TTFM: The Third Ten of 2012

12.28.12, MSG Graham Lucas)

12.28.12, MSG (Graham Lucas)

These jams are getting increasingly hard to put in any logical order, but the bottom line is that here we are with ten more very strong pieces of improv from 2012—and Friday I’ll lay down ten more.

30.Sand -> Nellie Kane” 6/8 II, Worcester, MA

An experiment in fusing robo-funk with bluegrass results in some very melodic groove interplay that evokes the feeling of late-’70s Grateful Dead dance jams.



29. “Carini” 8/31 I, Denver, CO

This was the first sign that IT was going down at Dick’s.



28. “Tweezer” 8/17 II, San Francisco, CA

The underrated “Tweezer” of the year moves from hard groove into filthy, storage-esque ambience.



27. Ghost” 12/31 II, MSG, NY

Overshadowed by the golf gag, this “Ghost” is actually quite gorgeous.



26. “Golden Age” 7/3 II, Wantagh, NY

Jones Beach’s “Golden Age” migrates into a final passage of downtempo, psych rock.



25.  “Simple” 8/18 II, San Francisco, CA

An abstract and melodic excursion in Bay Area psychedelia; a severely underrated jam.



24. “Wolfman’s Brother > LDB > Wolfman’s” 12.28 I, MSG, NY

Unconventional dance grooves merge with “Little Drummer Boy” tightly woven into pocket.



23. “Tweezer” 8.22 II, Kansas City, MO

A cathartic second set opener in the Heartland with quite the peak.



22. “Piper” 7/8 II, Saratoga Springs, NY

This locked in version reprises the “Light” jam from earlier in the set.



21. “Runaway Jim” 8/31 II, Denver, CO

Though not the most focused jam in the world, this “Jim” certainly hits some sweet spots along the way.

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1,075 Responses to “TTFM: The Third Ten of 2012”

  1. stapes Says:

    Might order those glasses. Thx Kaveh!

  2. BNCB Says:

    Bruce Lee Movie. Obviously.

  3. Fly Says:

    Fly by:

    Miss you. I hope to have more BB time come April.

    Asking for some BB vibes on Feb. 25/26. Interview for a job I’d love to have.

    Love to all on Valentine’s Day.

  4. gavinsdad Says:

    @stapes – i like the nugget cause it’s an amber (imperial if we must) and i dig the Gordo/gnite cause i guess it’s a red ale? it’s fucking delicious is what it is and if i had more time i’d just hype that brew all day. especially good real cold can to glass.

    at leo weavers in 2010 i had boont amber right out of the can. snappy and delish.

  5. Kaveh Says:

    @punkmug: when are we getting together for beer?!

  6. stapes Says:

    Totally Gdad. Love the G’knight. They are now calling it an imperial red IPA.

  7. punkmug Says:

    Kaveh, Maybe tomorrow night after work? (depending on if the SWMBO heads out of town for the weekend…otherwise she already has plans for me)

  8. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    i am going to chime in on the beer talk. for those of you that are into ipa’s, but live in colder areas and would like something more robust, drink black ipa. black ipa’s are perfect for hop heads living in colder climates. before hitting up elevation beer co (where i scored some very rad porter) i was drinking sante fe brewing company’s black ipa- very easy drinking at 7.1%.

    on a phish note- the only shows i think i can swing this summer are san francisco and colorado… my girl is ready to pop with child.

  9. punkmug Says:

    @Headybro. I love me some Black IPA. We have a really great new one here in MPLS, Indeed Brewing – Midnight Ryder. Great stuff, its a nice compliment to their really nice IPA called Daytripper. (both are canned btw)

    Kaveh, If tomorrow could work out how does meeting at Indeed sound? I hear they’re releasing Hotbox – Pepper Porter. ..sounds like it could be interesting.

  10. SillyWilly Says:

    Thanks to whoever (TypeIII, maybe) posted that link

    They had a best 100 beer bars in the nation list.

