Reader’s Picks: Marc “Kaya” Tosh

SPAC 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

SPAC 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

All text and selections by @Kayatosh

Mango Song > Jam” 9.17.00 II, Columbia, MD

A loose, tired sounding version that feels like it might fall apart at any moment but doesn’t thanks to Page Piano. After the triumph of successfully holding it together, a dark, percussive, free-form jam emerges.



Yamar” 11.2.96 II, West Palm Beach, FL


One that slipped through the cracks the last time Miner covered 1996. Karl Perazzo enhanced.



David Bowie” 6.24.95 II, Philadelphia, PA

This long form version starts off promisingly with a spacey intro.  The “Low Rider” flavored jam hints at the funk the band would actively mine in the next few years.  From the chunky funk, the jam journeys into a slower, softer vibe that retains the trademark 95 dark edge. A subsequent move into speed metal features Trey out front blazing a white hot path with the other three matching his intensity.



McGrupp” 8.7.93, Darien Lake, NY

A confident version of a favorite Phish tune from a golden era. Page tickling the ivories; Fishman tickling the washboard. See also, 11.30.94 McGrupp for more of Page channeling Keith Jarret.



Jam > Leprechaun” 8.24.93 Sndchk, Vancouver, BC

Four-way bluesy, uninhibited play. A pocket so deep you could lose a joint in it. Listen to Fishman’s super human fills. Midway through the 10 minute jam, Fishman settles on a steady groove, and the jam becomes a composed sounding romp. And then the elusive Leprechaun does his jig.



Chalkdust Torture” 7.16.94 II, Sugarbush, VT

A take no prisoners, almost off the rails, “Barracuda” teased Dust, featuring Trey in berserker mode.



Sneakin Sally > Frankie Says” 4.2.98 II, Uniondale, NY

Slower, thicker version of a classic phish groove vehicle. Your head will involuntarily bob as the laid-back, syncopated riffs start bumping up against your brain.   “Sally” jam slides smoothly and gradually into “Frankie Says,” which features a nimble fingered Trey.



Ghost > Drowned” 12.28.97 II, Landover, MD

Silky, late ’97 funk feel with a healthy dose of clavination. “Ghost’s” jam is of the hypnotic variety with intermittent hints of “Psycho Killer.” After you’ve been mellowed to the point of floating, the jam inconspicuously swirls into a funnel cone (twice), stops on a dime, and then launches into “Drowned!” Trey’s strong Hendrix impression in the “Drowned” jam finishes off the listener. Listen for The Note. “Drowned” jam concludes in soft, spacious fashion.



Makiuspa Policeman” 11.23.96 II, Vancouver, BC

“Woke up in the morning. Border Guard in my Bunk.” Listen for the Star Wars effects.



Bathtub Gin -> Cities -> Jam” 7.1.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

July ’97, Amsterdam — a time traveler’s dream destination. There’s a segment mid-“Gin” that mirrors the feeling of falling down stairs in slow motion. After a slick “Gin” theme tease, the jam patiently builds to a murky, not quite peaked conclusion that becomes the intro to “Cities.” The “Cities” jam sonically represents what it might feel like to be adrift at sea on a gelatinous raft. After all “Cities” flavor has been wrung from the jam, an ambient, looped section takes hold of your dome and places you right on the back of the worm. By mid ’97, this band was an ear candy machine.



Timber Ho!” 7.26.97 II, Austin, TX

More liquid gold from July 97 with a looped out, cosmic jump rope jam conclusion before the “Timber” themed coda.

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399 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Marc “Kaya” Tosh”

  1. Mr. Palmer Says:

    yes BNCB.. what frit0- said.

  2. jonacho Says:

    I am glad I have non-wook status.
    perhaps I should reveal…ex-wook status.
    great to share a beer with Tzaras.

    Trey…yes – why not on a tuesday night?

