The Era of Good Feelings

6.20.2012 – Portsmouth, VA (Michael Stein)

This summer, if one thing was evident from Worcester to Denver, Phish felt great. Filled with joy, their positive emotions permeated their music all summer long, redefining the meaning of “Bliss Phish.” Where improvisational segments once turned towards the dark and ominous in such pieces as “Tweezer,” “Ghost,” and “Rock and Roll,” this summer,the band veered for the light in almost every instance. Thus, Summer 2012—especially Leg Two—was largely defined by these uplifting, melody-anchored escapades.

The Long Beach “Ghost,” KC’s “Tweezer,” Alabama’s “Rock and Roll,” Charlotte’s “Tweezer,” Dick’s “Undermind,” “Chalk Dust,” “Light,” and “Sand” head the top of this tour’s bliss jam class, and herein lie many of tour’s most magical moments. The joy and light that lives within every one of us recognizes these similar vibrations released by the band, resulting in truly heart-opening experiences. While I’m all about dark Phish jams, more often it is a bliss jam that connects one to the infinite. Why are so many people still reeling from Denver’s tour closing three-night finale? One reason is because so many of Dick’s jams elevated to this place of communal reverie, creating experiences more powerful and inspiring than normally outstanding Phish jams. The band was tapped into IT, creating more than music in the Rockies. They were harnessing universal messages from beyond everyday comprehension and channeling them through their instruments. Finally stepping out of the way, the guys were conduits in Denver,  as Trey often talked about in the mid-‘90s, allowing life’s energy and sounds to flow through them. And that made all the difference.

8.19.2012 San Francisco, CA (Michael Stein)

Most of the issues fans have pointed out in this era—rocky transitions, odd song selection, ripcorded jams, fizzling sets—have, arguably, come from the band overthinking things and not letting IT flow. On this past tour, however, that problem vanished in the air, as Phish glided through a fortnight of dreams. When thoughts cease, the false self dissipates and truth arises, and throughout Leg Two—specifically in Colorado, we experienced the truth.

6.19.12 – Portsmouth, VA (M.Stein)

At so many junctures during Leg Two, where Trey used to bail, he persevered, breaking down improvisational walls that once constrained him. And with the cooperation of his ready-to-jam bandmates, the guys formed excursions that shot arrows through our hearts all tour long. Phish’s good feelings didn’t only effect open jamming, but was infused into each “Harry Hood,” “Ocelot,” “Maze,” and even “Golgi Apparatus” that they played. The band was in the moment all tour long, and every second felt as important as the one before.

Music reflects the people and environment from which it is created, and with Phish and their fans teeming with joy all season long, everything clicked on Leg Two, resulting in a wake of euphoric music. As the band criss-crossed the nation with an absurd quickness, each night they were able to slow everything down, and take it one measure at a time. This commitment to improvisational patience combined with the gratitude, celebration, and appreciation that wafted through the air at every show, created a magical mixture that pointed the band towards catharsis more often than not. When it comes down to IT, music is all about feeling, and throughout Leg Two, things had never felt better.

6.20.12 (Michael Stein)


Jam of the Day:

Tweezer” 8.22 II, Kansas City, MO

One of my favorite bliss jams from summer.



6.19.2012 (Michael Stein)

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  1. fat bastard Says:

    thanks everyone. game is also on channel 50 in chicago land area

  2. angryjoggerz Says:

    Hey, congrats FB! The BBaby scene really poppin these months, great to see. Much happiness and health to your family.

  3. Xpun Says:

    But I also don’t like the song light so the first 8 or so minutes do nothing for me.

    Also found out northern lights comes in cans too. Look out festival X pun is boozing it up.

  4. bobby weird Says:

    sourd n dogfish 90. and lots of FF ballers going tonight. luv life

  5. angryjoggerz Says:

    Go Bears and all that. To this day still have never watched one full football game. Something tells me this will not change anytime soon. According to my co workers tonight is something “I cannot miss”. They seems perplexed that I fully intended to miss it then got on me for not knowing who one of the players they were talking about was – like he had some sort of national historical significance.

    Football season. Love it almost as much as Christmas.

  6. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    ok AW. i see what youre saying. it seems like you just hate the choices theyve made, not the mere existence of one, so i guess you and this kid i know are not in the same boat.

    i guess i just can’t wrap my head around this seemingly-popular End-The-Fed movement, from which no one has been able to answer the simple question – then what happens?

  7. bobby weird Says:

    sorry aj. that must suck to deal with. vibes.

  8. DavidSilver Says:

    word billy. The most important fact to know about The Fed that most americans don’t is that it is a private bank(nothing i’m sure y’all don’t know). Brilliant marketing campaign. I should legally change my first name to Doctor. Oh, you’re a doctor? No, I just wanted people to assume that I was.

  9. angryjoggerz Says:

    Apparently Trey agrees with my coworkers

  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    not sure if you saw this when I posted it the other day, but it made me think of you

  11. angryjoggerz Says:

    Hahah, Bobby Weird – not an actual problem at all. Believe me, I grew up on the southside of chicago – lots of football. It was the actual football players in high school that cemented my disdain.

    I still could never trust a skateboard who is into football. Traitors.

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    congrats, fb! enjoy every sleep deprived minute!

  13. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    thanks Willam H. that is a more complete answer than i’ve ever gotten. but still. hypothetical – its the year 2013. obomney wakes up and calls George h. congress and they both agree, the fed sucks. supreme court agrees, the fed is gone. or whatever the process would be. i dont care. so lets say inflation occurs at an increasing level… what would prevent it from continuing to occur? like what happens in the economy that is self-regulating?
    these questions are from a film student. please dont take them as aggressive. i just havent understood it, i am, by all means “the layman.” put it in laymans terms

  14. angryjoggerz Says:

    T3 – funny! I feel blessed to never have to deal with any of that at all.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    be sure to hover your cursor over the image. they always have some clever text associated with their cartoons and the one for that one is apt to your plight as well

  16. DavidSilver Says:

    Epic photo AJ! Can’t hate football cause of those kids. Most all BR, Marist, Rita, Carmel students are assholes. It’s ingrained in them from an early age. I should know, I’m surrounded by the bastards.

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    BR grad here, and yes, they are all assholes. Ends up they grow up growing up to be adult assholes too. Board of Trade full of em.

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Congrats on lil fat bastard, FB! Wishing you and the new family well these first few weeks/months/years…It never ends.

    Got home just in time to run out for parent teacher night, or whatever they call it. Of course my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher is pregnant. As a matter of fact, 4 of the 5 second grade teachers are preggers.. Kinda sucks for the kids, but , such is life.

    Going to blaze myself silly here in a few. early morning wakeup tomorrow. Friday is the morning show..gotta be in tribeca by 6am…

  19. angryjoggerz Says:

    MR. P – stop everything – there is football!

  20. angryjoggerz Says:

    Ok, now im just being a dick, but thats fine, because we all love dicks.

  21. thedayman Says:

    i went to marist, haha. wow. small world.

  22. bobby weird Says:

    rock it mr p!

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    DF- I think maybe you’ve been hacked. I’ve gotten some bizarre emails from you that I’m afraid to open. Looks like it went to other BBers as well. Let me know if these are legit or not. I haven’t opened them yet..

  24. DavidSilver Says:

    3 of my brothers went to Marist dayman. Only 1 for 4 years. Weird.

    DF is sending out webcats so everyone can watch them again.

  25. bobby weird Says:

    who is this play by play ahole on nfl network? brad fucking nessler? he sounds like the college football guy; i.e., he sucks!

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