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Phish crushed so hard in the summer of ’98, that I could fill an entire week of playlists with highlights from this tour alone. Between their fortnight in Europe and month in America, the band churned out amazing jams at a ludicrous pace, while remaining on point for the entire season. Here are a handful of jams from what has to be considered the greatest summer tour of the late-90’s.

Curtain > Free” 7.31.98 II, Columbus, OH

The laid back funk of Summer ’98.



Tweezer” 7.9.98 I, Barcelona, ES

In a small and sweltering club, Phish dropped these filthy grooves.



Reba > Fast Enough” 7.16.98 II, Quincy, WA

Quintessential summer Phish with an uncharacteristic rhythmic take by Trey.



Ghost > Lifeboy” 8.2.98 II, Noblesville, IN

One of countless standout “Ghosts” of Summer ’98—the peak tour for the song.



Wolfman’s -> 2001” 7.24.98 II, Houston, TX

One of the lesser known highlights from this summer, and a soundboard, taboot.



Bathtub Gin” 7.29.98 I, Maryland Heights, MO

The Riverport “Gin” needs no introduction; my favorite version ever played.



Ya Mar” 7.25.98 I, Austin, TX

One of the most exploratory “Ya Mars” in history—a jam that is so cohesive that it sounds composed.



Tube” 7.16.98 II, Quincy, WA

A personal favorite featuring the open-air, chunky grooves of the Gorge.



Drowned -> Makisupa” 7.20.98 II, Ventura, CA

A dark horse combo from the begininning of Ventura’s second set that features a silky-smooth segue.



YEM” 7.26.98 II, Dallas, TX

A mid-second set explosion of swanky summer grooves in which Gordeaux thumps prominent “The Way I Feel” bass lines—a late-90’s trend that started a week earlier in Shoreline’s standout version.

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561 Responses to “TTFF: Summer ’98”

  1. ThePigSong Says:

    I have about half a book left in A Dance with Dragons. I’m pretty sure there was a Facebook group with discussions of each book, a link would be appreciated.

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    Also, what does Trey quote in the Fukuoka Twist, it’s also in many other jams including RCMH Ghost. Probably not a direct quote, but reminds me of civil war era tune.

  3. Leo Weaver Says:

    Hey guys. Happy Memorial Day! Don’t forget that it’s not just an excuse to drink beer and cook over open flames on a workday.

    Starting to get amped up about some shows. Had a little fish fry in the yarden last night and was talking to G$ about the AC trip. We sampled treats and talked about some logistics. Gotta find out if the Chelsea has a grill we can use for wings. And request a keg of good beer for their bar. How many BB folks are staying there? Hopefully enough that the place will work with us on some things.

    Enjoying the afternoon with the Wee Weaver and the Pandora JGB station. Watching clouds and maybe showers roll in from Beryl.

    @MiA…check out the Daptone Gold comp on Spotify. I grabbed mp3 from amazon for $7 a couple weeks ago. There are some other Daptone label comps out there.

    @Gdad…I picked up our blueray player for about $135 in December. Sony BDS570 or something like that. Internet/wifi ready…netflix, pandora, and streaming directly from our laptops among other features. Love it.

    @PigSong…my wife and I are a little jealous of your day on the Broad. We used to do that float regularly while in college. Cooler full of beers, head full of sparkles, and nature all around…good times.

    @telas…plant a tree, ignore a douche. what a concept!

  4. stapes Says:

    @tela’s – hey sorry just saw your post. Did you hear he went to the rival H.S. in my hometown? Graduated my same year. Certified douche.

    I’m spent. Great weekend of bikes, beers, boobs, grilling, and relaxing in amazing weather.

  5. MiA Says:

    Loading up the daptone req. Leo. The new Lettuce album (Fly) is really fantastic.

  6. stapes Says:

    Oh yea and forgot to mention a nice few hours of wook watching in Boulder and the highlight was joining a heady drum circle with Tela’s. Sahweet.

    Phish thought of the day:
    The peak of 11/18/96 Simple is like touching God’s feet. Or whatever deity you prefer. Gets me every time. Sometimes reminds of a good ABB Mountain Jam.

    Think it’s time for a beer on the porch with the lady.

  7. tela'smuff Says:

    Listening to a 2011 highlight mix. Outstanding stuff!! Love it and it gets me psyched for summer. Gonna be a good time.

    This AC Stash gets better every listen

    @leo – hoping those summer plans are gonna include CO.

    @stapes – tree planted. Douche effectively ignored. Thx for havin me Saturday night for beers. Stapes n Lauren r good peeps.