  3. jonacho Says:

    Tzaras is not a wook either.
    a fine upstanding gentlemen of good vintage

  4. IrieWalton Says:

    Welcome, jonacho. Glad to have another Member in the Cascadian Contigent on the BB. Holler if you ever get down to Stumptown.

  5. MiA Says:

    Funny I was on/reading r.m.p back then frito. Didn’t work for me. Was kinda quiet though.

  6. frit0pendej0 Says:

    I only got 4/2 from r.m.p. That board was pretty good to me over the years. Got me to Halloween 94 and Albany 95 among others.

  7. tzara's Says:

    @irie, sorry I missed you when I was down. We were doing PDX on the fly. Quick pint of Boneyard at Henry’s on 12th, cocktail at Clyde Common (ancho chile popcorn FTW) and dinner at Little Bird (underwhelming). Super quick trip.

  8. IrieWalton Says:

    No worries, Tzara’s. sounds like my type of trip. Love the ice rail at Henry’s bar to chill your pint and the top shelf booze at the common is one of the nicer selections in the city. Next time you should grab dinner there, too, if you haven’t before.

  9. xpun Says:

    Perusing 98 on phishtracks and damn there were some short shows back then. All killer no filler.

    7-1-98 set II and encore 69 min. 7-2 is 75 min.

    So do you take less phish without filler or more for your buck? I’ll take the lesser

  10. [an unrelated] wilson Says:

    everything everyone says about the Island Tour is true.
    the rooms were hot.
    the crowd was hot.
    the jams were so perfect as to sound rehearsed.
    each night fed off the previous night (i prefer nights 2 & 3).
    a nice wide range of what phish could do, scattered over four nights.
    the quick announcement/show turnaround time was exciting.
    I had never been to Providence, so that was cool.
    oh yeah – new music.

    just a special four nights. very possibly the high water mark.

  11. MiA Says:

    Xpun, If you’re cruising around ’98, check the Dallas Starplex YEM. And the Greek Theater (10/29) Reba. The space > Hendrix shred Reba. And a beautiful cover of the Beatles “Something” for encore.

  12. tzara's Says:

    Wish we would’ve went there, irie, but since we were staying there at the Ace, we wanted to venture around a little. The Clyde Common Negroni is great though.

  13. xpun Says:

    I know I’ve tagged that Reba but not sure about the yem. Thanks.

    I remember being at a party at my neighbors and them saying yeah phish is playing 4 shows at the beginning of April. I think we had just a couple days til onsale and then just a few weeks to the shows. Sweetness. Don’t sleep in the 99 Nassau shows either. Great run >Albany.

  14. xpun Says:

    I know I’ve tagged that Reba but not sure about the yem. Thanks.

    I remember being at a party at my neighbors and them saying yeah phish is playing 4 shows at the beginning of April. I think we had just a couple days til onsale and then just a few weeks to the shows. Sweetness. Don’t sleep in the 99 Nassau shows either. Great run >Albany.

  15. xpun Says:


  16. xpun Says:

    Although now that I think about I always associate stabbings with MiA but he has really cut back lately. Way to go my man. Got that shit under control.

  17. MiA Says:

    One day at a time.

    What isn’t under control is this Starplex PYITE. Frantic super high speed opening.

  18. xpun Says:

    Radio unfriendly. Really long and really slow.

  19. Mr.Miner Says:

    The space > Hendrix shred Reba

    ^ funny description for that Reba. Probably my favorite with St. Denis.

  20. MiA Says:

    I agree Miner.

    The Reba > Walk Away is one of my favs.

  21. jonacho Says:

    Thanks Irie.
    Tzaras – perhaps we share an appreciation of the Negroni, something that we did not discuss.
    A truly fantastic drink.

  22. MiA Says:

    Not listening to this Reba … That’s a stabbin’

  23. tzara's Says:

    @jonacho– I make a mean one. I’ll prove it one day soon.

  24. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Way to little sleep for a day of interviews!

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