TTFF: December Monsters

The Twelfth Month

Drowned > Roses” 12.11.97 II, Rochester, NY



Disease > Lizards” 12.12.95 II, Providence, RI



Limb by Limb” 12.3.99 II, Cincinnati, OH



Sally > Ghost > 2001” 12.11.99 II, Philadelphia, PA



Tweezer” 12.16.99 II, Raleigh, NC



Simple > Timber” 12.9.97 II, State College, PA



Harry Hood” 12.5.95 II, Amherst, MA



Split Open and Melt” 12.7.95 II, Niagara Falls, NY



You Enjoy Myself” 12.9.95 II, Albany, NY



Run Like an Antelope” 12.9.94 I, Mesa, AZ

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756 Responses to “TTFF: December Monsters”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    2012 band discovery:

    The National Reserve

  2. Dorn76 Says:

    I’ve had just about enough, @kaya!! So I’m off to the best beer store in the area to do some shopping.

    Will report back with findings.

  3. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    garret interesting thoughts re: lonerism. i thought it was a huge step up, even though you’re right they didn’t really come up with a new sound.

    beach house’s new album received a lot of flac when it came out because of pitchfork’s high review of it despite it being so similar to their last one. pretty sure everyone got over that after a few spins and now everyone loves it. probably my most played album this year, with japandroids close behind.

    spiritualized dropped prob my fav album of the year, seems like a lot of people are forgetting about it in their year end reviews.

    no one knew kendrick last month, now EVERYONE knows him.

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    lol “flac”

  5. roberto luongo Says:

    his pitchfork performance had a pretty big buzz already DF

    of course lady gaga was back stage so that could have been attracting some of the crowd

    his first album Section 80 in many ways is just as good for me

  6. roberto luongo Says:

    I really dig that Tame Imapala also but hadn’t heard the first goin in.

    there is a heavy dirty track on the tail end of that album I just love

    thinkin hittin their next Chicago show with a full head

  7. kayatosh Says:

    dorn: along w/ my west coast faves (stone ruination, wc IPA, sculpin), troegs perpetual IPA and flying fish exit 16 double ipa are recommended. thank calpain for that last one.

  8. garretc Says:

    Yeah DF, I might be colored in my Lonerism opinion, as my roommate was a little harsher towards it than I was, but I certainly liked it. There’s certainly a place for variations on a formula that works.

    And similarly for the Beach House, really. I’ve only given pretty much all those albums one listen so far, so just first pass thoughts and all that. Really enjoyed the Beach House, but if you threw a Teen Dream track in there I wouldn’t have noticed at all, I don’t think… I’m sure it’ll probably get regular spins though.

    And I agree on Spiritualized. That album is superb.

    Also, RL, good call on the Lee Fields. I’ve been spinning that one so long I forgot it came out this year

  9. roberto luongo Says:

    I dig the BObby Womack – Bravement Man in the Universe also

    hip sound

  10. tela'smuff Says:

    i haven’t picked up that Spiritualized LP yet, which is crazy. totally forgot that came out. and Lee Fields made my song list, just outside my album list.

    nice thoughts Garret – i agree with you completely on Tame Impala. it’s an enjoyable listen, a couple of excellent tracks, but not a huge step up on this new one in my opinion. the new SKM album was pretty disappointing to me. i’m a big fan, and it was his first release that didn’t bowl me over. think it’s a little to long. should have cut about 7-8 tracks of it. both The Men and Woods were good lps as well, falling just outside my top 20.

  11. kayatosh Says:

    you wanna hear great dire wolf? see 2.23.74.

  12. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    most underrated album of the year – Mind Spiders – Meltdown. highly recommend it.

  13. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    RL, by no one i meant no one in the know.

  14. garretc Says:

    Grabbin’ it now DF

  15. kayatosh Says:

    you wanna hear great wheel? see 6.29.76.

  16. garretc Says:

    I feel like kaya is creepin around in a trench coat, opening it up and showing off illicit products to folks on the street.

    “Psst, buddy… You lookin’ for a great Wheel? I got this ’76 right here, great year for ’em, and an even better price. No? Well how about this Dire Wolf over here…”

  17. kayatosh Says:

    nice, garret. accurate assessment. but srsly, that’s my fave wheel.

  18. BingosBrother Says:

    Grammer Police, arrest this man

  19. kayatosh Says:

    bingos: you continue to be one of the funniest cats here. have lost track of the # of belly laughs you have induced. thanks.

  20. kayatosh Says:

    your fair face beams
    you’re the flower of my heart
    Sweet Adeline

  21. kayatosh Says:

    willing to get jiggy in the TT.

  22. BingosBrother Says:

    Thanks kaya. I’m more punny than funny I think. I also come here for the funnies. This one especially.

    “when DF throws out corrections he usually gets attacked or insulted because of his terrible skin condition.”

  23. thedayman Says:

    speaking of bb awesomeness – had a dale’s the other day for the first time due to the resident ipa connoisseur, kaya. delicious. thanks brotha.

  24. kayatosh Says:

    that was a good one.

  25. kayatosh Says:

    dayman: dales is a nice beer to have in your stable. switch to that smootie when you need a step down in ABV from the 7.5 IPA’s. love a dales round out a sesh.

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