TTFT: Miami ’09 & March Madness

12.29.09 - Miami, FL (Wendy Rogell)

As we finish our audio retrospective of 2009, today brings us to Miami. Riding the cresting momentum of fall tour’s back end, there was a sense that something special would happen down south. Heading to the proximity of Big Cypress ten years later and back to American Airlines Arena six years later, plenty of memories and anticipation hung in the air. And when the band left Miami, they had found a new sense of musical purpose, bringing their playing to a new level while inspiring the community and making the future look brighter than ever. Mike had been using his envelope filter more and more towards the end of fall, and in a New Year’s Run in which he was the undeniable leader, the effect was prominent in many of the jams. Achieving a new level of musical density, Phish was hitting on all cylinders as the calendar turned to 2010. Today’s playlist is comprised entirely of Miami highlights. Stay tuned from a trip through 2010 starting tomorrow.


Tweezer -> Caspian” 12.29 II



Back on the Train” 12.30 II



Ghost” 12.31 II



Rock and Roll > Piper” 12.31 II



Corrina” 12.30 I



Harry Hood” 12.28 II



Reba” 12.29 I



Boogie On -> Antelope” 12.30 II



Phish March Madness @!

64 songs, 1 champion! A tournament to end hotel room debates forever—Phish March Madness has arrived! The songs have been seeded by the committee and the first round games are already underway, hosted by my good friend at Trey Is My Friend—a Phish news, rumor, and satire blog. Head on over to cast your vote for the first round matchups now! There are some ridiculous Sweet 16 “games” brewing if seedings hold up! This should be fun! Is “YEM” the champ? Will “Tweezer” crush all? Will 2012 bring a Cinderella story? With your help, we’ll find out! (Further instructions are on the site)

The Field of 64

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435 Responses to “TTFT: Miami ’09 & March Madness”

  1. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Right on fellas

    Like a return to some philosophical talk around here

    I’d contribute more but I have to go redo my brackets and mop up baby puke

    Did Sartre say anything about kids and the flu?

  2. lumpyhead Says:

    congrats to all ticket holders!

    I feel like it should all be pretty successful this time around…

  3. voopa Says:

    LLFA @Silly. Never felt Catholic, although Dad was raised as. I’ve felt plenty OF Catholics though (I love how they go, so send me a dozen)…

    As for Irish, I’ve felt a couple of them too. Never felt like one though, except the alcoholism part.

  4. MiA Says:

    “…we were just running around shouting spells and shooting them around willy-nilly hoping to hit something…”

    Leeeeeroy Jeeeeeenkins…..

  5. MiA Says:

    Voopa? Are you impervious to psychoanalysis?

  6. phoammhead Says:

    tough break, G$

    anybody hear anything about john henson’s injury and status for the heels? without him we could be in similar situation . . . not enough firepower.

  7. Jtran Says:


    Just read on the little popup in the CBS bracket that he’ll be playing.

  8. Guyute711 Says:

    Can you quit being a sports fan at 38? I’d have a lot less to be angry about in life. So when does that Phish tour start?

  9. marcoesq Says:

    CBS bracket hasn’t been updated. The news of Fab just broke

  10. marcoesq Says:


    How does Xavier match up against your boys? Seems like upset possibilities?

  11. marcoesq Says:

    That loss to St. Bonaventure with either spark Xaver or kill em

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    actually, very well. xavier was in the top ten this year before they took a serious nosedive after the brawl with cincy. their offense goes through two athletic guards, which is the worst case scenario for nd. the teams that work us over are athletic in the backcourt and can get to the rim. we are a pretty slow team overall and rely on some very streaky shooting that has not been doing so hot since the nine game winning streak ended about two weeks ago. I have the musketeers winning that in more brackets than I have nd winning. the way nd wins is if they can keep the pace slow, pound it inside, and hit threes while limiting possessions for xavier. we do have a solid defense overall, but i’m not very confident in all of that happening.

  13. marcoesq Says:

    solid assessment, good looks

  14. DryIceFactory Says:

    I wonder if anyone gets shut out of AC? I feel like Phish should sell those on their own?

  15. lumpyhead Says:

    sure hope not @ Dryice

  16. thedayman Says:

    llfa @garret. harry potter lives the life. what a baller. castin’ spells, hooking up with his best friend’s sister, and making voldemort his bitch. now that’s what i’m talkin about!

  17. marcoesq Says:

    Doubtful. There’s 180,000 separate tix available.

    I’m pumped for my first trip to Star Lake. Looks like I got pav’s!

  18. Jtran Says:

    My sleeper is going to be Harvard. Just decided

  19. DryIceFactory Says:

    Sorry guys, to clarify, I meant via the lotto.

  20. Duder Says:

    Pro=Bowl WR Brandon Marshall to the C. Bears BITCHES

  21. marcoesq Says:

    Where the hell do my posts go when I post pic links?

  22. Robear Says:

    T3, that was a compliment bro! I saw Trey up close this summer. Dude is thin, like me. From constant, creative energy, I’d imagine.

    you look buff in that FB photo, dog.

  23. Jtran Says:

    Greensky B-grass fans

    Their Halloween show was an 80s cover show

  24. Guyute711 Says:

    Good player, enjoy the headaches. Another diva in Chicago.

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I was only kidding around. absolutely no need to worry here

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