Deer Creek II: Cliff Notes

6.16.12 – Atlantic City (S.Lehrman)

I just got to Lake Geneva after an all-night drive, so tonight but I’ll go with the Cliff Notes version on a herky-jerky show that didn’t totally elevate. With a first set filled with fresh songs and bust outs, the band set the stage for a huge second with opening “Disease -> Sand.” As the band segued out of “Sand into “Twist,” it seemed like they were setting up an improvisationally-based five or six song stanza of dreams. Flowing like a river through the first thirty minutes of the main event, the band seemed primed to weave one of their sets of the summer, but all of a sudden, Trey got jumpy. Red bailed out of “Twist” with an insistent transition into another oddly placed, mid-second set “Rift” before the jam even got going. But when the guys cranked into an ever elusive second-set “Bathtub Gin,” things seemed primed to get nasty. But as they forged into an original and engaging jam, Trey got the idea that cutting the excursion for a second set “Fluffhead” was somehow a good idea. Though “Fluff” certainly popped off, the set that looked super-promising from the early jump off had dissolved to a disjointed ride. A late-set bust-out of “Ride Captain Ride” kept the energy high and was great to hear, and when Trey wove the piece into the “Antelope” intro and the jam, they formed a quality late-set couplet.

All in all, last night didn’t contain the coherency that has underlined most of the show’s of this summer. “Disease – > Sand,” however, is definitely another stellar segment of Phish that must be heard. The “Disease, in fact, flowed incredibly well, ballooning over the fifteen minute mark and was jammed to completion for the first time this summer. Flowing nicely into “Sand,” the band kicked down another rhythmic throwdown, in what is quickly developing into the leading “MVP” candidate for Leg One. Check out that segment for sure. Notable bust-outs in fun a first set included the third “Sweet Jane” ever, “Mound,” “Life On Mars?” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” A fun night of Phish, but the second set really coulda been a contender…

I: Crowd Control, Dinner and a Movie, Sweet Jane, Limb By Limb > Possum, Mound, Life on Mars?, The Mango Song > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Strange Design, Birds of a Feather, Halley’s Comet, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

II: Down with Disease > Sand -> Twist -> Rift, Bathtub Gin –> Fluffhead, Ride Captain Ride, Run Like an Antelope

E: Cavern > Sanity, First Tube

PS…I rescind my comment from the last review saying that the Deer Creek “Tweezer” is the “Tweezer” of the summer. It’s not.

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381 Responses to “Deer Creek II: Cliff Notes”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    do hawaii. that’s crazy.

  2. dognamedwilson Says:

    Gotta rest that shoulder, kaya. Try to immobilize it for 24hrs then avoid the pool for awhile. And major props on the no booze thing. I honesty believe my rotator cuff injury traces to all the times I crashed in terribly awkward positions and had to unfold myself like a crumpled food wrapper upon waking. Dr says the invasiveness and recovery time of surgery makes it too costly a tradeoff. Said it would be different if I was an athlete but as it is I just gotta live with my shitty shoulder now (yes, Louie CK’s bit irl). Just gotta nurse it.

    Word to compassion, heathy living, setting the example and devolving to sixth grade playground politics on sweaty lots a few weekends a year just to remind us we’re still human.

    Let’s all recall that trey started the all request tour thing. That makes him the lamest of all. Love you, trey.

  3. joe Says:

    that sirius announcement takes a little sting out of not doing SPAC for me. First time not going there in a long while, including the GRAB show with Phil and Friends. Just not in the cards this time. No time, no money, no friends willing.

    was thinking of hitting them tonight here Gdad, but see excuse three above. not like a phish show where I don’t mind going solo. (also, excuse 4, out of drugs. kids there will think I’m a narc when I start looking)

  4. MiA Says:

    MrsMia needs to get out on the lots. Some good stuff to be done to good people.

  5. MiA Says:

    Hawaii Robear. For sure.

  6. kayatosh Says:

    dognamed: thanks for the advice and comments.

    the sign banter from last night is awesome. trey definitely has encouraged it and admits as much, even as he tells the signers to put em down. page is apparently the most anti-sign. Fihs just has his eyes closed and nothing messes w/ mike.

    i don’t recall seeing signs at GD shows.

  7. MiA Says:

    There definitely is a generation of “check markers” on tour of people who are trying to “collect them all” sort of thing.

    Really loving DC Wolfman’s. Thick.

  8. kayatosh Says:

    dognamed: the pain is white hot. is this par for the course w/ rotator cuff injuries? ice helping.

