TTFW: The Reawakening—Early ’09

Hampton Coliseum 2009 (Jeff Volckhausen)

As we celebrate the third anniversary of Hampton’s comeback run—yesterday, today and tomorrow—let’s take a ride back in time with an audio retrospective of this era. In only three years, Phish has brought us from Hampton to Red Rocks, from the Gorge (two times) to Telluride, and from The Greek Theatre to Hollywood Bowl. It has brought us up and down the east coast and through the Midwest more than a couple times, hitting all the staples and then sime. This era has brought us  two Halloween shows, two festivals, three more New Year’s Runs, and a whole lot of memorable multi-night stands. And above all else, this era has brought us a hell of a lot of great music. Today, lets start with my some of the earliest highlights from 2009. How long has it been since you listened to these? Enjoy the look back.


Down With Disease -> Seven Below” 3.8 II, Hampton, VA

The first deep dive of the modern era—and it still holds up just fine.



If I Could” 6.2 I, Wantagh, NY

The first performance of this song in nine years featured an alternate, more delicate interpreation.



Harry Hood” 6.2 II, Wantagh, NY

A profound, ambient take on their classic jam on only the second night of June ’09. If you were reading this site then, remember how hard I freaked on this one? Good times.



Sand” 6.7 II, Camden, NJ

This era’s first  “Sand” was a revelation, as the band infused a palette of melody into jam. This Camden excursion only foreshadowed the song’s transformation into a whole-band jam in 2010. In my opinion, the most dynamic “Sands” now live in the 3.0 era.



Tweezer” 6.7 II, Camden, NJ

The first legitimate “Tweezer” in ’09—and it was an out-of-left-field set closer! The commando lick never dies!



Ghost > Fast Enough For You ” 6.9 II, Asheville, NC

After the band blew out Camden, they came right back and threw down this “Ghost” in the next show.



Rock and Roll -> Light” 6.14 II, Manchester, TN

Paired with “Rock and Roll,” the band’s first exploration of “Light” came in Bonnaroo’s final set. These two songs would transform into the preeminent launchpads of the modern era thus far.



A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing -> Drowned -> Twist” 6.19 II, Noblesville, IN

Following an insane lightning storm, Phish came out with music to match, playing—arguably—the set of June.



Piper” 6.21 II, East Troy, WI

The standout jam of June ’09’s final show at Alpine.

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  1. garretc Says:

    It’s ok Gdad, I forgive you

  2. Aquaman Says:

    At Brooklyn bowl for bowlive.

    I could be seeing funny, but the drummer for Lettuce is a dead ringer for Albert Walker.

    Kraz and Neil killing it.

    That is all,


  3. dorn76 Says:

    Not enjoying this talk of hearing loss, ringing in ears, tinnitus, etc.
    Been experiencing ringing for years on and off, and have no illusions what it’s all about.

    Those earplugs AJ mentioned look good, and affordable. May see me sporting those soon.

  4. garretc Says:

    If we do a BB earplug mass order can we get a bulk discount? Haha

  5. tela'smuff Says:


    the crunching sound you’re hearing is your jaw, and you most likely have the onset of a slight case of TMJ. I have dealt with TMJ for about 6 years now, and that’s how it started for me. It can be pretty awful, and there isn’t a good cure for it. you just have to manage things that make it flair up. i’ve gotten better at it now. just do some research on TMJ and you’ll know if that’s your problem. that crunching is your jaw bone. TMJ can cause severe headaches, blurred vision, eye soreness/pain, ear pain and loss, neck pain, and even nerve pain into your arms and back. i’ve dealt with all of those. i dealt with it by popping about 4 ibuprofen a day for two years, and i’m pretty sure i destroyed some internal organs doing so. but i’m not a dr.

    good luck!

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