The Resounding Echoes Grow

Barefoot Bob (1975-2013)

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the Phish experience is the people we meet while on the ride. Amidst personal exaltation and sonic revelation, the friends we make are the most lasting treasures of the traveling circus we call home. So many of the people we hold dear at this point in life we have met through the interconnected circles of the Phish universe. As we have gotten older, however, many of us in the Phish community have dealt with unexpected losses of people with whom we have shared such powerful life experiences. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than a kindred soul plucked from the earth before his time, and on January 7, the community lost another dear friend who was taken from us far too soon. Robert Eckhart, known to many as Barefoot Bob, succumbed to cancer at the young age of 37.

Bob was a significant presence in the Phish world in several ways, specifically through his participation on and Twitter. Sharing his passion for Phish, The Grateful Dead and other bands with fans far and wide, Bob actively reccomended his favorite shows and provided copies for anyone who needed them. He helped initiate the Phish Twibe Listening Party, a weekly online get-together for participants to listen to and discuss classic Phish shows. Above all else, however, Bob was an exceptional person. His love for people and enthusiasm for music were catalysts for the formation community and close friendships, and his influence moved far beyond those who were lucky enough to meet him in person.

Barefoot Bob (right)

When Bob was diagnosed with tongue cancer in May of last year, he went through painful surgeries to have part of his tongue and the lymph nodes in his neck removed. This was followed by many difficult radiation treatments, and when his doctors finally thought he was cancer free and all he had left was to rebuild his body and learn how to speak and eat again, tumors began to appear around his stomach. The only course of action was a brutal schedule of chemotherapy. For a time, it looked like an experimental trial conducted at the University of Chicago would provide Bob and his family with a bit more time together, and he even had hopes of attending some of December’s New Year’s shows at MSG. Sadly, though, Bob’s health quickly declined. Thankfully, he and his family were able to spend one last Christmas together. Bob leaves behind his wife, Danelle, and two sons, Joseph (7) and Noah (6).

The community to which Bob gave so much of himself is now giving back to his family. Both Phish and Phish fans have generously donated more than 50 prizes for a raffle and an auction to raise money for a memorial fund  which will help pay for the education of Bob’s young boys. The prizes for the raffle include an autographed Fishman, show-used drumstick, a $100 Ticketmaster gift card and a wide variety of concert prints including a Boston 20th Anniversary Pollock. There are even more items available through the auction, including a set of two 2010 SPAC Pollocks and a set of three 2010 Atlantic City Duvals. To enter the raffle, just make $20 minimum donation to his memorial fund and then forward your email receipt to

The Eckharts

Watching our community rally around Danelle, Joseph, and Noah has been truly special, and you can contribute to this effort. Please consider entering the raffle, bidding in the auction or donating to the fund today. You’ll have a chance to pick up some incredible Phish memorabilia while helping out a family in need. We ask you to dig deep and give generously. That’s the way that Bob lived his life, and you can honor his memory by doing the same.

Complete rules for the raffle, as well as links to the auction and more on Bob’s life and courageous battle can be found here.

LINKS:  Memorial FundRaffleAuction, & Memorial Site


Jam of the Day:

Waves -> Undermind” 8.15.11 II

From what I gather, this UIC show was one of Bob’s favorite in recent years.


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  1. roberto luongo Says:

    Hawks vs Wings at UC SUnday until we get kicked out for puffin PAX’s!

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    you guys think they are gonna play that much? I’d be shocked.

  3. bob dylan Says:

    I hope to hit 100 in the next couple years. Girlfriend trips permitting. Jamaica taking valuable days off. 8) 😯

  4. thedayman Says:

    that will be sick @AW. best sports games ive ever been to are hawks wings games. unfortunately, everyone i’ve been to the hawks choked the fat one.

  5. BooVT Says:

    “I would sleep a ton and go out every night this week just in case.”

    That’s beautiful. Made me lol on the train…

  6. bob dylan Says:

    I’m always paranoid puffing at non concert events. Wonder what the penalty box would be. Luckily the vapes are stealth. May not be a bad idea to do while walking in the concourse tho.

  7. BooVT Says:

    Irie, good luck with that situation, but it sounds to me like you’re as ready as you’ll ever be… Is anyone ever really ready for that?

  8. lumpyhead Says:

    would love a return to las cruces.

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I hear that, bob. right before the BC/ND game this fall my buddy and I were sharing a preroll before walking in and trying to be somewhat stealthy about it. most were oblivious but at least one guy was mid-conversation only to drop a “oh yeah, there it is” as they passed by us. pretty obvious based on the cloud we had going, honestly.

    my general experience is that most normals have no idea unless you bust out the four footer right in front of their face.

