Ten For Tuesday

Bethel Woods (Michael Mesenbourg)

Mike’s Song -> Breathe Jam ” 10.25.95 II, St.Paul, MN

A relic from the day when “Mike’s Song” had jams. In this Fall ’95 incarnation, Trey annihilates the opening segment moving to his mini kit as the band moves further and further into experimental territory. Slipping into abstraction, they pass smoothly into an instrumental interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.”



Simple > McGrupp” 10.26.96 II, Charlotte, NC

This is but one of many standout “Simples” along the road of Fall ’96, and served as the centerpiece of Charlotte’s Fall ’96 stop.



Weekapaug -> Mango Song” 11.25.94 II, Chicago, IL

Concluding our patchwork “Mike’s Groove,” here is the unique segue and song pairing that followed “Harpua” at UIC in Fall ’94.



My Left Toe -> Whipping Post” 7.25.99 II, Noblesville, IN

In a stunning piece of first-set improvisation, Phish built their abstract Summer ’99 vehicle into a legit take on the Allman’s classic. This jam came out of nowhere at the beginning of the show at Deer Creek, foreshadowing one of Summer ’99’s best outings.



Tweezer -> Makisupa” 10.22.95 II, Champaign, IL

Another buck-wild, Fall ’95 throwdown to follow up yesterday’s “Tweezer” from the same tour.



Stash” 12.5.97 II, Cleveland, OH

Behind the dance-party funk of Fall, “Stash” made a huge splash every time it dropped. Here is the second set opener of the consistently underrated show from Cleveland State. Though this version doesn’t stray too far from structure, it absolutely slays from start to finish.

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351 Responses to “Ten For Tuesday”

  1. RoosterPizza Says:

    Is anyone doing the ATL-Charlotte run and looking for someone to chip in for gas and drive from ATL to Charlotte? I am thinking about flying to ATL the day of that show and flying out of Charlotte the morning after that show. This is tentative, but I just wanted to see who else is making/thinking about making this run.

  2. sumodie Says:

    I meant east african funk not west in that last post.
    use of farfisa organ creates those tones and the band explores similar rhythms on several tunes.

    I’m gettin schooled here…

  3. RoosterPizza Says:

    I also will be completely by myself, so anyone willing to hang out/meet up would be great too.

  4. Guyute711 Says:

    Rooster, I’m probably making that run but don’t know who is going with me at this point. I also need to see what the dentist whacks me for next week so plans are kinda up in the air. I’ll keep you in mind when i know more of what’s going on.

  5. RoosterPizza Says:

    Ok Guyute. m b a r c o m b 10 at gee mail I will keep in touch as this draws nearer. You’re in Charlotte, right?

  6. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    neat google doodle today.

  7. Robear Says:


    Pay Wes Welker

    /end sports talk

  8. Robear Says:

    You all need to get on Twitter before tour. We need a recap of handles, too. We have a world of our own hashtags already!

    And my favorite for now:

  9. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    “end sports talk”

  10. Guyute711 Says:

    Yes, I am here in Charlotte.

  11. RoosterPizza Says:

    I thought I remembered you saying that a while back, but I wasn’t really sure. I am thinking about doing either the Dick’s run or this ATL/Charlotte run. Both will cost me around $600 for everything involved, so I am kind of up in the air about what I am going to do. Traveling between shows seems fun to me because I haven’t done this yet. I always go to two night runs, or just one show at a time.

  12. William H. Bonney Says:

    Commencing sports talk 3…2….1…..GO Sports!!!!!!!!!

    Nash/Phx could be most boring series in a while. Two teams that both like to counter and rely on strong Goalie play to win. Mike Smith is playing way above his head. Either it has all finally clicked for him or something magical going. Watched him for a few years in person and other than being a good puck handler was never impressed. Nash. looks like a far better team top to bottom than Phx, Predators in 6…………

    @Rooster I will be doing southern run all the way out to Denver so, if you need a ride between ATl/CTL no worries only two of us so far doing that run so should be plently of room……

  13. RoosterPizza Says:

    Thanks William. What is your email?

  14. William H. Bonney Says:

    williambonney81 at the yahoo glad to help if needed…BB massive

    headin out for lunch gents….check back later……..

  15. RoosterPizza Says:

    Thanks man.

  16. Dr Pronoia Says:

    TIII – what were your Rockford blues out of curiosity?

    7/25/99 – biggest phish fail of my life. Skipped it so I could introduce my future wife to my parents and so we could load up on eccroutromants for the 26th. #firstsummerrunfail

    Actually, I’m going to just blame that decision on Rockford, like I do many others

  17. kayatosh Says:

    been spending some time w/ some late summer 2011. meatstick 8.5, monkey man 7.2, ghost 7.3, jibboo 7.3 — all $$$. not jams per se, but thick and zesty versions w/ jamminess. i’m a monkey. man. they own the stones. musical chameleons.

  18. neemor Says:

    Hey all.
    Went to the Exchange board and felt overwhelmed, so I figured I’d be THAT guy and throw it out to the board.

    Looking for Worcester, Jones Beach or SPAC tickets.
    Any night. Floor at Worcester, anywhere at JB and SPAC.
    Your need to sell a ticket determines which shows I hit.

    Any help would be swell cuz this guy needs Phish in a big way this Summer. (I know we ALL do…)


    Sorry for the grovel.
    But I’d do it again!

  19. acleo Says:

    Mr. Miner,
    How could anyone stay mad at you? You serve up the choicest nuggets.


  20. neemor Says:

    “musical chameleons.”
    ^ this

  21. neemor Says:

    “‘A relic from the day when “Mike’s Song” had jams.’

    miner can even sneak in some jabs.”

    ^ I saw that, too.

  22. kayatosh Says:

    need the mrkt. to take a dirt nap. sharp scary move down to retest 1357 support (IWM 78.25) would be nice (it held yesterday), but doesn’t look likely. bull mrkt. still in play. thought yesterday was the beginning of a leg down, but selling fizzled out at 2 PM and bulls rushed in. we’ll see where this bad boy goes today. ole kaya could be toast or OK.

  23. [Not Tom] Says:

    Continuing ticket talk, I am looking to unload the single 3-day pass for Bader Field/AC that I purchased through PTBM. Obviously there are plenty of tickets yet to be sold for that weekend, but if you haven’t purchased one already and want to help a brother out, see the exchange board for my email addy.

  24. [Not Tom] Says:

    I said this two days ago but I’ll repeat it again … Trey needs to get geeky with his equipment again. It’s like he’s turned into a blues guitar player who just plugs in and plays. Some of the best stuff comes when he is looking down the whole time lost in his little octagon of technology.

  25. [Not Tom] Says:

    ^ not saying he doesn’t still have IT – just that he’s not tapping the void quite like he used to.

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