TTFF: Summer ’95

6.28.95—Jones Beach (Unknown)

Theme From the Bottom” 6.7.95 II, Boise, ID

A jam that veers into darkness during summer’s first show.



Harry Hood” 6.17.95 II, Bristow, VA

This intricate, multi-tiered “Harry Hood” punctuated a spectacular five shows in five nights.



Reba” 6.19.95 I, Noblesville, IN

A classic Summer ’95 version from the cornfields; a Blackboard favorite.



Antelope” 6.23.95 II, Stanhope, NJ

The centerpiece of Waterloo’s second set.



Stash > I Didn’t Know” 6.15.95 I, Atlanta, GA

Dark, eerie, Fishman on Trombone…



Split Open and Melt” 6.20.95 I, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Phish served a hearty dose of psych-rock to close Blossom’s first set.



David Bowie” 6.13.95 II, Maryland Heights, MO

One of several exploratory “Bowies” from this summer.



Mike’s > H2 > Weekapaug” 6.10.95 II, Morrison, CO

This monstrous “Mike’s Groove” dominated the second set of Red Rocks’ second show.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 7.2.95 II, N. Fayston, VT

The Sugarbush “Slave.”



Type II Cast

Type II Cast: “The Story of the Ghost

A few nights ago, I sat down with host of Type II Cast, Stephen Olker, and guest Steve Tuzeneu to discuss the evolution of “Ghost” from its inception through today. Plenty of audio clips are included throughout the podcast to illustrate what we discuss. Check it out!

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  1. ElJefe Says:


  2. Xpun Says:

    Morning bb. Happy Friday to all. Can’t wait to get into some of these 95 tracks.

    We got on a bit of a Floyd discussion here last night. Bingosbro with one of my fav posts ever. Sums it up nice:

    “Gilmour is still making music that is $$$ imo. His tone sounds like where suicide bombers think they go when they die.”

  3. Gavinsdad Says:

    Nice amount of Floyd knowledge dropped last nite. Very interesting. I feel like I did your basic amount of suburban Floyd listening. we focused on them quite a bit in hs…but we didn’t have enough mentorship with the Syd work…he was the mythological nutter in our eyes.

    I played bass with no knowledge of bass when I was 14/15. We had a hardcore band called Bad Dream. It was called Hinckleys Vision but one of the moms put their foot down on that. One day after practice I borrowed The Wall from my friends older sister. I went into a period of front to back study in my room for what was probably a solid month. We would watch the movie all the time on VHS. It was super depressing to me but I couldn’t stop listening and watching. I think I need to see the Philly show, just to take a deep dive into the sound of my youth.

  4. stapes Says:

    Happy Friday BB.
    I need to spin some Floyd. Been a long time. Much like GD said, went through a big Floyd stage in grade school/HS.
    Took the slf to see Trampled by Turtles last night for her b-day. Good show. The fiddle player fucking rips!
    Off to the airport. Flying back to the midwest for the weekend.
    Have a good one everybody.

  5. poop goblin Says:

    its all about the syd. The glossy choreographed always whining later era Floyd is the worst imo. But I’m not a Beatles fan either so my opinions mean nothing

    Simmer 95 kids
    This is the tour of all tours
    Gonna enjoy this today. Love all these jams.

  6. MiA Says:

    Safe travels. Gorgeous Friday here.

  7. Luther T. Justice Says:

    “Gilmour is still making music that is $$$ imo. His tone sounds like where suicide bombers think they go when they die.”

    ^Love this Bingos!

  8. Guyute711 Says:

    I will never understand people not liking the Beatles. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  9. xpun Says:

    it took me a long time to get into the beatles. i had a friend in high school that worshipped them and i think that kind of turned me off to them. listened and liked a bit along the way but really wasn’t until i randomly heard the b side of abbey rd one night 6 years ago in the middle of my marriage falling apart that i finally got it. that is a truly great run off songs with such emotion and it still invokes pretty powerful feelings in me. imo they broke up at their peak for sure.

  10. btb Says:

    Lol Bingo

    Can’t wait to spin some of these 95 jams!

  11. Gavinsdad Says:

    Over here sitting in our high school bleachers watching my sons first Field Day (he’s in third grade) and its 4 elementary school competing against each other and they are all chanting up their schools and so pumped up and for some reason I am very emotional. These are the special Dad moments. Each school walked here and they are marching in with banners and bombast. So much nicer than what I have to deal with at work in an hour!!

  12. btb Says:

    Floyd was the first music I heard as a kid where I said, “This is what I’ve been looking for” – much love for Floyd

    Followed by Zeppelin & Phish

  13. MiA Says:

    The Beatles were formulaic until they weren’t. But I think that was all part of the formula.

    Butcher baby covers and all.

  14. btb Says:

    Cool stuff Gdad – Enjoy! Before you know it he’ll be driving!

  15. Gavinsdad Says:

    Yo AW I saw Chinese Jerry last nite! It was unreal…crazy to see Philly deadheads in a UPenn club/bar setting. It was a very old local dead
    Cover band called Splintered Sunlight. All the old heads used to see these guys here like 20 years ago. I get such a kick out of the genre. It’s so totally bizarre. I’m sure Calapain wanted to put a muzzle on my old tour buddy Dom. Dude is the worst sort of yapper!!

  16. poop goblin Says:

    for me the majors that always resonated with me were Can, VU, Bowie, Eno, Talking heads, Neil Young, Rolling Stones

    the heavy orchestrations by George Martin always rubbed me the wrong me and Paul has been annoying the shit out of me sine Love Me Do

    but def not bad music just not my personal sound.

    my fav Beatles album is probably McLemore Ave. Booker T doin Abbey Rd.

  17. Fly Says:

    Morning all

    Anyone know of a three or four feet by seven or eight feet section of floor this Fly could sleep on during the night of June 7th?

    I’m also looking for two tix for the Friday Worcester show

    yetanotherfakeemail420 at gmail

    Hope everyone is doing well and had a good week

  18. poop goblin Says:

    awesome GD. The cover band scene is def crazy.

    it’s usually not the cover bands that are the weirdness but the peeps that attend their concerts. probably haven’t seen one since UJB at Iowa in the mid 90’s.

  19. brother Says:

    Love that DC REBA!!! Hoping one day we can get a sweet sbd of that jam (i’m lookin at you shapiro)

  20. b-rock Says:

    What’s up… Finally Friday, life is good.

    Summer 95 – comes from before I really “got” phish, and while I love it for its psych-ness sometimes I find it too hard-edged for casual listening. Like if someone heard just a piece of the craziness without context, they might say “how is this music?” it doesn’t have the same melodic nature as 98-00 when I was seeing them most. Still I will listen to these today and ask my neighbors to kindly wipe the drool off my keyboard now and then.

    I don’t dig every piece of the Beatles work, but I do think Abbey Road is a masterpiece.

  21. TheSloth Says:

    very nice play list. just listened to the that stash->i didnt know… so tight.

  22. b-rock Says:

    Amen to Paul being annoying as shit… “hey jude”? Come on.

  23. DukeOfLizards Says:



  24. Dr Pronoia Says:

    6 summer 95 jams to the dome is a helluva way to start a Friday

    also dreamt last night that I was living my normal day in a reality where people smoked dmt instead of drinking coffee. In the kitchen, on the sidewalk, on the train, all blissed out and glassy

    …so, weird start to what looks like a beautiful weekend in the East – enjoy BB’ers

  25. btb Says:

    DC 95 Reba is definitely in my top 5 of all time – so redic

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