Reminder: First Tube Art Show

The First Tube Poster show has blown into a full blown scene with printmakers, pinmakers, and all sorts of collectable Phish-inspired art! Here is the final press release about The Mothership Collective‘s First Tube Art Show, taking place this Saturday, June 15th in Atlantic City between 10am and 3pm at Trump Plaza’s Westminster Room. Come join for what will surely be a fun afternoon! Admission is FREE!


First Tube Poster Show

First Tube’, is an art show featuring Phish artists from around the country will be held on Saturday June 16th from 10am-3pm at the Trump Plaza Hotel, Westminster Room, on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Developed and produced by a group of artists and fans known as the Mothership Art Collective, this poster show will be held in the middle of a weekend of Phish, who play nearby Bader Field June 15-17th.

The initial artists announced for First Tube represent some of the best artists in the Phish community and poster art. Longtime Phish artists AJ Masthay, TRiPP, Ryan Kerrigan, John Warner, Erin Cadigan, Noah Phence and Bruce Horan have been a part of many poster shows in the past and each have a large portfolio of concert poster art across a wide range of musical acts. Newcomers Jiggs, Ed Wilson, Lauren Domsky and Branden Otto are featured in their first Phish poster show, as well as writer and author Dave Calarco who will be selling and discussing his book ‘Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts’ at the show.

First Tube will also be incorporating the growing area of pin makers and collectors into the show with Party Time Pins, 10 Minute Tube Designs, Pin Me Down and stuPINdous Creations. Brian Kushner of PhanBadge and Adam Davidoff of Phishcoins will also be in attendance, showcasing their unique memorabilia.

"Dunkalope" (Dr.Wookles)

Non-profits include The Mockingbird Foundation which has given grants for music education totaling more than $600,000 over the past 14 years; PhanArt, a book and website created as a way to showcase the art made by Phish fans and raises money for Mockingbird Foundation, and Screens ‘n’ Suds based in Richmond, VA curates beer inspired screenprints to raise money to benefit the National MS Society and other charities with monies totaling nearly $50,000 in the past 4 years.

Phish poster shows have been held over the years with great success, as unique posters made for the Phish shows that weekend and stop on the tour feature some of the best concert art being produced today. First Tube is the first event for 2012 produced by the Mothership Art Collective, a group within the Phish community, comprised of artists and organizations who promote the art inspired by the band Phish. The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. The creative fan base that Phish has makes for amazing art inspired by the band, the locales and the music. The collective will work hard to bring a show to the Phish touring public each year.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past poster shows, First Tube will offer free entry to all patrons, tubes available for purchase, charitable donations from the event made to the Mockingbird Foundation and the Virginia Mason Foundation (in memory of Shawn Williams). First Tube will feature a wide array of artists with posters, art, pins and other memorabilia to fit any budget. Special edition works, only available at the show, will be available for viewing shortly at



Bill Graham Civic Center

What: The Bowie Miracle—A contest for one free ticket to see Phish at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco on Sunday August, 19th 2012, and a free, signed copy of Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts.

Why: We have a ticket to miracle, however the miraclee must be a “David Bowie” fan.

The Skinny:  If you don’t have a ticket for the Sunday night BGCC San Francisco run and are a “Bowie” fan this contest is for you! Essentially, we love “Bowie” and we want you to make us understand your love of “Bowie” and, more importantly, how you got “Bowie,” when you got it and why. Maybe you got it from the first time you heard it or maybe it took a few times till the song just clicked for you? Whatever the case may be, tell us about your favorite “Bowie” and/or “Bowie” moment. All you need to do is tell us about it according to the contest rules. Judging is totally subjective and we will pay absolutely no costs for your travel to and from BGCC. One lucky winner submits an essay and gets a ticket to the show. No more, no less.

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901 Responses to “Reminder: First Tube Art Show”

  1. jtran Says:

    Reports from the front line? Setlist very hip

  2. willowed Says:



    Summer tour is fucking hot bitches.

