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On Tuesday, Phish announced what everybody has known for quite a while, the boys will be back in New York City for their New Year’s Run. It has been no secret that the band signed a multi-year deal with MSG in 2010, and everyone has known since years ago where we’d be come December 28, 2012—back in The Garden again. Phish and New Year’s Eve at MSG has become an institution over the years, as the community has descended upon the capitol of the world for their end of the year celebrations in 1994 (just the 30th), 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2010, 2011, and now 2012. And following a series of bunk performances in New York City last holiday season, I’d expect Phish to come out polished and firing for redemption come the end of December. Although the band has just as much time off as they did last year before the run, one would expect Trey to hold practices this time around—something that was absent from 2011’s debacle. Only a week after the long-awaited date of 12.21.2012, we will filter back into The World’s Most Famous Arena to conclude, without question, the best year of Phish since their return. But this time, it’s gonna’ be different!

For the first time in 23 years, Madison Square Garden will completely remove the seats from their floor and offer general admission tickets! But there is a catch that might make a huge difference depending on how hard they patrol the floor. Instead of having one, flowing open floor, MSG will sell “GA front” and “GA rear” tickets. The effect of this segmentation could result in more crowded environs for both sections. Without the ability for the masses to “push up” and crowd the front when the show begins, the back of the floor may not loosen up as usual and provide the dance space that spunions have come to love on GA floors. Perhaps fans’ preoccupation with the floor will free up the classic 300 level walkway that was so congested by construction last year?  Here is the ideal scenario: they “undersell” the floor and require a separate entrance for all GA ticket holders, disallowing anyone without a ticket and bracelet from coming near the GA area. Who knows how things will turn out, but after last year’s clusterfuck at MSG, any change has to improve the situation!

The mail order window is now open through October 15, and with the new setup, one can request GA Floor only, though cannot specify front or rear. This is always a nice option so that one isn’t stuck with a handful of 400 level stubs come mid-October. Best of luck in the lottery, and we’ll be meeting in The Big Apple before you know it for a final serving of 2012 Phish!


Jam of the Day:

Carini -> Tweezer” 12.28.11 II

One of few redeeming jam sequences from last year’s New Years’ Run

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  1. tba Says:

    I think the fact “festival seating” or GA seating is making a huge comeback for rock shows in indoor arenas is a wonderful move by the powers that be. I am a side loge man myself for phish, but prefer to sit on the floor for high priced face shows-who, stones, etc as peope sit in the loge for those high priced ones. That said, for NYE shows, there is a special vibe-even more than usual- in being with your friends for those shows, especially NYE. Frankly, I sometimes prefer to go with an old school friend, and make it a minimilist scene at a regular tour show nowadays, as less people means less politics. Plus there is always before and after for socializing. Of course certain venues are made for huge crews, Hampton, Gorge, red rocks etc., and now seemingly MSG with the new GA party. I actually think even though they have divided it into two sides, it won’t be too crowded on the floor. In my opinion, it’s the seats on the floor that take up most of the room. remove those bad boys, and there is much more room.

    And speaking of NYE Phish, even though I think NY is the bomb for NYE, I really would love to see them play the Boston Garden again on a special occasion or just to play there, especially with the new GA floor policy–Neil Young and C Horse is playing the BG and has GA floor–. Anyway intention is not to complain, and I actually think MSG best suited for NYE, so don’t think I’m lobbying for a return of the king to where the tradition started. On the contrary, stoked Phish is playing in NY over Miami for NYE, just saying would love a mini Thanksgiving warmup tour with a three pack at Barclay Brooklyn and a three pack at The Boston Garden. The whole reason they built a new garden in many music fans eyes was to attract top talent to Boston. Yes kidz, before you try and sound smart by telling me they did it for luxury suites revenue, etc., save your breath, I know that’s why **THEY built it. Unfortunately Garcia passed before The Dead could play the new version, and phish has only graced it once for the 96 NYE run, and once for the 20th Anny show. maybe they will do the 30th Anny show there?

    OK before anyone starts in with the I hate that place/sound sux BS, sorry but the new Garden arguably has better sound than Worcester and even other places like Miami, as long as you have a decent seat on the floor or in the loge. Reason being it’s better suited to handle high tech speaker setups, as well as other modern day technological goodies. Plus, worcester has been a N2O nightmare lately–2010 specifically– filled with amatuers, fights, and a street littered with used baloons.

    as always thanks Miner.