  10. BooVT Says:

    Regarding MiA’s tripping assisting story: I’m imagining myself in the friend’s position. Tripping too hard, hiding in a closet, while medics are attending to my convulsing girlfriend. Oh, my. Understatement for definition of buzz kill, right there. What a nightmare.

  11. lumpyhead Says:

    ^yeah, that’s nuts

  12. joe Says:

    side effect of no longer being able to smoke cigarettes in public is it is harder to puff herbs there too. sporting events used to be easy to puff in seats. I first learned what weed smelled like by going to boston bruins games.

  13. BooVT Says:

    What is the minimum time that must pass between twisting and smoking for a pre-roll to be considered a pre-roll, and not just a “roll”?

  14. joe Says:

    well, I learned what shitty weed smelled like

  15. MiA Says:

    Yeah, what sucked was holding/calming him, while she was in the hospital, and trying to call our friends who knew both of them. Kinda pre-cellphone and facebook days. When I asked for her parents number he just stared at me. He was on another planet.

    Trying to get someone to go to the hospital (I panicked and claimed to the EMT’s I didn’t know her or her boyfriend … fearing they would try to take him with them or something for questioning and lock him up)

    I just didn’t want her to be “Jane Doe” in the hospital. I wanted her parents to know and go to the hospital if they could help on the medicine side.

    I ended up finding her parent’s phone number from a friend. Worst call in my life.

    He also hated her parents, and was later extremely pissed that I called them at all. Drove a big fracture through our friendship for awhile.

    Yeah, it sucked. And I had Diff Eq Final the next day.

    Oddly, I kicked ass and got an A in the class.

  16. MiA Says:

    Not a bad idea to have a sober driver around when tripping though. Shit can happen, and it’s good to have someone who knows your situation and can deal with you and the environment if you need them to.

    You know, Jimmy Carter you down off the ceiling.

  17. IrieWalton Says:

    And just like that I get an e-mail from her saying that as of five minutes ago the question has been answered.

    Gotta love the power of thought.

    However, while I’m overall relieved at not needing to face parenthood right now, what’s even more interesting was a large part of me was a bit let down.

    It’s going to be one crazy year…and we’re only 22 days into it.

    Friends and family have started to bug me for when I expect the tour dates since I’ve thrown down the mantra that I’m not committing to anything (family reunions, camping trips, weddings, etc.) this summer until the dates are released.

  18. gavinsdad Says:

    @bob d: 87-93. Rehab 93 then a couple sober miami dead shows in 94 and a
    Couple sober ones in Tampa 95. Then Garcia closed the book.

  19. gavinsdad Says:

    Fun drive in my “spacecraft” after Raleigh ’10 after the mind baby and a 14 year hiatus.

    Just like riding a bike.

  20. voopa Says:

    Back in the day I was the designated tripping driver. Never failed a mission.

  21. P.S.H.S. Says:

    cleaned out a vial at cccc in 99 first night with a few freinds, then watched one of them get duck taped to a stretcher after set break, scary time. when i came back they were still playing sand, so all was good. he showed back up at the hotel at 4am like nothing happenend.

  22. BingosBrother Says:

    He was pissed at you? Fuck that guy.

    In a Madison dorm, shroomin balls, middle of winter. About 6 of us shroomin, including 1 sober Johnny Rocket. Smoked a big ol j and someone must of called the popo due to the smell. Tiny asian girl, 90 lbs soaking wet, 1st time trippin, gets up saying she’s going to piss. Boom, hits the deck while reaching for the doorknob. Tripping balls commencing. Scream “Johnny, go get someone who’s not tripping!(Obv forgetting he was sober) Cops open the door on asian girls head saying “whats that about tripping?” TRIPPY. My friend still has a tray full of bud on his lap, commences to pull off the most ninja like sequence I’ve ever seen. Kid stops time, lifts up the corner of the carpet with his toe, flings the herb under it, and has a tray full of nothing in 0.0 seconds. Cops don’t bother to see if girl is ok and proceed to shake us all down. Find nothing, give us the funniest anti-drug lecture ever made, leave. I go to a party and make the worst decision ever, turning down a threesome with 2 hot ass chicks. Madison, bitches.

  23. gavinsdad Says:

    ^PT thread starter @Bingos. Nice.

    Don’t really like any story featuring tripping and cops.

  24. Aquaman Says:

    “…now son, do you happen to have any Allman Brothers?”


  25. phlorida phan Says:

    ^did the asian girl play dead throughout that whole ordeal bingosbro?

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