Miner’s Mailbag III

8.5.11 – The Gorge (Graham Lucas)


 ‏@alicht: What’s the least favorite show you attended and why?

I am often asked this question, and my usual response is Raleigh 6.25.2000. (I don’t really consider Coventry an option.) The only redeeming part of this show was the first-set closing “Melt.” The rest of the show was totally uneventful, and considering the shows that surrounded it (Lakewood and PNC stands), this one really stood out as a stinker. Just look at this second set—nothing.ever.happened. The second set starts with a generic “Jibboo” opener and it just gets worse from there. “What’s the Use > Slave” is a cool show-closing combo, but after a lackluster set, its effect was totally lost, not to mention that the “Slave” was nothing special. Throw in a mid-set “Scent of a Mule” followed….just shoot me in the face.

I. NICU, Sample in a Jar, The Old Home Place, Punch You In the Eye, Water in the Sky, Funky Bitch, Horn, Heavy Things, Dirt, Split Open and Melt

II. Gotta Jibboo, Fast Enough for You, Scent of a Mule, Meat, Maze, What’s the Use? > Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Uncle Pen, Bold As Love


@Dustinlewis148: If you had chance to interview phish collectively, but could only ask three questions, what would they be and why?

1)  What is your intent when you take the stage each night and has it changed over the years?

2)  How do you decide when you will jam and when you won’t?

3)  What happened at Dick’s?


@GeeRubbs: What is your favorite indoor and outdoor Phish venue? And where have you not been but want to go?

Indoor: Any venue that has a truly GA Floor. The Centrum is pretty dialed in at this point now that they took the seats off the floor

Outdoor: Any Festival due to unlimited space and freedom.

Not Been (but would like to go): With all the cool venues they’ve hit this era, there is really none on my list.


 @Teddier If you could ask Phish to play segues they have never tried what would be your top 5?

I’d like to see them out of songs and then creatively work their way back. They did this more when they were younger. How about:

Tweezer -> Mike’s (with second jam) -> Tweezer

Bathtub Gin -> Roses are Free -> Gin

Harry Hood -> My Left Toe -> Hood

Split -> What’s the Use? -> Split

Reba -> Splinters of Hail -> Reba


@stillwading: 3 songs in the TAB rotation that you’d most like to hear the Phish interpretation of?

“Dark and Down,” “Spin,” and “Greyhound Rising”


‏@hombredelrey: In your opinion, what song(s) have potential to become future 2nd set jam vehicles?

“Stealing Time” and “Ocelot” have carried potential since their debut, but as my high school football coach said, “Potential never won a ball game.” To answer your question, I honestly have no idea. I hope some new songs to show their face very soon.


@robjeschke: What was the hardest part about putting together your book? #mrminersphishthoughts #phish

The most difficult part was figuring out how the book would flow. At first I had a tremendous amount of content (that all needed editing) but no real organization. I had developed “chapters,” but the second half of the book felt detatched from the first half. When my designer and I came up with the idea of “connectons,” a light bulb went off in my mind—it could be a giant, Phish-based, choose your own adventure book! All of a sudden, the sprawling volume had a thread running through it. The reader could navigate the book—and the band’s entire career—in any order they chose. We had a system that created a non-linear flow to the book, a similarity and correlation to Phish jams themselves. But the incredible minutae that went into creating the entire system of connections was staggering; it was a entire project on its own. But it worked, and it came out great!

I’ll use this opportunity to plug the most recent sale that is going on over on the book site. From now through the holidays, Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts is on sale for $29.99 plus shipping and handling. This is the lowest price the book will ever sell for, as I am barely making any money on each sale. Do your holiday shopping for your favorite Phish fan in your life today! Grab one now!


Jam of the Day:

Split Open and Melt” 7.12.99 I, Mansfield, MA

A blood red sunset provided the backdrop to this stellar “Split.”




376 Responses to “Miner’s Mailbag III”

  1. mitch Says:

    I wouldn’t have minded going there last night. Not into going to the tour but id watch em mess around and jam.

    How does one acquire one of the binders of women?

  2. mitch Says:

    I don’t see how the dogfish dead beer won’t be hemp flavored. I think it would be universally agreed that all dead heads like reefer.

    Humboldt brewing makes a hemp beer. Now if only it got you lifted…

  3. poop goblin Says:

    sick Jaguar. doubt he will be playin it live.

  4. mudbuddy11 Says:

    hey miner, whadya mean, when you say ‘what happened at dicks’?

  5. MiA Says:

    Reba -> Splinters of Hail -> Reba

    That kinda surprised me.

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Nervous about doing ticketmaster on sale from work on Saturday. Their computers suck. I’m batting 1.000 on mine from home in recent history. Come on PTBM

  7. poop goblin Says:

    what happened at dick’s?

    why did the real phish show up after 3 years of playing I believe is what he was hinting at.

    really did blow away any other 3 night run since the return. even compared to dick’s 2011 which would be the second most consistent run. seemed like night and day.

  8. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    miner, love the questions. basically what i would ask too. WHY TROY/REY, WHY

  9. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    that’s what phones are for palmer. guess your one ticket request didn’t work? jersey’d

  10. Dorn76 Says:

    I like what Trey is playing on that Bowery Presents vid. Alot. If he would just shut up about Bon Iver and the National I could listen to it.

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I don’t know yet, DF. I don’t check holds. I have 2 requests in and my man Dusty put one in for me ( I think). So put that in your canadian pipe and smoke it…..

  12. kayatosh Says:

    this drones over brooklyn tune is DOPE. $$$.
    sick beat and effects and great lines like this:
    nobody struts when they’re down on their knees

    liked it better than the TAB clips. but thanks for posting, kaveh.

    Tinariwen last night w/ AutumnB and calpain — $$$. delta trance chant groove. music stays within a mellow sphere; flirts w/ breaking out but never does. tall cats w/ big hands, long fingers, robes, guitars, old amps, and turbans. definitely a fresh experience. their set went by quickly.

  13. mitch Says:

    We didn’t get emails in the US yet @dancing troll

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    .. plus, one of the companies i work for happens to have a pretty good relationship with Trey and Phish…. I think i’ll be fine.. 😉

  15. kayatosh Says:

    those cats are also perfectly in sync with each other and have hauntingly good voices.

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    i got 10 NYEs already guysss

  17. kayatosh Says:

    spin 2 of Drones.

  18. Kaveh Says:

    As we get close to ticket time…how is in charge of setting up the ticket exchange board? @Miner?

  19. Guyute711 Says:

    I don’t see Troy’s band taking anything very deep on this run. How many keyboards do you really need?

  20. kayatosh Says:

    G$$$ — sounds like he’s interested in an orchestra style recreation of the traveler album on stage.

  21. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I dig that drones tune. See , I don’t hate all hip hop..

  22. Dorn76 Says:

    What taping rig you bringing, @DF?

  23. angryjoggerz Says:

    Elp tune pretty good, not generally a fan (except Cannibal Ox stuff). Heard him interviewed in NPR recently, he is the whiteyist of the white hip hip guys. Some good beats, though.

  24. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @dorn, my H4N zoom

  25. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    my $300 zoom will sound better than any other recording. straight up.

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