TTFF: December Monsters

The Twelfth Month

Drowned > Roses” 12.11.97 II, Rochester, NY



Disease > Lizards” 12.12.95 II, Providence, RI



Limb by Limb” 12.3.99 II, Cincinnati, OH



Sally > Ghost > 2001” 12.11.99 II, Philadelphia, PA



Tweezer” 12.16.99 II, Raleigh, NC



Simple > Timber” 12.9.97 II, State College, PA



Harry Hood” 12.5.95 II, Amherst, MA



Split Open and Melt” 12.7.95 II, Niagara Falls, NY



You Enjoy Myself” 12.9.95 II, Albany, NY



Run Like an Antelope” 12.9.94 I, Mesa, AZ

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756 Responses to “TTFF: December Monsters”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    df: full jest mode above. i actually love the canadian people and grammar cues.

  2. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    But not zits. Those are childish

  3. Spasm Waiter Says:

    My mother hates when people (me) say “These ones…” My whole life she has been correcting that.

  4. kayatosh Says:

    I have met you several times (some of those times i need to be reminded of), df, and I have never noticed and glaring skin imperfections. and who gives a hoot about superficial blemishes anyway? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. and by inside, i mean internal organs.

  5. tela'smuff Says:

    ok, here’s my album list for 2012. i’m making a playlist for top songs on Spotify. thought 2012 was kind of weak for new releases. i didn’t listen to Kendrick Lamars lp, so i’m still out of the loop on new hip-hop, but i’m diggin’ where R&B is going. anyway, still firmly rooted in the same musical genre’s as the last 4-5 years. my biggest “new” thing for me musically was hangin with AJ’s crew and hearing some “new” disco/house stuff, and then watching the film Drive. i loved the soundtrack, that kind of dark electronic 80’s throwback sound. that led me to The Chromatics and some other bands like Com Truise, Nite Jewel, Ford & Lopatin, etc. anyway, i haven’t gone all Christopher Cross yet with music.

    Top 20 Albums:
    1. The Chromatics – Kill for Love
    2. Miguel – Kalidescope Dream
    3. David Daniell & Douglas McCombs – Versions
    4. Wild Nothing – Nocturne
    5. Matthew Dear – Beams
    6. Lower Dens – Nootropics
    7. DIIV – Oshin
    8. Frankie Rose – Interstellar
    9. Moon Duo – Circles
    10. Grizzly Bear – Shields
    11. Daphni – Jaiolong
    12. Dustin Wong – Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
    13. Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes
    14. Bob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet – Stellar Pulsations
    15. Lotus Plaza – Spooky Action at a Distance
    16. Arial Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Mature Themes
    17. Tame Impala – Lonerism
    18. John Talabot – fin
    19. Mount Eerie – Clear Moon
    20. Matthew E. White – Big Inner

  6. roberto luongo Says:

    my girl still can’t believe we’re not goin

    hopefully Tory slays. pisses me the fuck off. and I’m stoked as fuck to fuck up west coast summer tour!

    I will be having peeps over for some webcasts. dabs, puddles, brews if that’s your thing.

    any CHicago peeps welcome. whether you’re annoyed by me or not. gonna be kids kicking it getting buzzed and having fun.

  7. voopa Says:

    Wow, guess I need to listen to more new music before compiling my list…

  8. roberto luongo Says:

    love that Chromatics and that hot chick doesn’t hurt

  9. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Kaya, I met dude once 4 years ago. The zit comment was just a way of calling me a child cuz all he has to rip on me for is my youth.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    gotcha, df.

    sculpin numero 2 + 9.14.11 Twist ($$+). These boys are dangerously good.

  11. roberto luongo Says:

    Roc Marciano – Reloaded
    Kendrick Lamar
    Killer Mike & El-P – R.A.P Music
    Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa
    Schoolboy Q – Habits and Contradictions

    probably my fav hip-hop releases I can remember

    at least 5 more I’m probably forgetting

  12. kayatosh Says:

    Hope you Msg cats get a beautiful Life on Mars? among other treats.

  13. tela'smuff Says:

    that girl is smoking hot from Chromatics, make the music even more sexy.

    one of these days i’ll sit and get back into hip-hop, i know i’m missing good stuff.

  14. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    RL I still don’t believe you guys won’t be there either

  15. roberto luongo Says:

    the synthy new wavy retro stuff has been a hit in the crib cuz my girl digs it too

    been spinning the latest hot chip a bit

    she digs the sound a lot and I can take it. good fit.