    Apparently one of the best beer bars in the USA is (according to Google maps) a 19 second walk from my front door.

    made my afternoon.

  11. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    my current favorite black ipa is the Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet (and it’s big brother the 1.5 which is double hopped)

  12. Kaveh Says:

    @punkMug: let’s touch base tomorrow…Indeed is totally fine with me.

  13. punkmug Says:

    Deschuttes – Hop in the Dark is another good Black IPA.

    @Kaveh. Sounds good. I’ll be in touch.

  14. SillyWilly Says:

    I love G’Knight.

    could drink it for the rest of my life.

  15. SillyWilly Says:

    punkmug and kaveh

    if you can find New Glarus Black Top

    best Wisconsin black ipa offering, in my opinion

  16. sumodie Says:

    Great lineup announced today for Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival at MassMOCA in North Adams, MA

    White Denim, MMW, Marc Ribot, Os Mutantes, Foxygen, Dream Syndicate, Yo La Tengo and more

    Always want to go (only 75 min from me) and always get swamped with stupid shit like Phish. Maybe this year…

  17. punkmug Says:

    I’m on board with pretty much all NG beer. Great stuff! We have to head over to Hudson, WI to get it though since they only distribute in WI. They make one of my favorite pilsner’s – Hometown Blonde.

  18. stapes Says:

    Put an order in with the bro- in-law to bring out dome Bell’s, Founder’s, and Three Floyd s if he can find it.

  19. sumodie Says:

    Nugget Nectar is a top shelf beer

    But last year when I bought some I was only wanting IPAs flavors, so it took a while for me to reset my taste buds to enjoy NN for what it actually is

    Downloaded more Föllakzoid from the bandcamp website. Was elated to discover, for the same price, one could dl their albums in one of several formats (mp3, ALAC, flac). Awesome! Wish sites like Amazon and iTunes would allow the same. No freaking way am I paying $$ for mp3s

  20. stapes Says:

    That’s a great lineup Sumo. I remember asking you about that fest at Dicks.

  21. Kaveh Says:

    if you can find New Glarus Black Top

    ^ Already had a couple two, three 6-packs. Everytime I’m home in WI, I grab some. Very good beer. So is their “Two Women” and “Moon Man”

  22. SillyWilly Says:

    “But last year when I bought some I was only wanting IPAs flavors, so it took a while for me to reset my taste buds to enjoy NN for what it actually is.”

    This raises a great issue.

    I think this happens to me. I want one certain taste all the time, and I dismiss other great flavors for THE ONE TRUE HOP.

    Living in Wisconsin with it’s lack of truly BIG hops, allows for more appreciation of the German styles.

    Bock is where it’s at in Wisco.

  23. plord Says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, fuckity fuck fuck.

    A guy who works for me kicked all known ass last year, just annihilated anything I asked him to work on, interviewed new hires and mentored them when they came on board, taught training courses, you name it. He was the primary engineer on a couple million bucks of new business (literally, not a figure of speech), and basically outperformed every other sales engineer in the company. He did this while simultaneously undergoing chemo and radiation treatment for colorectal cancer.

    I went to the mat for him in reviews, got him a monster raise, President’s club (Medditerranean boat trip in May), new title, the works.

    Based on his latest news, his new treatment plan, some sidelong comments, and his general demeanor, I get the distinct suspicion he isn’t going to live long enough to enjoy any of this recognition.

    I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But I have had an unfortunate number of cancer patients in my family and I am getting that feeling.

    Fuck cancer. Right in its cancer-hole.

    Fuck it with harpoons.

  24. SillyWilly Says:

    damn, Plord.

    vibes, man.

  25. stapes Says:

    Silly nailed it. I get bogged down with hops and only crave bigger and bolder hop flavors. Still like all styles, but crave the hops. Winter time is good for me to jump into more stouts, porters, etc. But I’m a hop head at heart.

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