TTFM: Summer ’96

Summer 1996—Pollack T-shirt

1996 Summer Tour T-Shirt (Pollock)

With Summer Tour 2012 rapidly approaching, let’s continue a look at summers past with ’96. I’m not trying to pull the ten “best” jams from each summer, but just ten great ones. Enjoy the picks from this underrated tour!

Wilson > Disease” 8.14.96 I, Hershey, PA



Reba” 8.4.96 II, Morrison, CO



Antelope” 8.12.96 II, Noblesville, IN



Split” 8.12.96 I, Noblesville, IN



Tweezer” 8.14.96 II, Hershey, PA



Harry Hood” 8.16.96 III, Plattsburgh, NY

Mike’s > Lifeboy” 8.13.96 II, Noblesville, IN



Slave” 8.17.96 II, Plattsburgh, NY




Robert Champion of The Sloping Companion is running an essay contest for those that “Like” The Sloping Companion Facebook Page. The winner will win a recycled/upcycled wood art piece. All anyone has to do to enter is write a short, two-to-three paragraph essay about why they are so passionate about Phish. The contest is running for about two weeks and the winner will have their piece aired on the show, will be on the station, and will win a specially-created, one of a kind art piece.

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387 Responses to “TTFM: Summer ’96”

  1. MiA Says:

    Need AW to help me short some shares of FB. Can’t do it easily through TD Ameritrade.

  2. thnkfstpal Says:

    End The Fed.

  3. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Sillys about three standard deviations ahead of all of us on the conscience bell curve

    I can’t wait for him to have some tour in his life

  4. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    any chance the phish open this summer as hot as they did the last?

  5. phoammhead Says:

    yes @Wilson . . . i’m betting they do.

  6. phoammhead Says:

    what are you catching, Wilson?

  7. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    Long Beach & San Francisco for sure. Got tickets for the Zoo, and Denver. May tie those two stretches together with Atlanta/Charlotte/St. Louis. Lots of travel in August for family/work. May make for a lot of shows.

  8. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    I’m pushing show #100. Trying to leave myself a nice set-up for 2013.

  9. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    one nice benefit of west coast: downloading shows around 10pm (the night of). was so psyched while listening to Bethel I last year. Kinda pumped for a repeat in about 15 days.

  10. sumodie Says:

    Soundway record label is $$$$

    that is all

  11. phoammhead Says:

    sounds like a good plan, Wilson

    west coast phish rules . . . download and listen before you go to bed! 😉

  12. Jtran Says:

    was thinking about that wilson

    Couch tour for dinner!

  13. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    wonder if i’ll ever hit show 100.

    proably not, unless phish tours another 10 years and i gain some miraculous job that allows me to see a bunch of shows a year.

    i believe AC saturday will be my 25th. a milestone. but a pretty weak one. damn parents should have squeezed me out 10 years earlier

  14. MiA Says:

    I like this new thnkfstpal guy. A rock thrower.

    Stick around buddy.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I guess Im just an obstacle
    a thing to overcome
    If I can sneak around myself again
    Ill know Ive won

  16. Jtran Says:

    And T3 prompted an IT Ghost > Mountains listen to end the day

  17. voopa Says:

    Yes, getting SBDs the night of helps make up for the lack of WC shows. Doesn’t help my sleep routine, but hey that’s tour, right?

  18. MiA Says:

    My life would have been absolutely ruined had I been able to get SBDs the next day between 1996-1999. No question.

    Thank you for not releasing SBDs Phish when I was trying to keep a job.

  19. MiA Says:

    Radio City Music Hall Ghost to end the work day.

  20. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    all those $9 charges add up, but i’m not complaining. Get off work. Head out for a bite and some drinks. Head home and – with the clever use of a piece of paper as a shield – i get a little no spoilers show several nights a week.

  21. snow Says:

    “with the clever use of a piece of paper as a shield”
    Awesome. that is some nerdy ass shit. love this place.

    quite well, robear. and you compadre?

  22. phoammhead Says:

    i really like where phish stands right now. three years into 3.0 . . . comeback is definitely over. sky is the limit would be an overstatement, but i feel the boys are in a good place for delivering some more of the goods like last summer and even continuing an overall upward arching path.

  23. sumodie Says:

    wonder how many shows phish inc will stream during Leg1…?

    Portsmouth seems like a no brainer, but will they try for more summer streams

    first replay of 10.10.99 Albany set 1 -strong first half without any top notch highlights. set 2 tomorrow (opens with a jam!). trying not to get too deep into replay phish till woosta

    I now use the word ‘bitches’ a whole lot more, and fully blame the BB 8)

  24. SillyWilly Says:

    evening, kids

    i’m back to my old self

    just trying to put my summer budget together

    thinking that if I do indeed get hired by the SPD (no jinx) and I can somehow push my employment back to July 15 or August 1 (beggars can’t be choosers), I can spend all my remaining money on tour.

    come on, job!!

  25. garretc Says:

    “Thank you for not releasing SBDs Phish when I was trying to keep a job.”

    So that’s no longer the case, MiA?

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