Stein’s Shots: Portsmouth

"Sleeping Monkey" 6.20.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.20.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.19.2012 (Michael Stein)


"Mexican Cousin" 6.19.2012 (Michael Stein)


"I Didn't Know" 6.19.2012 (Michael Stein)


6.20.2012 (Michael Stein)


Traveling Book Sale: I should have books with me on the road for the rest of tour. Hit me up via Twitter—@mrminer—if you’d like to meet up before or after a show to pick up a signed copy! This will be done somewhere in town rather than the lot. They are only $50 from me in person as there is no $15 shipping charge. Just letting you know…

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751 Responses to “Stein’s Shots: Portsmouth”

  1. xpun Says:

    also check out 2:56 of this vid

    sorry totally geeking out here

  2. Robear Says:

    tela, missed dog log, got shaggy dog. not bad

  3. tela'smuff Says:

    Yeah. I’m not mad

  4. GhostPhunk Says:

    Looks great on paper to me, cant wait to listen. Caught a bunch of kdf h8 pages back. Syracuse ’10 and bethel are fire.

  5. Robear Says:

    wow, ripping through ‘Jim’. Jim especially hot. skipping to ‘Twist’. getting late. more cabbage, twist, bed.

  6. Robear Says:

    more rainbow thoughts @ mIa

  7. poop goblin Says:

    Twist finally goes massive. Dirtiest jam since tahoe light


  8. Jtran Says:

    they made it!

    You guys on the road back now?

  9. Litteringand Says:

    Midwest is the best

  10. MiA Says:

    Twist was 14 mins? I can’t tell time at a show anymore. So concentrated.

  11. Robear Says:

    speech @ poo g.

    twist wrongdicculus on playback.

    spin with coffee. CAN”T WAIT.

    Miner’s Review:

    Show had some long overdue bust outs and a bunch of repeats. ‘Twist’ was #WayTooJammy

  12. poop goblin Says:

    Yup heading back. Rolled in for Jim. Luckily not a bust out guy!

    A really great show. A bit choppy at times but raging fun.

    Light up
    Saw it again
    And what a fuckin llama!

    All rippin in set 1

    Sand is such a beast this summer.

  13. poop goblin Says:

    Besides Alaska a stumble through guelah, golgi. And rushed late set cdt

    Non stop sickness throughout both sets. Band having obvious blast.

  14. ElJefe Says:

    Xspun- is that really the soundtrack to JCSS? Without looking at who or what it was my guess was Jorodorsky film w Secret Chiefs 3 soundtrack…

  15. Lycanthropist Says:

    so glad you and silly made it pooper

  16. voopa Says:

    Man, for a guy with nothing going on, I sure am busy. Finally done for today, time for hash with a Twist soundtrack.

  17. SillyWilly Says:

    Sorry for my lack of posting/texting…my phone died pre-indy

    AW and I are listening to the alien and ghost stories on Coast to Coast

    Great trip great show.


  18. poop goblin Says:

    Couple doses of #bathsalts and the cinci twist

    A perfect match

  19. poop goblin Says:

    big cougher of OG wax and the cincitwist

    holy shit!!! this murky ambience is just delicious.

    been waiting for this twist for 3 years. night kids.

  20. RoosterPizza Says:

    Fuckkkkkkkk yeah. I saw it again->Bowie. Those guys are up there having fun.


  21. SillyWilly Says:

    Fiona MacDonald for BBC news has a super sexy voice

  22. PigSong Says:

    fell asleep to the DWD>Guelah

    looks like folks are happy with the rest though. nice.

  23. SillyWilly Says:

    Shrs on BBC radio 430 AM central if anyone ever wants to check her out

  24. SillyWilly Says:

    The sun comes up and mixes with the fog in the fields of Northern Illinois.

  25. PigSong Says:

    Just read back for part of couch tour. Really on point commenting @Lycan.

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