Hidden Moments

6.15.2012 (Michael Stein)

In a tour filled with so many standout shows and highlight jams, there is a propensity to lose some of the less monstrous moments in the flood of musical booty. With Phish so locked this summer, even minor pieces of improv popped with a different sort of life. Below are four examples of these undercover gems.


2001” 6.8 II, Worcester, MA

Official Worcester Print (Vogl)

When Phish broke out the first “2001” of the year inside The Centrum, the place absolutely exploded, and the band responded with one of the more impressive versions we’d heard in a while. Though Trey tickled the initial half of the jam with sparse rhythms phrases, it was after the first chorus that he kicked things into high gear. Amidst a popping and collaborative dance groove, Trey painted the music with thick James Brown teases, before working his way into a legitimate solo for the only time in “2001” this summer. With a funk-fusion sensibility, Trey tore off liquid leads that upped the entire excursion to another level. Sliding right into the final chorus on Fish’s intricate textures, Trey’s acrobatics continued in the breaks between each part of  “2001’s” theme. Hitting the apex as if shot out of a cannon, the band wouldn’t play another version quite like this over Leg One.



Tube” 6.15 I, Atlantic City, NJ

Though “Tube” has largely been left alone this era, contributing only a couple minutes of groove to first sets, in Atlantic City, the guys nailed a version that should be recognized. Extending beyond 3.0 standards, this “Tube” possessed a perfect tempo from the jump. While Page demolished his clav, Trey dove into meaty comping patterns that set the tone for the whole band to loosen into the jam. Passing the baton to Gordon, Trey stepped back, allowing the bass to direct the next segment. Moving through several stop/start throwdowns, this “Tube”  palpably juiced the afternoon crowd in the opening set of the weekend. For the first half of tour, I started every morning—er, late afternoon—with this selection.



Bathtub Gin” 6.19 I, Portsmouth, VA

6/19 Official Print (Spike Press)

Jedi antics aside, Phish’s first night at nTelos Pavilion didn’t feature much memorable music. In fact, the first set significantly outshone the second, and this “Bathtub Gin” is one of the reasons why. Taking a slower approach to the jam—akin to the Worcester version—Trey laid back at the onset of this conversation while the band bounced ideas off each other. As the guys, methodically, built this jam, Trey gradually emerged from the shadows. And when the latter half of the piece arrived, he took full command, showering the audience with six-string marksmanship, while leading the troops to a blistering peak. Without moving outside the box, the band engaged in airtight interplay throughout this first set standout, converging in the most cohesive jam of the night.



Farmhouse” 7.1 II, East Troy, WI

Much like the Gorge in 2011, when Phish completed a long segment of deep, psychedelic jamming at Alpine Valley this summer, they came back to earth via “Farmhouse.” And in each instance—the song’s only appearance of the respective tours—the band’s cosmic energy spilled right into the ballad. Following “Light > Ghost > Back on the Train,” Phish unveiled an incredibly delicate take on “Farmhouse,” featuring an emotional, though minimalist, guitar solo over a sparse rhythmic backing. Mike played a counterpoint lead to Trey’s dripping melodies, and Page’s piano accompaniment provided the final layer of this introspective bliss.



Jam of the Day:

Sand > Roggae” 6.22 II, Cincy, OH

This stellar, late-set pairing from Cincy saw both jams go off.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2.07-Sand.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2.08-Roggae.mp3] Tags: , , ,

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  1. Mr palmer Says:

    Any of you Mass. Hop heads familiar with Ipswich Brewery? Have a sizer of their IPA in my fridge for 3 weeks now. Haven’t been boozing lately for some weird reason.

    Anyway, is this shit any good?

  2. Multibeast Says:

    Ha! Sunsets! I worked there as a busboy in the early 90s. Many a friend of mine worked there over the years trying to make some cash in the summer time. I usually belly up there at least once a year, thanksgiving time mostly.
    Love Lake Minnetonka. Hung out on the boat in the Big Island area probably more than I should get shitfaced.
    Good times.

  3. stapes Says:

    Hang in there Halcy! Moment by moment. You’ll get there

  4. tela'smuff Says:

    hang in there Halcy. you have a beautiful little pea to keep ya focused right? always a guest rooms for you all to come back and visit.

  5. tzara's Says:

    Stop into a favorite pub for IPA on IPA day, cat hong up on BB Canada discussion. First thing on the stereo: Neil Young, Helpless. BB timing.

  6. P.S.H.S Says:

    Ipswich=Ipshits, it’s ok but the unfiltered will make you pay the next morning. Used to get the growlers a lot about 10 yrs ago.

    Enjoying some decoy zin right now. Highly recommend any decoy, the cab is about 35/bottle but worth it, scored the zin on sale for 13

  7. garretc Says:

    Well shit Palmer, it’s already bought, might as well crack it and find out for yourself, no?

  8. MiA Says:

    Cat hong? Is that the chick that won the table tennis gold?

  9. Jtran Says:

    or resell on ebay

  10. Jtran Says:

    TTin in funk and soul right now. Anyone up for some plinkin?

  11. tzara's Says:

    Hahaha, oh wait that was me, and Steve Jobs trying to help me type. How did he think that would be better?

  12. MiA Says:

    If I wasn’t drinking outside I would be TTing.

  13. MiA Says:

    Send wine to The City Tzara’s. Need an address?

    I bought the subscription for Masthay today.

    Anyone wanna buy the shows I’m not going to?

  14. MiA Says:

    I’m going to LB, The City and Dicks. Maybe OKC, but maybe not.

  15. P.S.H.S Says:

    Jtran, earlier I was thinking about when you sold me that ticket in Essex, and there was that semi awkward moment when I realized that I was purchasing a ticket inside the venue. I just walked in behind the will call, grabbed the ticket, then realized I was already inside, and left promptly. Silly.

  16. tzara's Says:

    I can send you a couple bottles, MiA. Did you say you were at the Regis? Then we’ll meet up in Denver and try the others.

    Just got a personalized submission request from Wine Spectator. Kind of exciting.

  17. Dr Pronoia Says:

    Love Kesey’s Demon Box…especially the story of tracking down the wise old Chinese philosophers…”over the years I’ve learned to be very broadminded”

    send me good vibes tomorrow morning BB. Specifically the ‘sit still and shut up during this flight, kid” variety

  18. sumodie Says:

    “Year of the Vagina!”

    Terry Gross interview on NPR’s Fresh Air with a feminist writer

    interesting convo so far

  19. tela'smuff Says:

    i think some of the luckiest people, from a musical geek perspective, were the dive company that used to take Jerry out diving.


    i’ve watched this a few times, and he seems like the greatest guy to kick it with on the bow of a boat while in Hawaii.

  20. BingosBrother Says:

    Vibes DP. Kesey was a great man. He tried his hardest and thats all any of us can hope to do. And a badass wrestler taboot.


  21. BingosBrother Says:

    Holy shit!

    Before I hit Submit


    After I hit Submit



  22. MiA Says:

    Awesome Tzara’s. That very cool

  23. BingosBrother Says:

    Aaahhhhh! It did it again! And triple post! WOOT!

  24. BingosBrother Says:

    Fuckin up my triple post? Yep, thats a paddlin.

  25. BingosBrother Says:

    Cool Jerry playlist here. Victory!


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