TTFT: Miami ’09 & March Madness

12.29.09 - Miami, FL (Wendy Rogell)

As we finish our audio retrospective of 2009, today brings us to Miami. Riding the cresting momentum of fall tour’s back end, there was a sense that something special would happen down south. Heading to the proximity of Big Cypress ten years later and back to American Airlines Arena six years later, plenty of memories and anticipation hung in the air. And when the band left Miami, they had found a new sense of musical purpose, bringing their playing to a new level while inspiring the community and making the future look brighter than ever. Mike had been using his envelope filter more and more towards the end of fall, and in a New Year’s Run in which he was the undeniable leader, the effect was prominent in many of the jams. Achieving a new level of musical density, Phish was hitting on all cylinders as the calendar turned to 2010. Today’s playlist is comprised entirely of Miami highlights. Stay tuned from a trip through 2010 starting tomorrow.


Tweezer -> Caspian” 12.29 II



Back on the Train” 12.30 II



Ghost” 12.31 II



Rock and Roll > Piper” 12.31 II



Corrina” 12.30 I



Harry Hood” 12.28 II



Reba” 12.29 I



Boogie On -> Antelope” 12.30 II



Phish March Madness @!

64 songs, 1 champion! A tournament to end hotel room debates forever—Phish March Madness has arrived! The songs have been seeded by the committee and the first round games are already underway, hosted by my good friend at Trey Is My Friend—a Phish news, rumor, and satire blog. Head on over to cast your vote for the first round matchups now! There are some ridiculous Sweet 16 “games” brewing if seedings hold up! This should be fun! Is “YEM” the champ? Will “Tweezer” crush all? Will 2012 bring a Cinderella story? With your help, we’ll find out! (Further instructions are on the site)

The Field of 64

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435 Responses to “TTFT: Miami ’09 & March Madness”

  1. RoosterPizza Says:

    Did some solid beer drinking today:
    Rock Art, Vermonster, growler fill at the brewery
    North Coast, old stock ale (2008), on tap
    Sierra Nevada, big foot barleywine (2009), on tap

  2. kenny powers Says:


    AUD remaster of 12/13/97 and 7/25/99 now up on Demon.

  3. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Nice KP. You the man. 12/28/98…….come know you want to.. 😉

  4. Kaveh Says:

    @KP: Downloading 12.29.98 and 12.13.97. Thanks!

  5. BingosBrother Says:

    Any other than Demon KP?

    Bear just visited my crib. Gonna be a Steal Your Face Summer.

  6. kenny powers Says:

    Bingos – about to create MediaFire mp3s…

  7. Jtran Says:

    Jumping on those torrents, thx kp

  8. joe Says:

    after this last week, I’m feeling oddly nostalgic about the whale

  9. sumodie Says:

    Today I got a refresher on the sickness that was MIA’09: Ghost, BOTT, Tweezer remain outstanding to these ears

    Meanwhile, I’m beginning to fall hard for Wooden Shjips. Love their early Floyd influence; what a terrific modern psychedelic band.

    Also enjoying these other new bands with strong psych rock roots: Howling Rain, White Denim, and the Black Angels

    The ‘noid provideth. And live shows for all (except White Denim) can be freely dl’ed here:

  10. kenny powers Says:

    Guys – let me know if 12/13/97 just stalled out on you. I accidentally changed some shit around within the folder and pray to God i didn’t fuck it up and have to re-do it.

  11. Kaveh Says:

    @KP: Mine did stall; so I’m letting the 98 show roll.

  12. kenny powers Says:


  13. Jtran Says:

    KP, downloading really really slowly, but it’s going

  14. kenny powers Says:

    oh yay i think i fixed it

  15. Jtran Says:

    speeding up

  16. Kaveh Says:

    @KP: I’m rolling now.

  17. kenny powers Says:

    tits McGee.

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I’m rolling now.

    didn’t even offer to share 🙄

    in other news, the 9.12.99 Gin is still all that and a bag of hammers after approx. 18 spins in the last week+

  19. BingosBrother Says:

    ::Fingerdips Kavehs post, cranks 9-12-99 Gin, rubs junk on office furniture::

    Thanks KP!

  20. The Flesh Says:

    Got a $141.40 pending AMEX charge from Phish. 2 $60 tickets, shipping and service charge I am assuming?

  21. sumodie Says:

    Coral Sky’96 DVD FTMFW!

    So glad I patiently waited for the right time & head space to watch the entire show. Trey, high as fuck for the entire show, burns with ferocious intensity and dexterity. I’d also forgotten about his ‘chunky’ gremlin look, lol. The boys certainly waved their freaky geek flag high back then, which made them even more endearing.

    The camera shots are much better than those from the Walnut Creek’97 release, though I found the lengthy crowd shots cringeworthy (not that I would’ve looked any different from those fans)

    Coral Sky easily ranks with my fav phish vids: Clifford Ball, Walnut Creek, and IT

    If you’ve yet to see this dvd then you’re in for a serious facemelting treat

  22. kenny powers Says:

    I know, right t3? such an addictive jam. Trey moving mountains with Fish driving the train…

  23. sumodie Says:

    Yes to the Flesh

  24. kenny powers Says:

    cc hold for 227.50…which i think is 4 tix. oh wait, or the AC 3-day and one ticket.

  25. kenny powers Says:

    Death to Videodrome
    Long love the New Flesh!

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