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Summer Tour 2013

There’s nothing like a fresh set of dates. Despite the accuracy of the rumors you had the previous week, once he band posts their schedule, the time between now and then is posted on a virtual countdown timer that we all carry with us to some degree. Whether you are planning on hitting every show or just a few, downloading every show or hearing them when you do, the infusion of new Phish music douses our collective consciousness with vitality and life force. When dates drop, all of this gets brought to the surface again and everything gets jacked up for a few minutes or a few hours, depending who we are, in anticipation of what is to come. And this year the band has changed it up.

Instead of splitting up their summer into a two-pronged attack, Phish’s first tour of their 30th year is a month-long stretch spanning both coasts and evoking the feel of a late ‘90s summer circuit. Starting in Maine and finishing in Los Angeles, the band will play 22 shows with a 3-day encore in Colorado over Labor Day Weekend. I’d go over all the venues one by one, but Hidden Track has got that covered. What immediately stands out to me upon looking at the docket is the plentitude of multi-night runs and the long-overdue, west coast love. Making things easy for travelers, all but five shows are in the context of multi-night runs. And with all due respect to the east coast, 3.0 mainstays such as Jones Beach, Merriweather and Alpharetta, the golden stretch of this summer runs down the left coast for a change.

The Gorge '09 (W.Rogell)

The Gorge ’09 (Wendy Rogell)

To cap their month of touring, Phish will fly from Chicago to Washington State for 13th and 14th shows at The Gorge, and their the fifth and sixth of the modern era. Since 1997, every time the band has ventured into the Columbia River Gorge they have reaped some of their most creative exploits of their respective tours. There’s nothing quite like seeing Phish at The Gorge, and who knows how many more times they will go back? Taking two days off the band will hit up Lake Tahoe for a mid-week twin bill. Although the venue at Harvey’s amounts to a parking lot, being in the mountains for the other 20 hours of the day will provide quite the worthy tour stop. The band’s 8/9/11 show at Harvey’s remains one of the universally underrated shows of this era. The band will head back to the Bay and back to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for a late summer three-pack that looks to be quite the end-of-tour blowout. With a standout show under their belt in the building, the band returns almost a year to 8/19/12 for three more shows that are in prime position. Instead of playing the intimate arena at the beginning of a tour, the band should come in a well-oiled machine—see Dick’s last year. Phish will hop down to LA and close their tour with one show at Hollywood Bowl. Marking their second show under the visually electric shell, the band will play a one-off show in the glitzy surroundings of the music industry’s epicenter.

As an encore to the tour, the band will play their annual, end-of-summer date at everyone’s favorite soccer stadium in Commerce City, Colorado—a stand-alone, three-night run at Dick’s over Labor Day Weekend. The band’s first two stands at Dick’s have provided some of the strongest music of their respective summers, and I see no reason why that trend would stop now. With a month to go deep, the band will showcase what they found over the course of the season in the Rockies of Denver. The thinner summer schedule suggests the fall tour that everybody assumes is right around the corner, but one thing at a time here.

8.19.2012 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Ken Scelfo)

8.19.2012 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Ken Scelfo)

Two other runs that jump out at me are the opening weekend and Chicago. The the obscure tour-opener on July 3 in Bangor, Maine is a no-brainer must-see show. Nothing else needs to be said about that. With one day off, the band will back that up with a three pack at SPAC over the holiday weekend. This run has throwback written all over it, and Bangor’s date is reminiscent of The Ballpark in Old Orchard Beach, ME on July 3, 1994. The second attention-grabbing destination shows are in Chicago over the second weekend of July. Taking place at Charter One Pavilion on Northerly Island looking back at the city, this venue will be a first for Phish, but I’ve only heard great things.

Additionally, Phish will dip into Canada right after SPAC to good ‘ol Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, the site of two shows in ’99 and ’00, for the first time since 2000. It is good to see them return to the over-sized GA floor at Alpharetta and leave Lakewood a fixture of the ‘90s. This month-long jaunt is rounded out with routine tour stops at PNC, Jones Beach and two nights at Merriweather.

Tickets requests are available now for just under two weeks. More on the tour as things get closer. Good luck in the lottery and take the brief Summer Tour Poll below.

