Ten For Tuesday

Bethel Woods (Michael Mesenbourg)

Mike’s Song -> Breathe Jam ” 10.25.95 II, St.Paul, MN

A relic from the day when “Mike’s Song” had jams. In this Fall ’95 incarnation, Trey annihilates the opening segment moving to his mini kit as the band moves further and further into experimental territory. Slipping into abstraction, they pass smoothly into an instrumental interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.”



Simple > McGrupp” 10.26.96 II, Charlotte, NC

This is but one of many standout “Simples” along the road of Fall ’96, and served as the centerpiece of Charlotte’s Fall ’96 stop.



Weekapaug -> Mango Song” 11.25.94 II, Chicago, IL

Concluding our patchwork “Mike’s Groove,” here is the unique segue and song pairing that followed “Harpua” at UIC in Fall ’94.



My Left Toe -> Whipping Post” 7.25.99 II, Noblesville, IN

In a stunning piece of first-set improvisation, Phish built their abstract Summer ’99 vehicle into a legit take on the Allman’s classic. This jam came out of nowhere at the beginning of the show at Deer Creek, foreshadowing one of Summer ’99’s best outings.



Tweezer -> Makisupa” 10.22.95 II, Champaign, IL

Another buck-wild, Fall ’95 throwdown to follow up yesterday’s “Tweezer” from the same tour.



Stash” 12.5.97 II, Cleveland, OH

Behind the dance-party funk of Fall, “Stash” made a huge splash every time it dropped. Here is the second set opener of the consistently underrated show from Cleveland State. Though this version doesn’t stray too far from structure, it absolutely slays from start to finish.

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  1. SillyWilly Says:

    word, Tzara’s

    I’ll check that out.

    I’m glad that it was a great He’s Gone. would have been cool if they just played it, but giving it the treatment after dedicating it to Bobby Sands is awesome.

    By the way, Bobby Sands could have been a head:

  2. Robear Says:

    When it comes to school and Phish,

    “Be Like G, not like me”

  3. sumodie Says:

    Dick’s Onsite Camping

    yup, loved it

    -You do not camp beside your car, which turned out to be great. Schelping our shit was annoying but we were camping on lush soccer fields. Walk-in wasn’t too far. There is a strict no-glass policy, and staff would search our stuff (NOT our cars) every time we left the campground. Again, with a little pre-planning (discovering tasty canned Dale’s Pale Ale), the search process was pretty mellow

    -Showers were free and well kept

    -Campground scene was much quieter than those on the east coast

    -Easy walk to show!!! So awesome to go to the show sans car. Afterwards we could ramble thru the lots or just chill out around Dick’s without worry of having to leave.

    *Hysterical moment: after the first show, we went up and over the embankment to enter the campground only to discover that ALL the overhead lights were ON -it was brighter than daylight in the campground. At 1AM -WTF! Sometime after 2AM the lights finally got turned off. Next two nights lights always went off around 2AM. Almost seemed like staff hadn’t thought about what to do with the overhead lights till that first night, lol.

    -Make sure to exchange your 3 day tickets for a bracelet -separate lines for entry into Dick’s for peeps with bracelets. Made getting inside venue much faster than for those without bracelets

    -We could leave the campground and drive off at anytime. Super easy. Daytime we hung in Boulder (ate our main meal every day at Whole Foods buffet, yum), went to local waterslide park, etc. Never had a problem driving back to campground in time for show.

    -Weather last year was perfect. Temps comfortable enough day and night. Was able to sleep in a little longer than expected with each passing day. Sleep deprivation not an issue!

    -Campground opened THE DAY OF the first show (whereas at the Gorge and Phish fests the campgrounds open the day before). I totally spaced this but….

    If you arrive the day before Dick’s, check the online rates for the nearby Westminster Westin Hotel. For ~$100 total, tax included, we got a swank room overlooking the mountains. Public outdoor hot tub also facing the mountains (& indoor pool). Gorgeous hotel, what a way to relax & unwind before the main event!

    So yeah, Dick’s campground comes highly recommended, even if flying in. Airport only 15-20 min away…

  4. sumodie Says:

    ^ hey, at least it’s phish related 😉

  5. MiA Says:

    Thanks Sumo. That was the review I was looking for.

  6. voopa Says:

    Nice post sumo, great info!

