Through the Hourglass

9.2.2012 – Commerce City, CO (Michael Stein)

When Trey stepped to the mic to thank the crowd for a wonderful three nights in Colorado and a “joyous” summer, one could hear the emotion and gratitude seep through his voice. But, in reality, we should be thanking him and the band for a second leg of summer tour that grew to places unimaginable, and the unbelievably inspirational music within. Punctuating the season with a seamless set of music that was centered on a mammoth sequence of “Sand -> Ghost -> Piper,” the band left no doubt about the state of affairs in the world of Phish—better than ever.

Official Print – Purple (Stout)

After two historic nights of music to start their stay at Dick’s, the guys needed a first set of songs to exhale and set their bearings after surfing the astral plane for so long. Once the lights dropped for the main event, however, Phish ramped things right back up with a “Sand” that exited stage left into a monumental excursion. “Sand” has been a villain of groove all summer long, birthing sweltering dance sessions since Worcester’s all-star rendition. But if Worcester’s “Sand” makes the all-star team, last night’s is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. All things seemed par for the course as the guys bathed in a scorching groove, but midway through the normal jam, they found a wormhole through which they squeezed, completely switching musical feels. But once they reached the other side, the music moved into space.

Fish dropped his beat and band built an eerie soundscape through which Mike and Fish initiated a triumphant, mid-tempo groove. Instanstaneously, the piece elevated into blissful open pastures, and when Trey rejoined the mix over his own loop, the jam transformed into heaven. Once peaking this euphoric segment, Trey threw down some hard rhythm chops, and the band immediately entered another section of jamming. All weekend long, where Trey would typically pull back, the pushed forth, and as expected, his mates were more than happy to oblige. Building this final part into a soaring rock groove, Trey took the jam to the top, sounding like it was “46 Days.” A seething solo over a full band peak capped this all-time great, or so we thought.

9.2.2012 (Graham Lucas)

At this juncture, and at the end of “Ghost,” the band took their time to pass between songs, intentionally extending jams into the musical setting of the forthcoming piece. This patience helped craft, perhaps, the tightest set of tour. Thus, when Trey turned back to the theme of “Sand” and proceeded to lead a jam out if it, the move just about knocked the socks off everyone in the stadium! With care the band worked the jam into a slower groove, laced with effects, and they morphed into the second “Ghost” of Leg Two. Where Long Beach’s version moved into uplifting sonic reverie, this rendition gravitated towards the dark, though didn’t reach the levels of its tour-opening counterpart. Leading the first part of the jam with an uncompressed, Hendrix-like scream, and stepping back for the second sequence of percussive grooves, Trey hit on multiple styles in this three-part “Ghost.” Finalizing the piece was another “segue jam,” an ambient crawl into “Piper.”

9.2.2012 (M.Stein)

Though not as developed as many of the jams we heard this tour, “Piper,” nonetheless, reached completely original ground. An uptempo staccato carnival, in which Trey locked into some stellar melodies, dazzled the crowd, while Page comped Red with quality piano stylings. The quartet was immersed in some of the more engaging music of the night, but as they had improvising non-stop for nearly 50 minutes straight—and for the first time all weekend—the band pulled up on a jam that still had plenty of life. Artistically twisting into the first appearance of “Twenty Years Later,” Phish completed a colossal chunk of improv, and audience roared in approval.

As the band paired “Twenty Years Later”—a retrospective song about time gone by and life experiences—and their earliest-era, Gamhendge classic,”Lizards,” a certain poignancy emerged. Here the band stood onstage in 2012, nearly 30 years removed from its genesis, and playing the best music of their lives. It felt like the guys realized this as well, using these two songs as a juxtaposition of times in their lives and a celebration of all that has happened in between. And there is no other way to end a musical celebration than with “Harry Hood.” A song that has been played with passion all year long took one more run around the block last night with glorious results. Ending the summer with a cathartic exclamation point, Trey wove a dreamlike solo before stepping up and sharing his thoughts with the audience.

9.2.2012 (Eric Battuello)

If 2009 initiated the Golden Age of Phish, 2012 brought us into a modern renaissance, where the band is no longer limited to jam “portions,” but now feel comfortable to extend their ideas over long periods of time, crafting thematic journeys rather than mere glimpses of the infinite. This summer, starting in Worcester and progressing through Denver, Phish hit a stride like never before this era, and Leg Two has been their crowning achievement. Strewn with all-time jams, Dick’s three-night run was the culmination of this magical year, and the feeling as we break until New Year’s couldn’t be more jubilant. As they started to sing in ’09, Phish wants us to be happy. Well, mission accomplished.

I: Cars Trucks Buses, AC/DC Bag, Down with Disease, Bathtub Gin, Nellie Kane, Sample in a Jar, Back on the Train, Rift, Free, Ride Captain Ride, Maze, Halley’s Comet > 46 Days, Possum

II: Sand -> Ghost -> Piper > Twenty Years Later, The Lizards, Harry Hood

E: Character Zero

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  1. butter Says:

    doesnt the kief need to be heated (beyond coffee temp) for the thc to be active @iriewalton

  2. butter Says:

    maybe you need more cream in your coffee @iriewalton, for thc to bond with fat cells

  3. dognamedwilson Says:

    thanks for completely backing my earlier, crass statement with real life stories.