    That birds is special

  3. willowed Says:

    Love how the boys are starting jams so slow and goooeeeeeeyyyy

    Woosta Gin
    Woosta Ghost
    AC Twist

    Check that Twist bitches

    and that Sally has a great jam at the end with gordos lazer bass action

  4. willowed Says:

    I just purchased some Cracker Jacks

    I am excited about the prize

  5. willowed Says:

    The prize was a fucking let down.

    some fold a cartoon shark bull shit.

    Fucking lame

  6. willowed Says:

    someone post soon so I don’t feel like a tripped out Phish kid on some discussion board after a fucking show

  7. Mr palmer Says:

    Hey willowed.

  8. robear Says:

    Hi willowed! Thanks for the front line posting. Gdad all over that Birds call.

    I’m chillin with the girls in the mts this wknd. Waterslide to tomorrow.

    Show looks great!

  9. Jtran Says:


    Set1 highlights?

  10. willowed Says:

    Set 1 was sort of a mess IMO

    That STFTFP had some dirty Troy tones ala woosta C Zero

    The STFTFP was the go to jam

  11. robear Says:

    Bob Dylan said it was #TooJammy. Said he almost had to walk out at one point.

  12. willowed Says:

    BBQ at the Chelsea Palmer – see you there

  13. willowed Says:

    Set 2 though…….fuckity fuck fuck

  14. robear Says:

    Sneakin Willow Through the A-C

  15. Mr palmer Says:

    Willow- did you get a pickle on the way home?

  16. willowed Says:

    Too expensive Palmer fuckin pickles

  17. Mr palmer Says:

    Need sleep. Talk to you kids mañana

  18. willowed Says:

    Hey boys. do me a favor. Check out that Sally jam. I felt Gordo was a little too intense with the liquid bass at the end. I wanted him to back off a bit.

    If I’m wrong tomorrow I will admit to my wrong doings

  19. willowed Says:

    we had a nasty BB throw down in the back of that AC field though

    good times

    fucking BOAF

  20. willowed Says:

    see you tomorrow boys

    going to bed

  21. Lumpyhead Says:

    That was a very good show if you ask me.

  22. jp Says:

    excited to hear AC 1

    someone commented on livephish that the recording sounds hoorible compared to worcester – hope not

    don’t know – would the sbd really be recorded that differently/sound that different from show to show on the same tour with (i assume) same equipment/same crew doing the recording?

    first three shows sound great, keep that streak alive please

  23. Corey Says:

    Nothing like 4 (s)mile hike after a PHiSH show. Lots of S’sss in tonight’ss sshow.

    Sloth is/was an excellent opener.

    I haven’t heard too many Sweet Ones so…puts a smile on my face. Lovely to hear.

    Camel Walk is a personal short song fave. Take it long someday, kids. Nice run thru…

    Tube. I leaned into Dana and said, alright! They’re just taking it out of the box.” And then they Tub’d the Tube. Kept it concise.

    Ice melted in spots. Definitely not their tightest rendition. No jam either. Like the tune. I’ve grooved to tighter Ice

    First set Simple!! Saxophone is so grand. Started to veer into Greek territory then got pulled back.

    Squirming Coil didn’t have a Monster Page Cadenza. He played a cadenza, but t’was not telling you that you should run out and buy a groove machine.

    Straling Time got movn
    Still great tunes to hear.

  24. Corey Says:

    ^Sorry for the short-thought reflection on tonight’s show. Left out some punct. spelling and the like, above. That said, I enjoyed the first set and personally dig all the tunes they chose.

    Stash was fantastic Fishside too.

    Second set had some nice moves. Lots of communication, and musical risk to be had.
    Birds was great.
    Back on the Train didn’t get out of the station. Nice segue into it, but the tune stayed put.
    Piper was a mover and a shaker. Nice.

    The Wedge. Such a PHiSHY tune.

    Twist. Bowie with Ssshow sset teases to sstart.

    Solid sets of reserved PHiSH, save for a few tunes.
    Refreshing choices, regardless of jamming within.

    Thumbs are failing. Time to rest. Hope everyone had a good show this evening.

  25. MiA Says:

    Great review Corey!

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