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One Nation Under a Groove (Thepin Stash)

Not to trivialize today’s important election, but if you’re a fan of great Phish, there is really only one choice. Just look at recent history. Bill Clinton took office in 1993, the beginning the band’s first peak era. Clinton served two terms through 2000, watching over’s Phish’s glory years, and at the end of his term, Phish called it quits for the first time. George W. Bush, arguably the biggest buffoon to ever sit in the Oval Office, was sworn in at the beginning of 2001 and served two terms during which the band managed to crank out merely 1 and 1/2 years of opiate-laced jamming in ’03 and ’04. Enter Barack Obama in 2009. Less than two months after the Democratic victor was inaugurated, Phish came back at Hampton Coliseum and entered the Golden Age of their career, playing their tails off for the last four years. So here we are at the political crossroads of 2012. Under a Democratic White House, we experienced ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, 2000, ’09, ’10, ’11, and ’12. Under a Republican watch, the band came into their own during the late ’80s and early ’90s, and graced us with ’03 and half of ’04. Those are the facts—and the choice is yours. Vote wisely, my friends!

On Election Day 2012, I bring you three choice cuts from each of the past four years. And here’s to four more years of Democratic Phish!


Bathtub Gin” 8.7.09 II, Gorge


46 Days” 8.15.09 II, Merriweather


Back on the Train” 12.30.09 II, Miami



Simple” 8.6.10 II, Greek Theatre


Reba” 10.19.10 E, Augusta, ME


Ghost” 12.31.10 II, MSG



Down With Disease” 6.3.11 II, Clarkston, MI


Rock and Roll -> Meatstick” 8.5.11 II, Gorge


Tweezer” 9.3.11 II, Denver, CO



Twist” 6.22.12 II, Cincy


Undermind” 8.31.12 II, Denver, CO


Light” 9.1.12 II, Denver, CO



…With Liberty and Justice For All (Seeyoutheredesigns)

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1,028 Responses to “Election Music”

  1. mmmHmm Says:

    good article. I hope that Trey and Phish continues down the path they blazed this summer of concise (and mostly precise) licks from Trey, and amazing fresh sounding whole-band improv. I would think that due to the band’s in-tune-ness (brain fried for a better word…) with the community, they understood the post-run vibe of the ’11 mehSG shows in the fanbase and equated it with a lack of pre-run practice. I put nothing past these guys. They are pranksters and top-tier musicians with full ability to blow shows out of the cosmos when willing. They also always seem to have a keen sense of when they need to “make up” for less than stellar performances. Clearly, Phish owes us nothing, so the “need” to make up is not really what I meant but fans and the band both realize when the music is brimming with molten lava and when it falls somewhat short…

  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Spinning this 11.19.72 show that is on etree. Black Throated Wind is my favorite Bobby song i think. Going to shift to Phish @ Long Beach shortly though. Haven’t heard it in a while. No spoiler. All I know is that set II is RnR > Ghost.

    Knicks go for 4-0 tonight. Might have something here this season. Old guys need to survive the injury plague.

  3. mmmHmm Says:

    that was a discombobulated rant. I apologize to the BB. I’m excited for NYC. Carry on…

  4. Gavinsdad Says:

    Molten lava right on. For older dudes they can still rip it. I support molten lava.

    As sick as indoor is ga field outdoor is still the bomb.

  5. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    @palmer- if you are a black throated wind fan (i love the song) check out bobby doing it solo acoustic at TRI studios- so cool.

  6. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @mmHmm, phish owes me an amazing NYE run.

  7. Jtran Says:

    Very cool Tray article

  8. MiA Says:

    Getting all potted up on weed right now

  9. tzara's Says:

    @MiA, you shouldn’t be doing that, it’s illegal. Come up here and do it. Over 100 pot bust cases dismissed in WA today. We’re saving money already.

  10. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    i like the oh sweet nuthin’ bonus track on this 46 days- a good pairing.

  11. kayatosh Says:

    palmer: that hofheinz 11.19.72 show is $$$+. top to bottomer. favorite versions of many tunes. psyched to have a digital copy of that gem. rocked the maxell tape for years.

  12. phoammhead Says:

    just had a thai red curry got me mega jacked meal, beer and wine . . . carry on

  13. tzara's Says:

    11/19/72 Bird Somg for one @kaya. Best ever?

  14. Guyute711 Says:

    I have already stated how good of a time I had at CRB last weekend but I had to buy the FLAC to make sure. I’m here to tell you that this is a pretty fucking hot band right now. NY’ers, get there MF’ers.

  15. kayatosh Says:

    CRB in philly at union transfer this sunday. calpain? anyone else? beuller?

  16. Guyute711 Says:

    Do it up man. One man dance party going here along with my music factory. Burning several copies for friends.

  17. vegas wolfmans Says:

    I’ve downloaded several CRB shows and agree- that band is real good. Excited to check them in a couple weeks up here in our suddenly uber progressive corner of merica. T-Ghost: you going?

    Thanks for the link, Palmer. Great read on the treyzer.

  18. xpun Says:


    Can we get a 28th countdown clock added please. I’d like to know how long til I can get the fuck out of this place for awhile.

    Also ISO a single 28th so I can get the fuck out of this place for awhile.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    cool to see george sluppick on drums in CRB. Used to love him w/ RW 20th congress.

  20. Guyute711 Says:

    Nice long show too. 3 discs that are all over 50 minutes

  21. kayatosh Says:

    tzara’s: re. 11.19.72. The recording is so crispy and jerry is clean and upfront. it’s a jerry show. he puts on clinics during bobby tunes like M&MU and BIODTL. Bird song is indeed a top version, liquid delight — $$$. and that’s only song 5. something about this show & recording that is magic. glad to have it back wrapped around the dome. w/ some add’l precious about to be toasted.

    11.19 is a magic date through the ages of transcendental music.

  22. tzara's Says:

    @kaya, DL’ed new version haven’t heard it yet, will do tomorrow for sure.

    @vegas wolfie, heck yeah on CRB. After you recommended them i’ve played both new records a few times. I think it’s going to be a fun show. Let’s stay in touch and hook up down here. Maybe Quinn’s right nearby. Great place.

  23. PigSong Says:

    Heady IPAs on a new couch, Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and a wee babe on my lap. It’s the weekend BITCHES. (although I haven’t actually been into work for over a month)

  24. jtran Says:

    evening ‘rades

  25. PigSong Says:

    I’ll have to grab that 11.19.72 – front page of etree hopefully. Sounds like some quality Saturday morning listening.

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