    ^and the reason I ask is becaus this statement implies that you think the responses to my post were coddling. I don’t want to believe that you think this and so I ask

  4. kayatosh Says:

    MIA: didn’t mean to offend you w/ the phishm = mia comment. Said it in response to Phishm’s claim that he had been to all the 1997 shows you had been to. I was trying to be funny. Later tela’s said phsim was kaya, so what comes around goes around.

    sidecar was kinda of a drag, but you gotta start somewhere. maybe next time sidecar comes w/in 8ft of the action.


  5. MiA Says:

    I knew it was a joke Kaya. 😉

  6. IrieWalton Says:

    Not sure, butter. Got this as a kick down from a friend. I have a feelin my tolerance is just too high or I’m confusing Hair Bender’s buzz for that of the capsule. #PacNWProblems

  7. robear Says:

    Dog, it was a case out here. City Council member and part brewery owner. Known alcoholic. Conflict of interest? Been on probation. Tried to kick in the door of some women cuz he thought it was his house. Paper said he couldn’t be charged with attempted B and E because of intox level or some shit.

    City Council has Total crackdown on all small growers an medical users out here. Yet full blown raging alcoholic sitting in making decisions. Then his business partner took out half page ad to apologize and say ‘ I hope this doesn’t shed a negative light on our brew pub’

    In summary, Alcoholics, Drug users, are not victims, they are self perpetrators. That was my point.

    And I guess I somewhat disagree about the victim angle. I see it in mass culture. The heavy drinker is a victim of their past, their parents, society. Whereas a puffer is just a criminal in many places.

  8. robear Says:

    No dog, not at all. U said, u reached a point of completely taking responsibility. You dd not play some victim role. U took the active role. That was the gist of what I was saying.

  9. MiA Says:

    I will say this, there are a lot of “functional” alcoholics. People who drink excessively and maybe are even destructive to their families. But they do it in their homes. And don’t mess with anyone. They keep their jobs. The high isn’t illegal unless you endanger others.

    This is basically legal in 50 states. There doesn’t seem to be a “functional” herb smoker in the same 50 states. Tested for THC? Fired.

    Maybe nothing that Robear was saying. But A thought.

    Back to the yard.

  10. robear Says:

    Need to infuse the kief in oil or glycerin. Not water or stomach acid soluble. Might get something but not full effect.


  11. dognamedwilson Says:

    Wow, thank you for the clarification. I fully agree with the above and appreciate the full story. I knew you weren’t hating on a faceless group and there was something specific there.

  12. dognamedwilson Says:

    You are correct @mia.

    That was me precisely but I could not make it stop. This is what I mean by the sufferer. I’m not preaching to anyone. I’m just echoing the call that there are ways out and people who don’t need it should refrain from shitting on AA. It’s insensitive

  13. Phishm0610 Says:

    I love that new drum set. Can’t seem to get the whole bass drum rhythm thing going. And wish I had more cymbals. Other then that it’s very therapeautic.
    I could of sworn MiA that I used more then 30 pages. Went off the deep end a few nights this week. Less posts and more content is what I’m going after. Too many thoughts due to dick’s or something.
    Thanks for listening. This is also very therapeautic. Dang computer in every room of my house. It’s hard to get away from it.

  14. IrieWalton Says:

    So it seems.
    Oh well time for a tried and true remedy, kush spliff.

  15. Phishm0610 Says:

    Just read up. That owner should be in jail. Period. I drink, and sometims way too much. I never get in the car and endanger anyone. I used to, then again I used to go to bars. Not anymore. Nothing good that comes from that.
    Sorry for the immediate post, but wanted to add my 2 cents. Serious matters call for serious consequences. People should not apologize for their mistakes, but rather learn from them and don’t repeat them. That’s the best apology that can be given.

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    “All Tweezers from leg two are good. Not one peaked like the JB version from leg 1, though.”

    ^ Ummm. No comment. ;)(

  17. Mr.Miner Says:

    Miner, do you truly believe Denver Light is the single best jam Phish has ever played? I don’t have an opinion yet but am very interested if you truly feel that way?

    ^ I think it actually might be. yes.

  18. Phishm0610 Says:

    One last post as Miner is here. I’d say yes to the light. then again I haven’t listened to the sand>ghost yet. From what I remember, that light and that sand are probably my 2 favorites.
    or am I still after glowed. Wait, i wasn’t there. I just did the webcast. Still. WOW.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    phish was a tighter, faster outfit back in 93-94. However, I’ll take the phish of today over the phish of yesteryear, b/c they jam better.

  20. MiA Says:

    Posters arrived! Thanks AJ!

  21. butter Says:


    ^let us tell u why your not getting high ftmfw

  22. MiA Says:

    Wow. They look so great in person.

  23. Groovehorse3000 Says:

    As always, so grateful for this guy!

  24. IrieWalton Says:

    “Problem” solved with pineapple kush and Worcester Sand.
    Greensky Bluegrass tix purchased for Oct. 26.
    Great Saturday, indeed.

  25. Slicksasquatch Says:

    Ok I just got back from the Pakistani owned “patriot” gas station . They sell all sorts of supplements there so I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he had any “SPICE” . He winked at me and said you mean like nutmeg and cinnamon . I said no the type you smoke and spout endless rainbows. He took me into the side room and opened a brief case filled with what he said was the finest spice money can buy. I grabbed two dimes of his best and rushed home. I am firing up the torch now to take some spice dabs. Cued up dicks light and I’m ready for take off . Will report back when I can type with reckless rainbow abandon.

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