TTFF: 50 and a Short Poll


12-28-12 (Graham Lucas)


Here are ten more jams/sequences—unranked—that take the next ten slots in 2012’s Top 50. Below, I threw in a random reader’s poll. Take a few seconds to weigh in on some Phishy questions.

Tweezer” 8/26 II, Charlotte, NC

This jam could be ranked higher.



Back On the Train -> Hold Your Head Up” 6/28 II, Noblesville, IN

A rare move outside the lines of “BOTT” brought the show to outer space.



Disease > Sand -> Twist” 6/29 II, Noblesville, IN

This sequence felt like the start of a huge set.



Stash” 8/22 I, Kansas City, MO

A first set scorcher, one of the dark horse chunks of leg two.



Golden Age -> 2001” 6/30 II, East Troy, WI

A hearty dose of whole-band funk at Alpine.



Crosseyed > Slave” 6/16 II, Atlantic City, NJ

Solid Phish through and through.



Twist > Piper > Billy Breathes” 6/15 II, Atlantic City, NJ

A quality, mid-set chunk of 6/15’s second set.



Run Like an Antelope” 7/3 II, Wantagh, NY

A full-throttle run through the set closer.



Drowned > 2001 > Reba” 6/17 II, Atlantic City, NJ

Another high-quality start of a set.



Tweezer” 6/10 I, Manchester, TN

The Bonnaroo “Tweezer.” The best of Leg One.



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3,087 Responses to “TTFF: 50 and a Short Poll”

  1. Sumodie Says:

    MiA, Föllakzoid on…? I can’t find them listed there

    Buy lossless Föllakzoid at bandcamp, cheap too. I’ve grabbed their previous album & ep, both very worthy tho the new album, II, is best. The fuzz tone of the guitar(s) makes my every molecule wanna vibrate apart. Makes for super trippy walks outside in the natural environment (& partially helps to distract me from my dog’s incessant quest for tasty poo)

  2. Sumodie Says:

  3. Dorn76 Says:

    Chance to score some even more bigtime recruits with that profile too. I’d expect that league to take off.

    No titles from that group since when, G’Town?

  4. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers…hope all is well today.

  5. Dorn76 Says:

    dates or dick punch, your call K.

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    llfa, dorn

  7. Sumodie Says:

    What’s today’s tease, Kaveh? ;0>

  8. Kaveh Says:

    As usual: I got nothing…

  9. Kaveh Says:

    But these people have what we have already seen:

  10. YborCity Says:

    You guys like Follakzoid? I love II! Speaking of Chilean psych-rock, though, are you guys listing to Holydrug Couple too? Both are crazy goood!

  11. ren Says:

    Surely you can devise some clever hints @Kaveh that will not be giving up actual secrets…we are a smart bunch 😉

  12. ren Says:

    I think Kaveh found out that the festi is still on.

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    Folkazoid is like a clean dose. Hope to see them monday.

  14. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Looks like the Chicago dates got a little bit sweeter! Besides Pitchfork, looks like New Kids on the Block on Thursday. What a great way to kick off a Chicago weekend of music!

  15. tela'smuff Says:

    i think it’s fest related. i’m sure it won’t happen, but i love the idea of a festival at Northerly Island. not sure how they do camping for that of any size. it would be acknowledging the fan base are a bunch of 40 year old ballers posting up in hotels.

  16. Dorn76 Says:

    I’m stuck on a rumored 7/3 in Bangor, but nothing on 7/4?

    Bangor is at the foot of some amazing wilderness.

  17. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I like my sand jams how I like my women: quadrophonically toppled.

  18. sumodie Says:

    Stay strong & silent, Kaveh. Just giving you a hard time

    I did have fantasies last night of Northerly Island becoming a festi. A real festi means i’d have to go, a fest not festi ala Bader (which I’m betting is actually happening), then I’d be very torn…

    Looking forward to Tuesday’s trifecta: my b-day, Tame Impala, and tasty phish dates. Would be glad to miss the first but haven’t figured out how to stop time just yet, tho spinning Follakzoid does make time stop temporarily

  19. ren Says:

    Having people treck to DCU mid week is one thing….having them treck to Bangor is on a different level.

    Not sure I’m buying into this one Maybe if it looks more like this??

    7/4 Portland
    7/5,6,7 SPAC

    Sick little run…but would be tough to pull off….oh yeah and FUCK SPAC….Bethel people….Bethel

  20. ren Says:

    This looks MUCH BETTER:

    7/3-Holmdel, NJ
    7/4- Nassau

  21. gavinsdad Says:

    pliny the younger quest begins soon. getting lunch w graphic designer friend to actually talk work at 12:30…they tap get of younger at 2pm. hoping leisurely lunch keeps me in my spot thru 2pm and i can get a taste.

    also hoping maybe kaya and calpain somehow materialize while keg is still pouring.

  22. ren Says:



  23. Dorn76 Says:

    Yeah I’m not sold on any of these dates I guess. Fun to think about.

  24. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    didn’t read that FB thread to check, but has anyone asked the obvious question regarding an actual fest (i.e. with camping) at Northerly Island?

    and maybe this is being like urbanly-insensitive or something, but what do you do to handle the clash of naive phishies and “resident” homeless people in that area? yeah, I know it is a touchy subject but it sure seems like something they would have to consider.

  25. BNCB Says:

    Follakzoid, GOAT,

    NOT too soft.

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