TTFW: Summer ’97

Summer '97 Pollock T-Shirt

Stash” 7.2.97 II, Amsterdam, NL



Bathtub Gin” 7.21.97 I, Virginia Beach, VA



Ghost” 7.23.97 II, Atlanta, GA



YEM -> Izabella” 7.26.97 II, Austin, TX



Antelope” 7.29.97 II, Phoenix, AZ



Bowie -> Cities -> Bowie” 7.30.97 II, Ventura, CA



Mike’s -> Ain’t Love Funny” 8.9.97 II, East Troy, WI



Free” 8.14.97 I, Darien Lake, NY



Wolfman’s -> Simple” 8.16.97 II, Limestone, ME



Tweezer” 8.17.97 I, Limestone, ME

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  1. phlorida phan Says:

    15 days, and the universe will be saved

  2. RoosterPizza Says:

    Finally in Japan after 30 hours of travel. Now a 2.5 hour car ride and I’m done.

  3. b-rock Says:

    A dose of summer funk and the day is looking brighter already. I was thinking that I needed to check the Lakewood Ghost after listening to the podcast the other day, and look, there it is.

    Thanks Miner.

  4. b-rock Says:

    Rooster – where in Japan? business or pleasure? I’ve been a few times, cool place. Uhmericans could learn a few things from the Japanese.

  5. Xpun Says:

    My first summer of Phish. Great memories. Summer after high school. Not a care in the world. Can’t believe it’s been 15 years. Wow!

    Rooster – Safe travels. Your little girl is just days away! Keep us posted.

  6. MiA Says:


    Great list for summer ’97. Don’t sleep on the Dallas Gin either.

    15 days.

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    @palmer – is that the AZ show you’ve talked about in the past or was that 99?

  8. Gavinsdad Says:

    Random: Cavern is so quintessentially Phishy to me that it almost gets lost. In 3.0 its basically filler. I don’t think I can remember any one referencing an outside the box Cavern. Any recs?

  9. Mr palmer Says:

    ’97 is the one gdad. That’s a unique antelope.

    At doctors again. Different kid , another possible tick bite. Shit is crazy. Might just lock them in the house.

  10. Fly Says:

    Friends, looking for some support on a decision I’ve been struggling with for the past week:

    Do I renew my lease with my only current employment option being a part-time contract dependent upon enrollment at a mediocre university nearby? This could pay just enough to survive if enrollment is filled both semesters, or it could not come close.

    Or do I high tail it home and regroup? Still would have bills to pay (loans, phone, credit card, etc), but could live with my sister for cheap for at least a couple of months while I went about trying to find employment.

    Ultimately, my main goal is to complete my dissertation, which I likely would have more time to do at home, but I would then be risking my career in academia, at least to a certain extent.

    Let me close by saying that my mother believes I have a mood disorder (either dysthymia or Mood Disorder NOS; she is a mental health professional), and thus an added benefit to moving home would be to put me closer to a safety net and support group if things continue be hairy psychologically.

    Sorry for the long post, and thank you.

  11. Guyute711 Says:

    Has everyone seen this yet? NC is looking pretty bad on all fronts lately. This teacher is an embarrassment.

    That video led me to another video about the education of children in America. I am glad that I don’t have kids because it’s infuriating. This video is 40 minutes long so not really a work watch but I recommend everyone take a look at it.

  12. carleethian Says:

    I looked at the setlist and couldn’t find the stash, I’m guessing it’s the one on 7.2.97?

  13. sumodie Says:

    Fly, hard to eval using electrons but…

    Completing your dissertation should open more doors in academia

    So assuming YOU really want to finish it, then do what it takes to complete it

    If that means moving home, then so be it (but don’t let home be another distraction from the writing)

    My partner just finished his dissertation on Monday, and it’s been a very arduous journey for him. He had to quit his minor teaching job in academia to do so. Lots of tough nutty moments in keeping him on track, but he’s almost there

    So if you believe that moving home is the key to finishing yours, then so be it. Obviously you have the ability, now get the focus dialed in to just complete the damned thing

  14. Fly Says:

    Thank you, sumo. It’s surprising how much an uncompleted dissertation can mess with your head.

    CONGRATULATIONS to your partner. That is terrific news.

    Honestly, I don’t know if moving home is the key, but it will certainly give me more time. If I take the job here and then have to get another part time job to make rent, I don’t see where I’ll have the time.

    Thank you again for your feedback.

  15. Dr Pronoia Says:

    My vote, knowing only what you wrote, would be to move home, provided you have good relationships with your family, especially our sister if you’d be living with her

  16. sumodie Says:

    Meanwhile, my partner defends his dissertation on June 8, the same day that a local Worcester production of Carmen opens, which he’s directing (May has been extra nutty round here).

    So no Woosta Phish for him! (I’ll see Carmen on June 9 with my post phish perma glow in full effect, ha)

  17. Fly Says:

    Thank you, Dr. P. Difficult to seek counsel via text but it does help.

    Would be interested in talking with you more about stuff if you are willing. Do you have an email I could hit you at?

  18. Luther T. Justice Says:


    Like Dr. P said, if you have a good family support system, going home to re-group & re-organize might not be a bad idea.

  19. Fly Says:

    Thank you, Luther. Sorry to take up so much of the board with this.

    Family is wonderful but impoverished and somewhat mentally unhealthy as well.

  20. MiA Says:

    Completing your dissertation would give (someone like me) a high level feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, closing that door would create it’s own pressures too.

    I think the people, I know, who are most successful, constantly know that they can’t go backwards anyway. Gotta constantly be looking for new challenges.

    Just keep swimming. – Dory.

  21. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Just texted you my email at a 802 # I have for you in my phone

  22. MiA Says:

    Disclosure: My family is moderately (nicely) crazy and likely would not help me to make smart decisions based on my future. I love my family, but there are some odd ideas and characters that can be pollution to me.

  23. kayatosh Says:

    yeah, baby! sum 97. speaking my language

    jumped right into 7.1 stash. $$$+

    fresh batch o’greenghee

  24. Robear Says:

    Bunch of sick jams during another long layoff for Phish. Free for phanners to spin.


  25. Robear Says:

    And to think, yesterday I took the stereo apart.

    D’oh! Robummin’

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