TTFF: The Gems of MSG

12.28.12 (Graham Lucas)

The highlights of the Holiday Run make quite a formidable playlist, boasting many versions of the year and some jams that move beyond 2012 into the creme de la creme of the era. Enjoy!

Tweezer > Maze” 12.28 II

This refined, multi-faceted and fully-realized “Tweezer”—my pick for best of the era—leapt onto the top shelf of 2012 offerings on the very first night of the run.



Ghost > Piper” 12.31 II

Another gorgeous New Year’s Eve “Ghost” highlighted the 31st and paired up perfectly with this relentless “Piper.”



Harry Hood” 12.30 E

Trey remains incredibly active throughout this “Hood” and the rest of the band responded beautifully, vaulting it into the elite versions of 3.0.



Wolfman’s Brother > LDB > Wolfman’s” 12.28 I

Swanky funk interplay mixed with holiday cheer resulted in a surprisingly original take on “Wolfman’s.”



Disease > 20 Years Later > Carini” 12.30 II

This exploratory sequence stunned the MSG audience with its patience and sinister tone. “Disease” broke through the sterile playing of the previous three sets with a ever-darkening adventure while “Carini”—the most unique jam of the run—challenged any version ever played with its abstract and menacing path.



David Bowie” 12.28 II

The band dropped the most impressive “David Bowie” of the year to closing out the first night.


Slave to the Traffic Light” 12.30 II

It’s been a while since we heard a “Slave” that packed such an emotional wallop. At risk of sounding repetitive, I’d definitely give this version the nod for the best of the year.

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722 Responses to “TTFF: The Gems of MSG”

  1. tzara's Says:

    SF still on west coast time. They’re still eating breakfast in their head. 

  2. acleo Says:

    time keeps on slipping into the future. What a show. CARPE DIEM!!

  3. tzara's Says:

    I have to admit I kinda wanted SF to start slow to give credence to the west to east syndrome. I think I have to be for ATL, if for no other reason than watching Harbaugh lose is more fun.

  4. Mr. Palmer Says:

    ,” if for no other reason than watching Harbaugh lose is more fun.”

    Oh yeah it is… agree 100%. Falcons playing great so far. Seem to want this thing more. Long way to go. We also saw last week that Falcons are not immune to giving up a lead.

    Big fan of MSG Bowie..

  5. kayatosh Says:

    adeo; glad someone else dug that fly like an eagle cover.

  6. BNCB Says:

    Falcons playing like team that has been here. Niners looking young and inexperienced.

  7. tzara's Says:

    SEA is way better at coming back than SF though. Hawks got ahead of SF in the second to last game and they rolled over. They’re made to play close, low-scoring games.

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Julio Show

  9. tzara's Says:

    No answer for Julio Jones.

  10. MiA Says:

    Jones ate his wheaties. Looking great.

  11. BNCB Says:

    Tom Dimitroff looking pretty smart. I watched that draft.

    Julio Jones being investigated for robbing, stealing and killing the 49er Defense.

    Best 1st quarter ever for WR?

  12. acleo Says:

    KT it was part of the reason i was in the room. The element of surprise and execution of a classic bust out. A song that is at the very fabric of why we love music.

  13. phlorida phan Says:

    Whoever signed Randy Moss should be canned. He’s somehow cursed and will never win a superbowl. Rookie year 15-1 viking lose. Thought giants won superbowl against the pats, nope, moss was on the other team. Sports are just mean to peeps some times.

  14. kayatosh Says:

    ^^ agreed, acleo.

    me and julio down by the school yard.

  15. bob dylan Says:

    Gdad, I helped a dude at my job yesterday who was on his honeymoon in Africa this nye run. It was his own and he was still bitter about missing it. Said the inet in Africa is worse than 56k and couldn’t even download a song to listen to on the plane back. Said he’s been doing nye runs since 93.

  16. bob dylan Says:

    My friends Bruce and Suzie got married at the court house on 12.31 morning so they could do the show that night as their party.

    That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Wanted to go to the wedding. Jersey’d

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Nice bounce back drive for San Fran.. James… Oregon Duck

  18. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Finally 9ers! Sheesh.

  19. Willowed Says:

    “My friends Bruce and Suzie got married at the court house on 12.31 morning so they could do the show that night as their party.
    That’s how you’re supposed to do it.”

    I waited for a hiatus! Married in 2001 😉

    That’s how you do it!

  20. Mr. Palmer Says:

    ^^^ me too…2002’d

  21. BingosBrother Says:


  22. Willowed Says:

    Just got back from family stuff. Lazzer tag birthday with my son. Brought my daughter to a sleep over.

    Just stopped at the store:

    2 bottles of Merlot…….check
    Fire wood………………..check
    Stew in the crock pot….check
    Pack of Magnums………check

    Bring on the Patriot game!

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    We have a ball game. Falcons stink at blowing teams out.

  24. BooVT Says:

    Joe’s theory made me laugh. Clever observation / accusation. Not true, but funny.

    I’m psyched about this Niners comeback. I have no horse in this race, as my Giants blew it this year, so I’m just hoping for two close exciting games this week – no boring blow outs.

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Impressive answer by the falcons. Great half.

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