  2. gavinsdad Says:

    quickly off topic:

    last nites LOVE FOR LEVON lineup according to my friend josh:
    Tonight’s line up— Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket, John Mayer, Joe Walsh, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Gregg Allman, Bruce Hornsby, Ray LaMontagne, John Hiatt, Grace Potter, Warren Haynes, Lucinda Williams, Mavis Staples, Allan Toussaint, Robert Randolph, John Prine, Jorma Kaukonen, Marc Cohn, The Levon Helm Band

    Animal Collective was pretty sick too. they are polished but they throw alot of sound at you. see if you’re willing to chew on this…i think these guys are a modern generation Pink Floyd. I will retract my earlier statement that these guys will build a touring element a la jam bands…last nite i was drawing a Pink Floyd metaphor for sure…i said “obscured by clouds” earlier but i think these guys are more at a “saucerful of secrets” or “atom heart mother” phase in their trajectory. if they stick around another 10 years i think we will see a huge shift from them and some amazing songwriting. their performance was sick and their very simple stage design and lighting created quite a psychedelic backdriop. very engaged playing by the 4 piece. very fun. if you can catch em in NYC on Friday def give it a shot.

    back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  3. Guyute711 Says:

    Hurry up Selector, I can’t listen to this nonsense.

  4. dognamedwilson Says:

    watched someone on that show intervention drink hand sanitizer straight. Sick fuck

    ^no arguing that point

    bobby weird Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 9:52 pm
    Omg! This is the very first time… It is super cool…Romney….He is biggest phoney who has ever lived!

    ^(in frat boy space alien voice) are you HOLDen, Caufield? Dude my dad totally owns a dealership.

    Top o tha mornin, freaks & thanks miner

  5. MiA Says:


  6. Chonz Says:

    Logged in for some Roots. TuneWiki FTW!

  7. dognamedwilson Says:

    Really surprised at the analysis this morning. Thinking these pros were all tweeting, not actually watching, and this is just reaction to live tweets from last night. Esp the Leher thing. Felt strongly that after Obama gave ole Jim some bossin, Romney tried it and Leher shit him down. Then Obama did it again just to be clear (cuz we know how he loves to pause and backup and his most common utterance is, “look, let me be clear”) who’s the boss. Romney looked like he wanted to puke in the early minutes. Thought his people would be crying foul. Guess it lost my attention after that. Better show than I expected, though.

  8. alf Says:

    morning comrades

    spun 12-28-2011 last night top to bottom in honor of the return to msg and its a hot show. a little uneven but heat in both sets.

    big up selecta!

    been on a big wackies dive lately

  9. SillyWilly Says:

    Selector J-less thursdays are the worst.

    everyone should always be on a big wackies dive lately.

  10. alf Says:


    mostly agree with you, but you’re crazy to equate dicks 11 with dicks 12 in your msg could suck scenario. just b/c its the best of the year in both cases doesn’t mean the band is on the same trajectory as last year.

    no comparison this year son! msg will crush.

    see you kids in nyc

  11. PigSong Says:


    Haven’t watched/listened to any pros on what happened last night. I was mostly bored to death actually. Biggest thing I grabbed was the moderator lacked a sack.


  12. ren Says:

    Been waiting for this one for a while Miner! NICE! Glad you included the bit about practice. Maybe you can flesh the idea out/build around it in the coming weeks.

  13. SillyWilly Says:

    the Mayans were slightly off.

    the Apocaplypse begins 12/28/12

    minor mistake that Phish will correct

  14. Chonz Says:

    Reading all the MSG chatter is starting to make me a little jelly that I can’t swing it this year.

    Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I’m really digging my first full Thursday at work with When Roots Attack on the headphones. Nice switch form my usual morning GD show.

  15. BingosBrother Says:

    12/28/12 phish rebuilds the world.

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @alf, i’m slightly more optimistic today about the run

  17. Robear Says:

    “It is not he who votes, that counts. But rather, he who counts the votes, that counts”

    In the nicest tone possible: Some of you may want to stick with talking Phish and sports.

  18. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    i’m down with no politics or sports talk

  19. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers.

  20. Dorn76 Says:

    Phish loves Worcester, and vice versa. Who cares about the nitrous mafia.

  21. voopa Says:

    Not a fan of censorship myself, but I do like it when people think before they post.

  22. Robear Says:

    This is IT!

  23. Kaveh Says:

    It will be nice for MSG is the band is in the studio this fall as well. More time around each other is only a positive thing.

  24. Chonz Says:

    Morning, Kaveh….did you have any luck with the Book of Mormon onsale?

  25. viola Says:

    msg nye…. where to begin? its hallowed territory no doubt. great city for the end of year celebrations. with that said, i feel that phish msg nye is played out. its a stale environment for such a high profile phish date.

    we all know the main reason they play it ( close to their homes ). i cant fault the org for making it easy on the band and the crew to be close to home for the holidays. chances the boys mail this one in too? 50/50 12 weeks out.

    could you imagine bgca nye? that would be THE shot of adrenaline that these holiday runs haven’t had since 03.

    in fact i wish they would be starting a tour with nye shows. a january run would be fun and one helluva way to start a anniversary year.

    good luck with tix…. webcast is a no brainer.

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