  8. ThePigSong Says:

    Cheers Leo, I think this was the third annual BRO float. Game changed a bit with the wife cooking our little one, as always we had a blast. Perfect shallow, comfortable river for a beer float. Although I’ve never had them I thought about you while grilling my wings earlier. Homemade rub/Buffalo sauce was decent though.

  9. stapes Says:

    @ tela’s – Glad to have you. Anytime. I feel for you right now. I agree in regards to that AC Stash. Musical density indeed. Hits theme after tiny theme that they only stay on for a few bars before jumping onto another idea. Some good listening going on between everyone there.

    Someone was talking about the loops the other day and I agree, bring’em back! I miss those drops into jams then Trey sets off the loops, like liftoff. Plus, it gives the jams time to breathe. The other 3 lay down some ideas and Trey jumps off one of them, instead of just firing right out of the gate (which works sometimes). But it creates some nice space within the jam. Idk, what do I know but I like’em and wouldn’t mind seeing them used more this summer.

  10. stapes Says:

    dammit @pigsong now I want some wings!!!!

  11. sumodie Says:

    LB7 Stash has srsly grabbed me. I know it’s THE stash that’s been pimped for 3.0, and tho I’ve heard it several times, the way Shapiro inserts it into the LB7 flow just makes it pop more than ever

  12. stapes Says:

    Yea @sumo it was nice hearing that in the midst of some pre-hiatus sickness.

  13. sumodie Says:

    Daptone Gold is GOLD! Scored that on the cheap during a Borders closeout sale, what a find

    Meanwhile thanks to discovering Donald Byrd, I’m now rediscovering my 5 1970s era live Miles Davis albums. Out of this world!

    Last night I finally fully appreciated my Nugget Nectar stash, yum, like a liquid dessert (no not heavy like the really sweet beers)

    Have yet to buy a copy of GoT v5, Dance with Dragons. Was kinda disappointed by GoT v4 but mostly that’s cause most of my fav characters were held back till v5 (Martin divided one giant manuscript by character into v4 & v5)

    Keith Richards’ autobio, Life, is a gas, gas, gasssssss

  14. ThePigSong Says:

    Sumo- I plowed through book 4 in anticipation of getting to all my favorite characters I. Book five. Only complaint is that with the simultaneous timeline I feel as if I know the end of this book without finishing it yet. It’s been a good few months, but I’m kind of ready to get back to some other material after I finish DwD. (that sentence could work in two ways.)

  15. sumodie Says:

    Pig, I plowed thru the first 4 GoT books one after another and obviously got a bit tired of it too

    Also recently watched season 1 of HBOs GoT, which eventually clicked with me after the first two episodes. Richly executed show, fun fo sure, but it’ll never be a personal fav (tho I do recommend it). Of course I’ll be watching season 2 when available on dvd. Glad I’m reading the series as opposed to only watching it

  16. ThePigSong Says:

    GoT season one was done almost perfectly IMO. Season two kind of turned me off after 3-4 episodes, haven’t caught up since. Definitely grateful to Lycan for turning on to my first two fantasy series, Dark Tower and ASOIAF.

  17. Angryjoggerz Says:


  18. Angryjoggerz Says:

    If anyone has some awesome 3.0 moments that are not obvious standouts, please feel free to share. Looking for moments that define the 3.0 thing. Really low on the 2009 moments an some holes in last summer.

  19. RoosterPizza Says:

    8/10/96 Reba is hitting the spot right now.

  20. RoosterPizza Says:


    I had a great time with Hood at Darien in 09. The first set ended with Bowie-How High the Moon (in honor of Les Paul- he died that day), and then Golgi. Second set opened up with a solid Drowned…they encored Fluffhead. I remember the circus tent at Darien seemed like it was about to lift off.

    Of course, I was all kinds of fucked up, but I still listen to that show and grin. It was so hot that day it was ridiculous. The rooster was way dehydrated, and that was the last time I drank like 15 year old girl before a Dave Mathews show. Learned how to bane and chill with a few brews after that performance. Maybe a better personal memory than a good show, but I always enjoy spinning the end of that first set and the whole second set.

  21. Gavinsdad Says:

    Joggerz – the JB hood, the JB numberline, the Camden swept/steep, the Camden Curtain.

  22. Gavinsdad Says:

    Camden 09 sand. Charleston 10 sand. Superball Forbins.

  23. Gavinsdad Says:

    Bethel 11 KDF, charlotte 11 ghost.

  24. MiA Says:

    Spaceman 3 now playing.

  25. Gavinsdad Says:

    MSG 10 first tube obvs. 3.0 moment in a box like no other.

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