the first section and one first ten rows. At the same time, I might think about tier seating pricing, although GA everywheer is most desirable. The problem with tier seating is the idiots who don’t respect seating, and crowders. But the advantage is some people don’t care where they sit, and in retuen they should get to pay less.

    I could say The Pearl jam method, but I don’t like the way if you are not a longtime ten club member from way back, you get screwed. My first Phish show was when I was visiting UVM spring 86-the first night made my decision to attend as Church St. won my heart. Phish played with The Joneses, and the show as less than memorable, but it would take a few years for me to be 100% sold. The Pearl Jam method would have me and many close friends sitting front five rows every show (please not trying to sound like a snob, just giving perspective). But it’s not fair to the people who are younger, and who just started listening and going to shows. I have seen the band enough, and to make it so no Noobs get the chance to sit close is harsh IMHO. Pearl Jam rewards loyalty, but at the expense of all the fans in general.

    Ok Back to my tour schedule, if posssible I would try and do a tour with 4 to six venues. I start with Bethel, and play 9 shows, 3; off; 3; off; etc. Then I would add a big time Festival somewhere, AC works, but Maine is nice. That said, I would do research and pick the best place for traffic issues, as for festivals what is the biggest worry? traffic. OK then I would do 9 at Alpine. I would do 9 at Gorge. I would do as many as possible at Shoreline. Why Shoreline? Cause it holds enough to make it so Phish sometimes does not even sell it out. Plus IMHO every show I have attended there has had amazing sound. I know some don’t like it, but for me it’s the best sounding shed out there, especially the 100 section, which is the bomb. And with a shit load of shows, 100 level seats would be super easy to get. Also the place is nice and roomy. A lot of times at phish shows space is at a premium, but at shoreline I never have felt crowded. Ok then as an extra, I would add 6 shows in Hawaii. I would try and find a smaller GA place for Hawaii, and it would end the tour. As for the festy, hmm also would have to think about when, which would depend on where. Finally since the northeast is so popuklar for phish, I would maybe add one more NE venue. I would like to add Great woods, but that would probably be a riot if more than 2 shows, so maybe SPAC, but I don’t really like SPAC, plus Bethel is getting 9 shows. How about the place in northern New Hampshire, near Waterville? Always nice to have a wild card in there, as fresh venues can equal magic. Speaking of magic, red rocks is always an option, and since the 4 pack in 09 went so well, it’s back as an option.

    Ok that’s my plan if I was tour manager, rip it apart :<)

  13. bhizzle Says:

    has anyone YouTube’d “ICP Miracles”?

    now that, sir, you can attached the label to.

    Except, if the song makes you laugh and repeat some of the lines to make others laugh does it qualify?

  14. Mike in Austin Says:

    Isn’t Nickleback just the Canadian version of Creed due to Canadian content laws?. They couldn’t get enough Creed, so they made their own?

    Note to all my Canadian friends, Tragically Hip sucks.

    And the 12/1/95 Mike’s > Groove from Hershey has a great Tommy Mars type RDNZL solo in it from Page. I really like this Mike’s.

    Trey really needs a mini-drum kit again.

  15. Mike in Austin Says:

    bhizzle. Um… “I fed a fish to a pelican at Frisco bay. It tried to eat my cell phone, he ran away.”

    That is pure genius right there.

  16. phishnin Says:

    I miss $23 tickets.

  17. bhizzle Says:

    I don’t know… I’m pretty partial to

    “fucking magnets, how do they work”

  18. tela'smuff Says:

    Freezepop responds to Let Me Lie. RLM books joint tour w/ Trey Orchestra.

  19. Mike in Austin Says:

    I love that tranny.

  20. Jtran Says:


  21. tba Says:

    PS sorry all ready had my long post, but forgot one key. If at all possible, i woukld try and implement a situation where you have to pick up your tix with the CC you used for vertain venues. Problem with that is lines. So all GA shows would not use it except Hawaii. Also, lawn GA tix would not vrequire it, maybe just the best seats?

  22. verno329 Says:

    Agreed on 12/1/95 Mike’s, MiA. Just watched the LivePhish vid of that this weekend. Maniacal Phish at its finest

  23. Multibeast Says:

    “fucking magnets/how does that work?”

  24. bhizzle Says:

    thanks for the link MiA….there are a few co-workers that will enjoy it too, but that really sounded like a term paper

  25. bhizzle Says:

    actually, now I’m kind of let down…Somehow I have to figure out how to regain the thought that icp are complete idiots.

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