  9. MiA Says:

    Kaya, you want to talk to MrsMia? She is a kind person. Much nicer than me. She’d be happy to talk at least.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    as far as no booze, on day 4. the red wine had become a daily thing and on top of VWE, things got a little muddy and lethargic. effects blurred together in a less than ideal way. student of the the combo.

    alcohol is very potent (potentially poisonous) and psychologically addictive. no physical effects from abstaining.

    choice may be to do one or the other on any given day; enjoy one independent of the other.

    for now rasta style more manageable and less taxing. eat it vpe it tuck it

  11. dognamedwilson Says:

    “i don’t recall seeing signs at GD shows.”

    ^this may be true but I fail to see the relevance. I’ve never seen signs at a braves game. Actually, I have but so what. We’re not talking braves baseball here.

    Not trying to antagonize or defend anyone. I just find the malevolence toward our fellow concert goers very amusing. That said, show etiquette had never even occurred to me before I found this site. My observations supported the idea that these shows were the place where anything goes and propriety was an uptight. Saw some very nasty stuff thru those glasses. I’m grateful things have changed, for me.

  12. kayatosh Says:

    thanks, mia. i may take you up on that. for now happy to keep the booboo buddies in play and rest it.

  13. kayatosh Says:

    dognamed: saw 2 AC’s and signs had no effect on my enjoyment — was too far back — couldn’t see the band regardless of fan made obstructions.

    and I agree with you live and let live. bring all the signs you like if it gets you off, especially if your sign doesn’t emit noxious nicotine smoke.

  14. dognamedwilson Says:

    Kaya, I have to take meloxicam (sp?) daily now to prevent pain, unfortunately. Does not relieve pain. I use the Thermipaq pad that goes in the freezer or microwave. Also weighs like 2lb which feels nice resting onthe shoulder. I also sleep in a sling on the bad days. Keeping my hands down in bed is a must. Cannot sleep on my side or with arms above head anymore.

    Use heat after intense use to keep it from cooling down too fast. Rotator cuff tears do not heal. The goal is to keep it from tearing further to avoid surgery.

  15. MiA Says:

    I think significantly blocking somebody’s view for your desire to carry a sign is just rude and obnoxious.

    I’m all about do whatever … but with the caveat that you don’t destroy someone else’s experience in the act of doing yours.

  16. MiA Says:

    Page must see the looks on the faces of fans behind the sign holders. Surely it frustrates him to see the rudeness of certain fans too.

  17. MiA Says:

    I’m outta here. Everyone have a great show tonight.

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Lol.. Funny this is that the Gin sounded more interesting on the stream last night. Spinning an aud now. On the stream, you couldn’t really hear Trey saying stupid shit. I just heard music, which sounded pretty atypical for Gin. Now with clearer ears and the ability to hear Trey say dumb stuff, it certainly doesn’t hold up.

    Anyway- off to a friends house. 4th of July party. pool, beer, booze , and blowing shit up! USA! USA!

  19. dusty Says:

    Crappy summer time rain in Seattle has washed all the pine pollen from my car and my nose. Hope to run into some of you in spac which I’m now committed too.

  20. kayatosh Says:

    wow, dognamed. that’s rough. i hope i don’t have what you have, but it’s not feeling good and it doesn’t feel like an ordinary strained muscle. i initially aggravated it lowering myself to the ground w/ extended arms the other day. (after climbing around fences and over stone walls retrieving wiffle balls) . felt it, but not a big deal. then last night, after doing some swimming earlier that day, i felt some crazy enduring pain. scared.

  21. JP Says:

    agree with MiA

    do whatever but do no harm

    tickets are way too expensive to have to deal with someone else’s need to hold up a sign calling for 1 of 200 or so likely songs?? come on

    plus, is there really anything to “get off to” in holding up a sign?? wow ok

    sorta thought Miner was going to feel the way he did on DC2 ~ stoked for the dwd>sand and first set rarities tho

    hopefully AV is a return to the straight up goods

  22. MrCompletely Says:

    could be a tendinitis flareup @kaya

    definitely, ice and immobility – if it persists try to get to a specialist (not a GP) as soon as possible.

    thats the kind of thing that can ripple out and cause significant other problems if you don’t get it under control right away

  23. MrCompletely Says:

    in modern language

    “If It Harms No One, Do What You Want” Is The Only Law

    or in geek formulation aka Wheaton’s Law

    “Don’t Be A Dick”

    crashing into other people’s dance space is being a dick

    blocking people’s view is being a dick*

    talking during jams is being a dick

    its really not complicated, this whole life thing

    * if you can avoid it – there’s an exception for tall people. they can’t help being tall.

  24. dusty Says:

    I’ll switch a sea and sand for ride captain ride anyday. I actually recall when page side was cool.

  25. MiA Says:

    *I’m tall. I’ve moved around in shows to let the 5’2″ girl behind me see the show. Try to be very conscientious. What are you gonna do?

    I alternatively dry to dance low. That helps.

    throwing glowsticks at the band (or microphones) is being a dick

    Puking on someone at the show is being a dick.

    Handle your high. Don’t be a dick.

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