12.5.2009 (Graham Lucas)

After a long cross-country commute, I have finally plopped down a hundred yards from Worcetser’s DCU Center—the long off-season is about to come to an end. The band has been here rehearsing since the beginning of the week on the heels of extensive practice sessions behind closed doors, and i f I had to guess, the guys will be raring to go tonight. With all of summer ahead of them, in mere hours, Phish will take the first step—and an important step it will be. Here we are in the first week of June and the entire community is salivating for new music. If my own listening patterns were in any way indicative of the whole, those MSG shows haven’t seen the light of day on many stereos, as New Years Run didn’t give us that warm boost of Phishiness in the dark days of winter to which we are so accustomed. Labor Day weekend at Dick’s seems like a former lifetime as we sit on the brink of the tomorrow’s tour opener, as the excitement has been building for almost a year. With plenty of time to frolic in the lots and amphitheatres of summer, there’s nothing quite like kicking off tour in a grimy old arena with a rich Phish legacy.

I would wager big money that tonight’s show will elevate. Phish knows the situation, and I foresee them coming out with a two-set effort to knock the socks off the New England audience. Could I be wrong? Of course, but I just don’t see them coming out flat tonight. With a rabid Bostonian crowd who will clearly infuse Celtics chants into the show experience, the energy in the room will be sky high for a number of reasons. But first and foremost, the Phish are back in town and it’s time to step into the muthafahkin’ freezaaaaah!!!


“No Spoiler” Downloads—Summer 2012

This summer, thanks to mastermind, Craig Harris, Phish Thoughts’ Free No Spoiler Downloads will continue! If you have the ability to stay away from Phish sites during any show this summer, you’ll be able to live the unfolding experience as it happened. Each set will be downloadable with in a single, unlabled file, so that you can just press play and let it roll. The ETA of the download links will vary according to show locale, but we will always shoot for around 12 pm MST.


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743 Responses to “3…2…1…”

  1. MisterChristian Says:

    OH YEA! 50th show tonight

  2. Selector J Says:

    @MiA – Wackie has been known to rattle some walls.


    And yea…
    :: sitting slow clap -> standing slow clap::

    t3’s avatar is incredible.


    Trying to think of a reggae tribute to Prince…

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    wookie jesus will lead us to salvation… starting tonight

  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:


  5. alf Says:

    selector nicin’ up the first day of tour is a thing of beauty

    be safe out there kids, see you soon!!!

  6. btb Says:

    Radiohead was a game changer for me last night. Very different. Very Cool. No need to blab on, but I was impressed.


    have fun kids

  7. btb Says:

    Luther bringing the Lionel Richie heat – nIcE!!

  8. Luther T. Justice Says:

    On the first night, wookie jesus descended from the heavens and proclaimed, “Let the jam be with you!” And Jedi Trey heard wookie jesus and made it so. Amen.

  9. Luther T. Justice Says:

    You know it btb! Saw Radiohead on Tues. and thought it was incredible.

  10. plord Says:



    Dropping the teen off at school for a final exam at 10:30 then zooming down the highway.

    Fully prepared for liftoff.

  11. MiA Says:

    When I die, I do want to be killed over a refrigerator dispute.

    Beats dying of cancer.

    Stalag 17 riddim?

  12. The Flesh Says:

    Getting on the road at 430… can’t wait for some Phish tonight!!

  13. MiA Says:

    MrsMiA asks those that know if she would look like a mark if she wore these?


  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    mark? no. someone about to get tetanus? for sure.

    bam bam

  15. MiA Says:

    That’s what I said! Ha ha ha.

    Serendipity today. Also thinking about Sister Nancy before Selector started playing this.


  16. neemor Says:

    neems leaving CT in a few hours.

    Feeling unable to put my feelings into words today, let me just say that I love the blackboard and Miner in particular.
    You guys remind me on the good days and bad days why we continue to see the Phish from Vermont.
    It’s not always for the obvious moments:
    The pre and post-show fun.
    The jams.
    The bust-outs.
    The memories.
    When the monster clicks in and we find ourselves grooving to the movement of life, when we can feel (truly feel) that we are not alone. That we are, in fact, surrounded by family that have come to this place in time, to this room, from all walks of life for one common purpose.

    I’ll speak for myself.

    I come to fill my soul.
    I can’t do this forever. It won’t last forever. And for the other (in this year’s case possibly) 360+ days a year, I find other things to do the job. Life. Love. Joy in many packages.

    But when I come to a Phish show, I leave full. Life makes sense. I smile for three hours harder and more genuinely than I almost ever do.

    Let’s give the boys OUR collective ALL this summer and watch how the magic unfolds when we do that. We fill them, they fill us. And somewhere in between, the magic happens.

    Get some tour.
    And for Icculus’ sake,
    don’t forget to dance!

  17. willowed Says:

    Partner in crime will be here in 20. Then off to the Wookster

    Buckle your chin straps boys, it’s about to get dirty!

    My Pumas look sweet!

  18. willowed Says:

    If anyone is down in the Wook around 12, hit me up. I am getting in there early. Need to feel the vibe of tour opener.

  19. MiA Says:


  20. MiA Says:

    @neems nice post.

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    looking like Mrs. Disorder and I won’t be in Worcester until about 6 due to babysitter drop off and such. We are parking at the hospital (and walking through the morgue, naturally) so I’ll be on site very quickly. I’ll call/text you to find you to get you your ticket.

  22. DocGanz Says:

    Well said, neemor. Jealous of you all on the East Coast about to rage, but excited for you as well. Have fun, be safe, throw down for all of us couch surfing…and see those who make it out West for Leg 2 and in Denver!

  23. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    willowed is going early to hit on the high school graduates

  24. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    very well put

  25. willowed Says:

    willowed is going early to hit on the high school graduates


    I even shaved my junk for the occasion

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