7/3 Bangor Waterfront Pavilion – Bangor, Maine
7/5-7/7 Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, New York
7/9 Molson Amphitheatre – Toronto, Ontario
7/10 PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, New Jersey
7/12 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, New York
7/13-14 Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, Maryland
7/16-17 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Alpharetta, Georgia
7/19-21 Northerly Island – Chicago, Illinois
7/26-27 Gorge Amphitheatre – George, Washington
7/30-31 Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys – Stateline, Nevada
8/2-4 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, California
8/5 Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, California
8/30-9/1 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park – Commerce City, Colorado

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  1. sumodie Says:

    The horror… the horror…

  2. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Never get off the boat.

  3. willowed Says:

    Love the multi-night runs. Band will be comfortable, which will lead to open jams.

    Looks like a light summer for me though.

    Jones B., Spac possible Dick’s.

    Dates dropped while I was away from the computer. Who has my lodging near JB? I am a non-wook and have cash.

  4. MiA Says:


  5. MiA Says:

    Good to see a Slickasquatch sighting last night too.

    Negev may even come out of the woodwork…

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    love the video and the overall idea of this tour, but the dates don’t work for the disorder family schedule too much, unfortunately. might have to gonzo a show or two in here somewhere.

    it does leave the fall looking extremely ripe for a huge northeast helping of shows though, but I don’t want to count on that now, do I?

    should be fun watching the mail order and ticket machinations as always…

    gonna have to figure out whether to do the annual contests and other shenanigans too.

    no matter what, life is better when there is a phish tour afoot!

  7. Guyute711 Says:

    This is a good way to wake up.

  8. poop goblin Says:

    Interesting sumo

    I had totally opposite thoughts on tame impala

    Great drummer that held down a psych groove all night that allowed the washy guitar tonal band to do their work

    Washy waves of rollin psych with numerous interesting guitar tones and feels on every track

  9. poop goblin Says:

    But they will never be TIGHT

    Animal collective, mgmt, impala all play a looser noiser take on their studio material live

    It works for me. I like things a little dirty and wavering

  10. ren Says:

    Morning all! Nice musings Miner.

    Flights from NYC to Denver are $266 roundtrip right now. Anyone remember what they paid last year for a similar itinerary? Seems like a good price.

  11. BingosBrother Says:

    Will there be more dares between hwood and dicks? Seems kinda odd to have a month off. Might have some rusty dicks if so.

  12. ren Says:

    Unless maybe they realized they need to use what would have been tour time to get back in the studio. I would think the studio also gains something from tour momentum

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    RIP, Peter Banks

  14. MiA Says:

    This is a song from our upcoming album…

  15. ren Says:

    Exactly MiA! Plus I think they want to bring some newness into the rotation for Fall

  16. ren Says:

    Nassau Coliseum news

    Someone needs to let Phish know about this so it doesn’t interfere with any Fall plans

  17. [Not Tom] Says:

    @bingos – they’ve had time off in front of Dick’s the past two years. Stay calm and carry on.

    It’ll be Alpharetta mid-week and Dick’s Labor Day run for this guy.

  18. [Not Tom] Says:

    Hoping they return to the Mothership in early December for their 30th

  19. ren Says:

    There gonna hit all the old school sheds in fall 😉

  20. jonacho Says:

    significant friction with my significant other regarding significant summer
    great poll question

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I heard they are playing nectar’s open mic night for the 30th anny

  22. MiA Says:

    $1525 “pre-order” was kinda a kick in the balls.

  23. neemor Says:

    My humble predictions for the East Coast:

    PNC will be a robust, full and possibly more importantly, beautiful show.
    This is where the tour’s ultimate Light will come from.
    Do not sleep on night two, MPP. Those who brave the lot scene will be paid in spades.
    7/6 will be the winner jam of the Coast with Mike’s Groove, based almost solely on the skullfucking much-anticipated second jam in Mike’s.
    And finally, the Split Open and Melt that drops in the first set in Canada will completely redefine the song.

    See you all on the road!

  24. ren Says:

    Mrs. Ren surprised me pretty good last night. She’s been excited for dates but I think that has a lot to do with my excitement. I handed her a printout of the dates and shes goes

    “You know I have friends in Chicago with an extra room that would love to see us right?”

    Glad I scored a good one.

  25. phoammhead Says:

    lots of room for phishiness this year . . . i expect . . . whoops strike that . . . great opportunity to go with the phlow and just enjoy all that is the phish

    chi-town and dicks here . . . flights and hoteys all booked

    playing to win

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