Red Phish? Blue Phish?

12.31.10, MSG (George Estreich)

With Labor Day weekend in the distant past and the Holiday Run only two weeks away, the question that now descends on the Phish community is “What band will show up at MSG?” Last year was the first modern New Year’s Run without a Fall Tour behind it, and the guys played the most uninspired batch of shows in memory. It is hard to imagine Phish repeating 2011’s debacle, but as Trey has recently busied himself with TAB and his Broadway musical, “Hands On a Hardbody,” it’s impossible to predict how much preparation will go into this run and what will result.

One might cite Dick’s phenomenal playing as a sure signpost to December greatness, but that was the same feeling we all had last year. Following a stellar three nights in Colorado—and a whole lot of time off —Phish arrived at MSG and went through the motions for most of 2011’s year-end extravaganza. Aside from 12/28’s “Carini > Tweezer” and 12/30’s “Piper,” the band produced nothing of lasting value over four nights last year. Could it happen again in 2012? I shudder at the thought. With the community coming to the Big Apple from all corners of the nation and beyond, one has to believe the band won’t disappoint again. Right? On the heels of their most impressive year of playing in the 3.0 era, Phish should rightfully come to New York with intent to punctuate 2012 in fashion.

MSG 2012 Unofficial (Branden Otto)

In 2009 and 2010, the band played a fall tour which didn’t leave them with such a massive chunk of downtime before the end of December. Subsequently, both of those runs has plenty of lasting highlights and even a some whole shows that were up to snuff. The 29th, 30th, and arguably the 31st of 2009, and the 31st, January 1st of 2010’s, and arguably the 30th, all held up as complete shows. But only the 28th of 2011 could hold a candle to any of them. Without practice and with no fire whatsoever, the band stumbled through the final three nights of ’11 with, virtually, zero risk-taking. This wasn’t the Phish we knew in any era of their career; this was a bunch of guys getting paid without trying much of anything.

It would be not like our musical superheroes of botch two Holiday New Year’s Runs in a row, and if I were placing a wager, I definitely wouldn’t bet against them. I’ve got to imagine that they know last year’s MSG run profoundly sucked and they will be back to prove a point this time around. It may simply come down to putting in some time in the practice room. Rumor was that they skipped any preparation last year and the results were glaring. Thus, I doubt they will repeat that folly. As Phish steps onto the nation’s biggest stage on the most celebrated nights of the year to usher in 2013, the year of their much ballyhooed 30th Anniversary, one has to think that the guys will mean business. But any speculation won’t give us the answer. As Bob Marley once sang, “Time alone – oh, time will tell.”


Jam of the Day:

Carini > Wolfman’s” 12.28.98 II

A MSG gem that is begging for the LivePhish treatment.


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  1. vegas wolfmans Says:

    scabbard would kick ass as phish tune.

  2. vegas wolfmans Says:


  3. Dr Pronoia Says:

    I work with some pretty extreme, Intervention-worthy addicts

    Not a big part of my caseload, but along with the severe eating disorders, they’re definitely the saddest and most frustrating in some ways

    most issues, people desperately WANT to feel better. The self-destructive issues require getting through the denial and often the competitive desire to be as sordid and extreme as possible

    sometimes I flirt with the ‘let people do with their consciousness/bodies as they see fit’ mentality, but these are family issues and have major fallout on kids, family, and friends

    not to mention how fucking appreciative and productive many are when they get out of that hole and realize how close they came, and how happy they are that there were people there who weren’t willing to let them die

    whoa, don’t know where that came from. carry on

  4. xpun Says:

    thanks p. always good to hear the human side it.

  5. joe Says:

    I live with one (and she has a sibling who is having an even worse go of it). I never really understood what it looked like till I lived through it. I know many here have faced demons in one degree or another and have come out ok on the other side but that breakthrough is very hard.

  6. joe Says:

    *we still like to watch intervention though.

  7. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Wow…doing highlights from the Knicks /Nets game tonight. That was non stop for a good 3 hours. Great game. Knicks are legit. Brooklyn isn’t bad either.

  8. Iriewalton Says:

    RIP Ravi. One of the best that I’ve ever seen.

  9. garretc Says:

    Damn, that’s a shame, IW…

    I guess that explains why MiA and I couldn’t see him in Austin

  10. thedayman Says:

    stub hub is a bitch. 1700 tix for the 29th alone. fuck that. ridiculous.

  11. Yehuda Says:

    Chalkdust>Hydrogen on 29th was novel

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