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Phish crushed so hard in the summer of ’98, that I could fill an entire week of playlists with highlights from this tour alone. Between their fortnight in Europe and month in America, the band churned out amazing jams at a ludicrous pace, while remaining on point for the entire season. Here are a handful of jams from what has to be considered the greatest summer tour of the late-90’s.

Curtain > Free” 7.31.98 II, Columbus, OH

The laid back funk of Summer ’98.



Tweezer” 7.9.98 I, Barcelona, ES

In a small and sweltering club, Phish dropped these filthy grooves.



Reba > Fast Enough” 7.16.98 II, Quincy, WA

Quintessential summer Phish with an uncharacteristic rhythmic take by Trey.



Ghost > Lifeboy” 8.2.98 II, Noblesville, IN

One of countless standout “Ghosts” of Summer ’98—the peak tour for the song.



Wolfman’s -> 2001” 7.24.98 II, Houston, TX

One of the lesser known highlights from this summer, and a soundboard, taboot.



Bathtub Gin” 7.29.98 I, Maryland Heights, MO

The Riverport “Gin” needs no introduction; my favorite version ever played.



Ya Mar” 7.25.98 I, Austin, TX

One of the most exploratory “Ya Mars” in history—a jam that is so cohesive that it sounds composed.



Tube” 7.16.98 II, Quincy, WA

A personal favorite featuring the open-air, chunky grooves of the Gorge.



Drowned -> Makisupa” 7.20.98 II, Ventura, CA

A dark horse combo from the begininning of Ventura’s second set that features a silky-smooth segue.



YEM” 7.26.98 II, Dallas, TX

A mid-second set explosion of swanky summer grooves in which Gordeaux thumps prominent “The Way I Feel” bass lines—a late-90’s trend that started a week earlier in Shoreline’s standout version.

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561 Responses to “TTFF: Summer ’98”

  1. xpun Says:

    3-13-93 wilson>lope from lb 6 is worth another listen. wilson has the best laid back intro, wish they’d do it that way a time. hard with the chant now.

    i like how the old mid 90s hoods would get to the chords at the end of the jam and then they’d drift apart and space out for a min or two before pulling it back in for the “you can feel good”

    it seems they moved away from that later to where once trey started in with the chords they go straight to the lyrics. too bad

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    I’ve been pretty unsatisfied with Safari for my phone, Opera looks like it’s free so I already like it.

  3. ThePigSong Says:

    and when I say pretty unsatisfied I mean barely unsatisfied.

  4. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Don’t sleep on 9/22/00 kaya

    Miner reviewed that show for jam base I think at the time. Pretty sure there’s a link to it on the menu to the right of the homepage

  5. acleo Says:

    Nice set up kayatosh. I bet Mike sounds sick on it. The avatar is from the movie “One Crazy summer” classic 80’s comedy. The plan is to set the controls for the heart of the sun this summer. And as far as a CD’s shelf life goes….wtf….i thought they would last much longer. It will be cool to see what Miner will pick for 00 summer show stoppers.

  6. kayatosh Says:

    7.15.2000 dwd sounds extra nice right now. white hot, sustained multi-minute peak. like a sustained orgasm.

    best long form 2000 jam I’ve heard today. segue into WMGGW is like a magic trick. $$$.

  7. kayatosh Says:

    dedicated the bulk of the day to listening to phish and partying and it paid off nicely.

    that 7.15.2000 DWD = a magic carpet ride.

  8. kayatosh Says:

    9.22. alright then, Dr. P. will tap the sap from that show. miner says reba tube ghost.

  9. kayatosh Says:

    acleo: my audio setup is 13 years old and far from state of the art. but it sure sounds nice in that little square room o mine. 5 mini speakers and a woofer.

  10. MiA Says:

    I discovered Opera out of frustration of “refreshing” for the comments on here. Opera at least has a refresh bar at the bottom.

    Nice “page” sort of approach to, so you can line up 9 or so common pages to easily get to. And once you have 4-5 pages open, easy to pop back and forth.

    From a navigation standpoint, Opera wins hands down.

    Firing up the grill finally after a day of shopping. Delice De Bourgogne, and some feta stuff olives and capers and crackers. And a Vouvray.

    Lamb to go on the grill in about 20 minutes.

    It’s easy to keep spreading the seed when you run into guys like Gdad.

  11. xpun Says:

    went back and read some of those ’00 reviews. some good shows leading up to hiatus. ive never listened to those shoreline shows, bet that was a pretty emotionally intense scene

    btw when did minor change to miner?

  12. xpun Says:

    “I discovered Opera out of frustration of “refreshing” for the comments on here.”

    only an iphone user can truly understand how annoying this is. downloading opera now

  13. MiA Says:

    xpun, I was at the Shoreline shows, and surprisingly, wasn’t that emotional compared to Coventry (to me).

    By Coventry, there was no question, that the band was off the rails and ended in a huge blowup. Wondered if they did come back if they could even play anymore.

    Shoreline was taking a break for awhile.

    The Gin 10/7/00 is really a Mike led masterpiece. Sublime. But great.

  14. acleo Says:

    MiA don’t forget the mint jelly….yum

  15. mr.palmer Says:

    Opera it is.

  16. acleo Says:

    Yes i love Mozart
    The magic fute
    I mean doesn’t everyone….
    Like Hands on a Hardbody….right….?

  17. xpun Says:

    true mia, i remember the webcast of vegas and trey saying they just needed to reenergize. i can remember that new years going to a party and thats when i really noticed they were gone, but i knew they’d be back. had no idea at the time i wouldn’t see them again. my kids were born within weeks of nye 02 and coventry, no way i could get away. too busy in between. i’m so thankful for 3.0, for me getting away for a weekend from all the stress of the real world, and just tapping back into that carefree spirit of a teenager is a real treat.

  18. ThePigSong Says:

    Refreshing from the bottom is where it’s at!

    6.21.94 Split now. Was that one brought up earlier? Live Bait 4

  19. xpun Says:

    Primera opera posta

    Now i can refresh compulsively taboot

    Is opera what leads to all your paddlin’s though MIA?

  20. mr.palmer Says:

    Opera has changed mobile BB posting forever. Props.

    Kevin Durant is a freak of nature. Go OKC!!

  21. mr.palmer Says:

    Giving my wife a 3 day break from the kids and I. Heading to visit my folks on LI. Kids are off from school till Thursday ( no snow days this year) and she has to work tues/wed.

    I have 5 phish shows coming the next few weeks, figured I’d do right thing.

  22. xpun Says:

    You da man Palmer.

  23. angryjoggerz Says:

    6.25.2010 Camden has a nice and ballsy Chalkdust that goes out there, had forgotten about this one. Its got that tight thing going.

  24. garretc Says:

    Yup AJ. The “other” Camden Chalk Dust, if you will.

    First time I really got IT

  25. xpun Says:

    It seems like there are many, many, too many raccoons!

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