TTFW: The Abstract

6.25.10—Camden, NJ (Graham Lucas)

Ghost” 9.12.99 II, Portland, OR

One of the most slept on jams of all time. Don’t sleep.



Bathtub Gin -> Simple” 12.7.99 II, Portland, ME

Phish returned to Cumberland Country Civic Center during December ’99, an era where ambient jams were prominent.



Jam -> Bug” 12.17.99 II, Hampton, VA

Though it sure felt like the Mothership was about to lift-off into “2001,” but the band teased everyone by dropping into “Bug.” This jam was the music behind the Hampton reunion announcement video.



Waves” 8.2.03 II, Limestone, ME

The magic fields of Limestone…



Twist” 2.24.03 II, E.Rutherford, NJ

Aliens visited The Meadowlands.



AC/DC Bag” 11.7.98 II, Chicago, IL

This gorgeous jam from UIC illustrates the ambient shift of Fall ’98.



Drowned” 9.14.2000 II, Darien Center, NY

Forget about it—a true monster.



Roses Are Free” 1.1.00, Big Cypress, FL

The music that dawned a new millenium; the cerebral masterpiece from the end of an all-night marathon.



My Left Toe,  Stash” 6.30.99 II, Bonner Springs. KS

Phish paired the debut of “My Left Toe” with “Stash” to close the second set of  1999’s very first show.

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376 Responses to “TTFW: The Abstract”

  1. MiA Says:

    Love the post Selector. But I note this…

    which is ~2-4kHz higher than what the average human ear can detect.

    There within lies my problem. I don’t know what the average ear can hear, or not hear. So I don’t know where this puts me.

    I’ve always been a fan of auditioning equipment, to see if it fits our room, or if one can hear it, or if the sound of the neighbors pool pump going off every 10 minutes really is the problem.

    Anyway, you get my point. The problem with 24/96 or 24/192 is that unless you do the whole Pepsi challenge, you won’t really know. Those $40/pair bookshelf speakers you inherited from your brother-in-law that played Billy Squire too loud, and blew the woofer … well.

    Usually the “failure” in the link of audio-fidelity isn’t in the sampling, but rather where the sound waves are reproduced again from electrical pulses. At the speaker.

    I am of the camp, that you should buy the best possible speakers that you can afford that reproduce the sound the best that your ear can hear, and is in alignment with the type of music you listen to.

    That said, the USB DAC that I bought for my HD-595’s made a MASSIVE difference. Highly recommend that.

  2. MiA Says:

    Phish really should cover Hunky Dory

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    there is no such thing as playing billy squier too loud. c’mon, mia!

  4. MiA Says:

    Hat’s off T3, I spelled it wrong, and you corrected it. Well done.

  5. MiA Says:

    Until you’ve listened to Billy Squier digitally remastered in 24/192, you really haven’t heard Billy Squier.

  6. angryjoggerz Says:

    I just had to google Billy Squier. I for some reason assumed he was black. He is not.

  7. tzara's Says:

    Billy Squier is the soundtrack for the nostalgic memories of my youth. If you don’t hear the orchestra in Rock Me Tonight, you’ve only heard the half of it.

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I will admit to having seen mr. squier rock stabler arena (a venue phish would later play) as an impressionable youth

    that’s hilarious, joggerz. you too, mia. make it three, t’s ghost. quality stuff all around.

  9. tzara's Says:

    Damn, Billy Squier live, must have been epic. I had to settle for Night Ranger 7 Wishes tour at the Hult in Eugene when I was like 14.

  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    CB Reba = a day time phish memory I’ll not forget

  11. tzara's Says:

    Been a little scarce lately, but have been trying to keep up with Miner’s jams, to medium avail. Great stuff, I have so much to still discover. Fun weekend on deck for: serving the first wines from our new winery to 500 people. Par-tay.

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    TIII- Spun the Ball Fluffhead> Antelope today in the car. Always forget the chick on a rope during the Antelope. You hear the crowd start cheering on the tapes and then … ” oh yeah”!

  13. angryjoggerz Says:

    Holy shit, I just watched Rock Me Tonight on youtube. While the song is pretty terrible and clearly from that time period, the video is awesomeness. He starts that shit off straight up naked, then proceeds to put on his one sleeve shirt (other sleeve is barely on) and super cropped size 26 waist pants then he just kills it with the least hard dance moves ever. Rips shirt off (naturally) then they show him putting another one on. This video is one 80s music cliche after another, it is practically historical.

    Seriously, the dancing.

  14. MiA Says:

    Billy Squier was a total hat tip to Mr. P actually.

  15. garretc Says:

    Nice, Gorge ’99 Sand footbell approved!

  16. BingosBrother Says:

    Heaven is a never ending Reba.

  17. butter Says:

    Dave Duerson, former Bears safety, also shot himself in the chest a year or two ago. Obviously leaving the brain to be examined. Anyone listening to the message these guys are trying to send?


    so, so very intense that this happened twice this year

    JR efing Seau, 12 time probowler, everyone toted him as a super positive guy, coaches dream and all that, RIP

  18. BingosBrother Says:

    “If you don’t hear the orchestra in Rock Me Tonight, you’ve only heard the half of it.”

    also fightbell approved.


  19. plord Says:

    Billy Squier’s “Big Beat” is like, #5 or 6 in the “top 10 beats overused in Hip Hop.”

    But all his beats were big. BIG. Before that gated reverb snare hit got all overdone.

  20. Mr. Palmer Says:

    There is Squier and then there is everyone else…..

  21. BingosBrother Says:

    Jr. Seau, 1 of 8 dead 1994 Super Bowl Chargers.

  22. butter Says:

    i’ve completely wiped out the idea of athletes as role models for my children

    who are the role models of today’s society?

    where are they?

    i guess you start with yourself, they say

    the only real person you can ever really control in this life

    and there’s your paradox with suicide, you, the only person in control of your life — choose to end it. do you ultimately have to — on some level — respect that person’s choice?

  23. MiA Says:

    Wow that video.

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Holy shit, that video is incredible. must see tv ( youtube)

  25. BingosBrother Says:

    Trey could learn a prance or 2 from Billy Squier.

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