TTFF: 1996—The Transitional Year

8.4.96 Red Rocks

8.4.96 Red Rocks

Inspired by some recent banter in the Twittersphere…

Wilson > Disease” 8.14 I, Hershey, PA

Right off the bat in Hershey, the band dropped this opening sequence



Mike’s > Lifeboy” 8.13 II, Noblesville, IN

An adventurous mid-’90s “Mike’s” in the yet-to-be developed Cornfields of Deer Creek.



Tweezer” 8.14 II, Hershey, PA

Legend has always said it that this Herhsey show before The Clifford Ball wasn’t so hot. I never understood that assessment. Here’s another reason why.



Mike’s Song” 10.29 II, Tallahassee, FL

A percussion-drenched “Houses in Motion” jam laces the latter part of this jam in the final show before their seminal “Remain In Light” Halloween set.



The Great Curve” 10.31 II, Atlanta, GA

Speaking of “Remain in Light,” I saw this Tweet yesterday and I immediately agreed.

If you’re not familiar…



Crosseyed > Antelope” 11.2 II, West Palm Beach, FL

The band began to shape-shift on the first night after Halloween as Karl Perazzo stayed on tour for a few.



Tweezer” 11.11 II Grand Rapids, MI

A post-Halloween signpost on the long road to Cow Funk.



2001 > Llama” 12.6 I, Las Vegas, NV

One of the early, jammed-out versions from the final night of tour.



Tweezer” 12.1 II, Los Angeles, CA

Three “Tweezers” on Friday? I dig it. This is a monster from the tail end of Fall Tour.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 8.17 II, Plattsburgh, NY

An all-time classic.

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556 Responses to “TTFF: 1996—The Transitional Year”

  1. BNCB Says:

    Rangers looking strong on Nat TV Palmer.

  2. BNCB Says:

    I liked today’s interview with Trey. Can’t believe I woke up in time.

    Does a show like Hands On A’ have a set run-time on Broadway? Or does it it run as long as tickets sell?

  3. IrieWalton Says:

    Needless to say, but Greensky blew the roof off the Wonder Ballroom last night in Portland. The band and the fans were locked in from the get go.

    Band was already pimpin’ their Thursday night headlining slot at the NW String Summitt in July.

    Plus the venue’s side patio at set break was like a freakin strain clinic with glass and spiffs in excess with folks crammed in, but all smiles and high fives. Reminded me a bit of the Mateel’s patio in BNCB’s part of Cascadia Nation.

    Jam’ed the ‘eff out bluegrass to end a sixty degree day in the bubble.

    Yup, that’s what I like.

  4. angryjoggerz Says:

    Jetlag kicking my ass today, got the bends

  5. sumodie Says:

    Broadway shows run till they stop selling enough tix, esp the musicals

    Shows built around a big star, mostly nonmusicals, tend to run till the star’s contract is up, like the new play with Tom Hanks

    Hardbody still in preview mode, so no officials reviews allowed just yet. Opens march 21 i think, wont know till after that date if Hardbody has legs

    No matter what i’d bet Trey gets a tony nomination

  6. sumodie Says:

    In the cbs interview did trey actually say he invested his own cash in Hardbody? Cause I’d already assumed that

    I sure hope we earn back some dividends this summer

  7. BingosBrother Says:

    Irie ftw

  8. BNCB Says:

    Down here this Tuesday @IrieDubs

  9. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    here’s the interview link. not sure why everyone made a big deal over this thing… i guess bc we don’t have dates and have nothing else to talk about.

  10. xpun Says:

    @BNCB. No problem buddy. I can accept your positive vibes at any time.

    Set up here to do about 40-50 surgeries for people that other wise wouldn’t get care. Fun times.

    Surprised no one else in the band stepped up and wrote while trey was hard bodying it. But hopefully we can get some new phish soon. Guess the album is a no go for this year? Once your starts sounds like it will be fairly consistent for the rest of the year. So is the spring for families or album? I’d think family, but I ain’t often right.

  11. xpun Says:

    Tour…..not your

  12. Spasm Waiter Says:

    I think the reason people made a bid deal is bc of a rumor that he was going to announce the band being finished after 2013.

  13. tela'smuff Says:

    btw, the only place that rumor came from was here (that I saw), so probably why there was some chatter @DF.

    the biggest question from the interview is who/what will he be writing new music for?

  14. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    looking up flights for denver… probably can’t afford it……..

  15. Sumodie Says:

    DF, thanx for the CBS link

    Regardless of one’s take on Hardbody, that’s an excellent (but short) trey interview with great vid clips. The man is clearly excited about creating more new music

    But you’re right, Tela’s, for whom will trey write? I still believe he wants to write more phish tunes, only question is when…

    And yeah, trey looks ‘old’/ his age in the interview, but it’s a healthy tired look as opposed to unhealthy/strung out

    Another gorgeous day here in western ma, summer’s coming… ;0>

  16. Sumodie Says:

    I thought that lame-o hiatus/breakup rumor came from phish if not the greenboard

    It would be better to identify the online source for rumors posted here unless you truly get them offline (if offline then make sure your source isn’t simply grabbing them from the net too)

  17. tela'smuff Says:

    the announcement of a break-up via CBS seemed to be an addition to the beat break-up rumor from look ma, i have a Phish website!!

  18. garretc Says:

    I thought it was a not elaborated upon Miner post that started the announcing the break up rumor?

    Regardless, glad that’s not how that panned out, although I had my doubts…

    So lets get some m’fuckin dates up in this place on Tuesday, trying to get my Gorge on

  19. kayatosh Says:

    streamable archive link to the 3.7 kimock show at the blockley in philly. (did not attend; too too)

    great lineup: kimock + B.worrell + andy hess + wally ingram

  20. kayatosh Says:

    ^^^ make that the 3.8.13 show

  21. bob dylan Says:


  22. kayatosh Says:

    re. lagunita’s. Butter is pro; someone else here was unimpressed. Their ipa is okay, the maximus is skippable, but the sucks was $$$. will be looking for that one again.

    and lil sumpin sumpin ale has become a go-to brew. similar aroma and taste profile to the troegs perpetual IPA, which like LSS is 7.5%. golden orange and clear. $$$ aroma of tropical fruit, tupelo honey, and meadow flowers. smooth taste. wheat aspect mellows the hop bite w/o covering it. delightfully smooth. does not taste like a wheat beer. wow. $$$.

    and, as always, fresh makes a big difference.

  23. kayatosh Says:

    anyone checking out that kimock show. go straight to track 3 — There’s Gonna Be Butter.

    lush life

  24. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Hope everybody has had a great weekend!

    Did tory announce the final curtainwith the band will be at teh close of this year?

    All without ever playing in Hawaii?

  25. IrieWalton Says:

    Walked into the bottle shop at the top of my block owned by a nice young couple from the neighborhood.

    “Hey Lisa, have you gotten any Russian River?”

    “Yah, we just got Pliny on Friday that I’m holding behind the counter.
    Do you want one or two? Oh, and there’s Stone Ruination in the cooler.”

    Damn. Blessed.

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