  7. alf Says:

    hey kids

    dr john locked down got several spins over the weekend, enjoyed it much more than i thought. has a great feel and unique sound. will seek out more of dr john’s back catalog now (suggestions welcome)

    spiritualized next up for close listening

    thanks for the tunes miner, even if your project is repetitive and exudes stagnancy (+1 to Dan for ‘stagnancy’, trolling with a solid vocab)

  8. alf Says:

    enjoyed the plinko mix for a few spins (good workout music) but the storage mix is unlistenable to me. 10 minutes of storage jam cut to another jam 10 more minutes of storage jam just doesn’t work on any level imo. sacred ground.


    you would!

  9. Robear Says:

    miner, those of us pretending to work this week can hardly keep up with all the jams! WTF!!!!

    I still need to spin yesterday’s ’95 ‘Tweezer’ about 10 more times.

    ‘A relic from the day when “Mike’s Song” had jams.’

    miner can even sneak in some jabs.

  10. SillyWilly Says:

    thanks for the information, Sumo! great stuff

    thanks for the Dr. John review, alf

    i gotta get on that dr. john and spiritualized, too

    been on a long dub kick for weeks here

    spun my first phish on the walk to work this morning in like a month this morning – Fuji Rock Fest Bowie

    early plinko deep into the jam

  11. alf Says:

    sumo, keep your various music discoveries, reviews, & show recaps coming!! definitely enjoy the period new music reports, thanks

  12. alf Says:


  13. sumodie Says:

    Also, nitrous scene not a problem in the campground -staff were pretty quick to bust anyone working tanks

  14. MiA Says:

    Oh, and the Mike’s Breathe ’95 was a great show. I’ve written about it before, but great times.

    A lot of 22nds to the 25ths up there.

    I think there is a direct correlation with Phish jamming hard between those days of the month.

    Hopefully true this year too.

  15. litteringand Says:

    My life needs a “Tube Jamz” mix, like yesterday

  16. sumodie Says:

    alf, thnx!

    (last night’s recap of Rodrigo y Gabriela is on the last page of yesterday’s post)

    I didn’t have any Gabriela dreams tho 🙁

  17. Robear Says:

    our lives need a fall tour.

    i need to see half the music @Sumo does.

    word for the day:

    ‘Comprational’: The ability to be compassionate and rational, at the same time

  18. MiA Says:

    miner, those of us pretending to work this week can hardly keep up with all the jams! WTF!!!!

    I vote +1 for not being able to keep up. Keep it coming.

  19. tzara's Says:

    I thought that Dr John album was pretty good, but I thought it sounded just like a black keys album, due to the producer. It’s like that guy has his signature sound. I put it on at a dinner party and my brother asked if it was the keys.

    Kind of like Daniel Lanois in the ’90’s.

  20. alf Says:

    robear, our resident pessimistic optimist 😮

    have a good one y’all!!

    ::still got it::

  21. poop goblin Says:

    the new Dr. John is brilliant

    the mash up of Dr. John’s New Orleans roots with west african instrumental music of the 50’s and 60’s is a perfect fit IMO.

    pushes dr. john in new directions with a great result. def one of my favorites of 2012. great stuff.

    DR. John Gris-Gris (1968) for classic old school psychedelic dr.

    In the Right Place and Desitively Bonaroo (73-74) for the Meters backing era

    all 3 amazing spins.

    laterz comrades

  22. verno329 Says:

    Another great Miner drop today! Thanks! Since it was my 2nd show I’ve always been biased towards Miner’s first offering, though it was on 10/25 and not 10/22. Killer Mike’s>Breathe jam followed by Sparkle(?!?!) and then Weekapaug gets cut short for Crossroads. Very strange end to that show but still very cool.

  23. alf Says:

    interesting tzaras, i hear a little bit of that, and parts are a bit too polished, but i also hear a retro almost daptone feel in some tracks. the vocal helps give it a rough edge. and i actually love the lyrics, which i rarely ever pay attention to in any sustained way (almost never). i hear lots of musical influences in that album but a distinctly nawlins sound

    only really know some of the meters era stuff, going to check gris-gris, babylon, & some of the other earlier stuff next

  24. poop goblin Says:

    I meant east african funk not west in that last post.

    use of farfisa organ creates those tones and the band explores similar rhythms on several tunes.

  25. tzara's Says:

    Definitely will check it out again today in a more attentive way. that just distracted me the first time. I did like it though. I’ve always meant to check out the OG Dr John records too so will do that too.

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