A Perfect Storm

8.19.2012 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Ken Scelfo)

Despite the non-stop highlight reel went down in Denver to close Leg Two, the single, most powerful moment of the entire summer took place two weeks earlier in San Francisco. As the band sat smack dab in the middle of their best set in ages, something special happened in Bill Graham Civic Center. A friend described the moment that Trey peaked August 19’s “Light” as 7,004 people reaching orgasm at once. At first, his description seemed like a crude metaphor for such a metaphysical occurrence, but on second thought, it accurately conveyed the intensity and mind-blowing nature of an indescribable experience. When thought of in such terms, the preceding thirty minutes of “Crosseyed > Light” had been most provocative foreplay of the year, and the band had us in quite a compromising position.

8.19.12 Official (K.Taylor)

Settling “Light’s” airtight jam—momentarily—onto a quieter plane, the guys subtly started a “Tweezer Reprise” progression. They had dropped a gem of a “Tweezer” on Friday night, but its “Reprise” had yet to appear. It felt incredibly appropriate for the band to punctuate this monumental jam sequence an unexpected, mid-set “Tweezer Reprise!” Page punched at his organ as Phish moved into a high-speed “Reprise” jam. As they smoothly increased the tempo, skillfully pushing the drama of the moment, one could feel the energy build and build and build—not only within oneself, but throughout the entire building—dominating the collective mind. Devilish rhythms framed the sounds that kept building and building and building…Was this happening?!

Page manically clobbered his organ in stride with his mates as they sat on the brink of detonation. But! Instead of cranking into “Tweezer Reprise’s” signature riff, Trey tore into a free form, hard rock lead that poured gasoline on a concert hall packed with blazing embers! The. Place. Fucking. Exploded. Riding this transcendent tsunami, Trey took one breath and sparked the year’s most powerful segue–a musical uppercut into “Sneakin’ Sally.”

8.19.12 (M,Stein)

Though I have been present for more than a few energetic zeniths in my time at Phish, I cannot recall an instance of communal eruption like “Light -> Sally.” Four improvisational Jedis, their spontaneous creativity, and the vitality of 7,000 dialed-in fans converged in a moment unparalleled in recent history. As the band pulled off this staggering maneuver, amazement, excitement, and sheer exultation grabbed my soul and gave it a sturdy shaking. Ages had passed since Phish touched me like this, and I’m fairly sure everyone in the building felt the same. Although the band, arguably, eclipsed their Bay Area performance in Commerce City, no moment of the last decade can match the magic deep within Bill Graham’s finale.


Jam of the Day: 

Crosseyed > Light -> Sally -> Crosseyed” 8.19 II

The jam sequence of the year and beyond.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ph2012-08-19t14.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ph2012-08-19t15.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ph2012-08-19t16.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ph2012-08-19t17.mp3] Tags: , , ,

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  1. MiA Says:

    There is always time for change.

  2. Phishm0610 Says:

    so I was sitting there thinking of what to do next in my career. Not sure why I’m bringing this up, but figured the internet is as good a place as any. Either way, I have another job that’s being offered to me and don’t know if the risk is worth the reward. I have kids that need to go to college and right now will get there with student loans or scholarships. The new job is much more pay, but a big risk.
    Any thoughts or ideas. and if I’m totally changing the subject then my bad. Just looking for a little insight from some smart people.

  3. joe Says:

    I was just thinking about hitting that show, Sumo, right before I read your comment. Have some earlier in the evening commitments but I assume it’s a later show anyway.

  4. SillyWilly Says:

    Sounds like you’re pretty stressed, Telas.

    Sometimes, when I’m stressed the best thing to know is there are people who love me no matter the outcome of what I’m stressed about.

    Your family will love you. We will love you. No matter what.

    Hang in there and try to focus on the present.

    And if you need to vent, we’re here.

  5. tela'smuff Says:

    and a paddlin’ on top of everything.

    thx. appreciate it. i’m a big boy and wil figure it out. i blame this on Dick’s.

  6. jdub Says:

    PDTSD….Post Dick’s Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Shit’s for real. I didn’t even go and I have been in a funk since then.

  7. mr.palmer Says:

    think the old lady had that the other day…..:ting:

  8. Phishm0610 Says:

    love the PDTSD. know the feeling. Sorry to post a question and run. Got a call from a friend. Either way, You all take care. Look forward to some good insight tomorrow. And forget my question. Just a little Phishm’d. Night all.

  9. William H. Bonney Says:

    Doctor, doctor, tell me the time of day

    Another bottle’s empty Another penny spent

    He turned around and he slowly walked away

    They shot him in the back and down he went

    Shine your light, move it on, you burn so bright, roll on John

    From the Liverpool docks to the red light Hamburg streets Down in the

    quarry with the Quarrymen. Playing to the big crowds Playing to the

    cheap seats Another day in your life until your journey’s end


    No post PDTSD for me…dylan/knopfler tour….a bunch of other great shows coming up this fall…Phish can get in line……see you all in the city..