    I will sound like a custy cuz it’s popular with the 12 yr old girls but Kendrick’s album continues to impress me after dozens of spins. both me and the girl’s go to album last couple months. his introspective answer seeking style I totally dig. good beats too. love it.

  16. tela'smuff Says:

    the Hot Chip track Let Me Be Him is on my Top 25 songs list. love it. absolutely agree, that retro new wave sound has been real fun for me.

  17. kayatosh Says:

    sculpin. so clear, crisply carbonated. the aroma — unparalleled. $$$

  18. kayatosh Says:

    pamped it before, pamp it again

    11.3.2011 MMW


  19. roberto luongo Says:

    copied that list Telas

    only heard about half those. need new spins!

  20. BNCB Says:

    DF deals with discrimination everyday.

    He’s Canadien.

  21. roberto luongo Says:

    off to spin a hour long conference call by Dr. Daniel George, Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery at Duke Cancer Institute

    on changing paradigms in prostate cancer treatment

    not on my album of the year list

    have fun kids
    and even younger kids, DF

  22. kayatosh Says:

    4.5.69 Lovelight — $$$. raucous

  23. garretc Says:

    I went through the AV Clubs’ writer ballots for best music of 2012 and grabbed a bunch off of there, lets see, what have I dug so far?

    Well, this one y’all know already, but “Sweet Heart, Sweet Light” is one of my favorites of the year, definitely.

    “Oshin” by Diiv was, annoying spelling aside, pretty solid, although nothing ground breaking. Same as the new Beach House. Very similar sounds between ’em too.

    “America” by Dan Deacon is sweet. A few of the tracks, especially the early ones I like, but a lot of it I love. Very wide open, diverse electronic instrumentals.

    Wasn’t as keen on the new Metrics album, a little poppy/clubby for me.

    “Plumb” by Field Music is dope, definitely some Beatles and Pink Floyd influences, but not a rehash by any means. Somehow manages to be both fluid in its transitions but choppy in its ideas. Would have liked to see some tracks a little more fleshed out, but they have lots of goodness throughout.

    “Locked Down” – Dr. John, off the hook. Love it. Haven’t heard any other Dr. John, although I know the rep, of course, so can’t say how it compares. I could see it being more produced than the rest of his albums, so that could be a turn off, but this one’s definitely up there for me. Filthy funky get down style.

    This wasn’t on the lists anywhere, I don’t think, but “Fear Fun” by Father John Misty is a good ‘un. Think VW gave me that. He’s the Fleet Foxes drummer, so there’s some of that feel there, especially in the vocals, but it’s got a little more of an edge, and some Bobby D liquid mercury feel in a lot of the guitar. And the lyrics are Dylan too, to a large degree.

    “Open Your Heart” by The Men was a little outside my personal tastes at points, veering a little more towards punk than I tend to, but that album rocks, makes great use of two guitars, some nice intricate passages at times while still kicking ass.

    Haven’t gotten to the new Om album yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it.

    “The Seer” – Swans may be the most difficult album I’ve listened to in a while. That’ll take a few more listens to figure out an opinion, but it’s absolutely intriguing. Very experimental, some looooooonnnnngggg songs, so just from that I’m inclined towards it, but how they actually carry it out felt, on first listen, successful at times and not at others.

    New Sun Kil Moon album “Among The Leaves” is good, some laid back acoustic songs, Sunday morning style. Doesn’t measure up to “Ghosts of the Great Highway” though, I’d like to hear some more electric out of him.

    Tame Impala’s new one “Lonerism” is very similar to their first one in a lot of ways, which is good ’cause I liked that album, but they didn’t do a ton to expand the sound. A few more textures here and there, both in sound and composition, and definitely a good album, but had higher hopes.

    Oh, and “Bend Beyond” by Woods was great too. Lusher than their last one, I thought. Still don’t see the early-70s Grateful Dead comparisons at all, but maybe that’s ’cause I don’t spend much time with GD studio albums?

    And I think that’s it for me so far…

  24. gavinsdad Says:

    split a sculpin bomber last nite. yum.

    never been good making lists…lifelong problem. but I do LOVE reading year end lists. totally nerd out on that. keep em comin

  25. roberto luongo Says:

    Lee Fields – Faithful Fan

    that’s 2012 correct? and def the Spiritualized

    2011 and 2012 are all a blur to my ass.

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