  10. sumodie Says:

    Joe, the Debo band opens for Antibalas on thurs. they’re a boston based band that plays ethiopian styled funk/rock. Saw them open for Amadou&Mariam and was impressed

    A DJ opens too, would likely be a great night of multicultural funk n groove. Antibalas not till 10pm I’m guessing

    Still hoping to make the drive…

  11. jdub Says:

    been surfing the webz. Came across this video montage of BM with a tune I fell in love with.


  12. MiA Says:

    Gonna spin Selectors party mix tomorrow morning, just so it feels like Thursday.

    Maybe even some “no whitey” to keep it edgy.

  13. Xpun Says:

    What is phishm’d exactly?

    I got lost reading back and came to the conclusion I should just sit in the corner w Palmer. You guys are some smart talking mofos. Ended up just reading Phishm v AW in the end.

    @phishm – as a dad w custody issues, I can see where AW struck a nerve, but you’ll never come out ahead trying to spar the guy here. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, just that you won’t win a battle of words with him. He’s a nice guy in person. Professional dick online. Funny fucker both places.

    You seem determined to stick this out despite the rash of shit handed to you daily. And I can’t figure out if you’re hard headed or Olivia’s Pool. But this place means a lot to a lot of people. Don’t step on everyone’s toes. You’re the guy in the 5th row dancing like its the top of the lawn. I’m not trying to be a dick and am pretty much a noob here myself just trying to be helpful. Also rooster’d. It’s not like there’s a set of rules for the BB, just relax and be cool. Like that dipshit in dazed and confused. The few shows I’ve spent w the guys and gals from here have been really fun. You’re screwing yourself if you alienate that group. I’ve rambled and shouldn’t hit submit but I will because I hate seeing you beat up like a retard at recess. It’s lost it’s fun long ago.

    Oh and quit saying goodnight 50 times. This isn’t an episode of the Waltons.

    And saying things like sorry to ask a question and step away??!!?? What does that mean? No one responded to your question. There were just a couple of posts since you posted. This isn’t Facebook and we are trying to IM you and the little green dots there and we can’t figure out why you aren’t answering.

    Anyhow have rambled long enough. As have you. My advice grab a new handle, take a deep breath, and start over.

  14. bigjig Says:

    Good night Jim Bob!

  15. jdub Says:

    The time has come for the vacuum v. theramin duet.

    Up way too late doing nothing.

    Listening to the Vermont Benefit Soundcheck with Page playing Silent Night on Theramin and Trey saying “I’m tripping on Christmas”.

  16. bobby weird Says:

    Late again, but science and mathematics exist — and always have and always will — independent of space and time. Universal truths that would persist even if human life never existed. To argue otherwise is either extreme naivete or an attention seeking mechanism. I strongly suspect the latter. Give me a freaking break…

  17. jdub Says:

    What you talking ’bout bobby. Lawyer v. lawyer brewing

  18. Xpun Says:

    Honestly, Im looking forward to meeting Bobby W some day soon.

  19. jdub Says:

    For real though, I think the issue has been well hashed out. Math is true for those that care to admit it.

    Oh shit. Canonball bustout on this VT benefit soundcheck for a moment. Love me some soundchecks

  20. jdub Says:

    Kind of funny really. 1+1=2 is like the first concrete thing my son ever learned. It is the essence of ones foundation in the real world.

  21. jdub Says:


    I will be turning off the cpu and going to bed shortly. I promise, no really. and sorry. For what I don’t know. But sorry.

  22. bobby weird Says:

    My comments (as usual) were directed to sw. I’ll be damned if I don’t disagree with him 100% of the time.

    And, xpun, my good man, endless props for your phishm-caring guide to bb survival. Somehow he has not learned these things himself, yet he purports to have a “high paying job” and otherwise be a normal functioning adult. The ultimate enigma, that one.

    Would love to meet up with the 2 or 3 of you here that tolerate me. Trey orpheum Boston anyone? Other suggestions?

  23. jdub Says:

    Come by and meet up bobby weird. Should be a good mix of NE BB chapter at that Trey show. Not sure why you feel peeps dislike you.

  24. bobby weird Says:

    Ahhh yeah… Can’t wait for the trey show then! Good old orpheum. Pre party? After party? My house is always available, whether party spot or safe haven (often both), 5 miles west of Boston. Quiet, surrounded by woods.

    I’m defensive bc my first ever post (unknowingly) told aw and kaya not to talk finance; bull in China shop shit. People here don’t forget. Some more than others. But I mean well. Old dudes, whaddya gonna do?

  25. tba Says:

    Govt mule > TAB Orpheum weekend, gonna rage. Bobby if you would just play your own tunes and stop butchering Jer’s by forgetting all the lyrics, you’d be fine. stick with the basics dude. bet that was greeted with a huh?
    computer banter…everyone is an expert online, we all have been there one time or another. christ I remember the days of news groups, talk about bitterness :<), mention Trey in the old GD newsgroup and 15 supposed dead heads would get so agro it was scary-early 2000's. smile and love thy brother &sister. Only way to "win."

    Here by the Sea and sand….

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