Reader’s Picks: Marc “Kaya” Tosh

SPAC 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

SPAC 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

All text and selections by @Kayatosh

Mango Song > Jam” 9.17.00 II, Columbia, MD

A loose, tired sounding version that feels like it might fall apart at any moment but doesn’t thanks to Page Piano. After the triumph of successfully holding it together, a dark, percussive, free-form jam emerges.



Yamar” 11.2.96 II, West Palm Beach, FL


One that slipped through the cracks the last time Miner covered 1996. Karl Perazzo enhanced.



David Bowie” 6.24.95 II, Philadelphia, PA

This long form version starts off promisingly with a spacey intro.  The “Low Rider” flavored jam hints at the funk the band would actively mine in the next few years.  From the chunky funk, the jam journeys into a slower, softer vibe that retains the trademark 95 dark edge. A subsequent move into speed metal features Trey out front blazing a white hot path with the other three matching his intensity.



McGrupp” 8.7.93, Darien Lake, NY

A confident version of a favorite Phish tune from a golden era. Page tickling the ivories; Fishman tickling the washboard. See also, 11.30.94 McGrupp for more of Page channeling Keith Jarret.



Jam > Leprechaun” 8.24.93 Sndchk, Vancouver, BC

Four-way bluesy, uninhibited play. A pocket so deep you could lose a joint in it. Listen to Fishman’s super human fills. Midway through the 10 minute jam, Fishman settles on a steady groove, and the jam becomes a composed sounding romp. And then the elusive Leprechaun does his jig.



Chalkdust Torture” 7.16.94 II, Sugarbush, VT

A take no prisoners, almost off the rails, “Barracuda” teased Dust, featuring Trey in berserker mode.



Sneakin Sally > Frankie Says” 4.2.98 II, Uniondale, NY

Slower, thicker version of a classic phish groove vehicle. Your head will involuntarily bob as the laid-back, syncopated riffs start bumping up against your brain.   “Sally” jam slides smoothly and gradually into “Frankie Says,” which features a nimble fingered Trey.



Ghost > Drowned” 12.28.97 II, Landover, MD

Silky, late ’97 funk feel with a healthy dose of clavination. “Ghost’s” jam is of the hypnotic variety with intermittent hints of “Psycho Killer.” After you’ve been mellowed to the point of floating, the jam inconspicuously swirls into a funnel cone (twice), stops on a dime, and then launches into “Drowned!” Trey’s strong Hendrix impression in the “Drowned” jam finishes off the listener. Listen for The Note. “Drowned” jam concludes in soft, spacious fashion.



Makiuspa Policeman” 11.23.96 II, Vancouver, BC

“Woke up in the morning. Border Guard in my Bunk.” Listen for the Star Wars effects.



Bathtub Gin -> Cities -> Jam” 7.1.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

July ’97, Amsterdam — a time traveler’s dream destination. There’s a segment mid-“Gin” that mirrors the feeling of falling down stairs in slow motion. After a slick “Gin” theme tease, the jam patiently builds to a murky, not quite peaked conclusion that becomes the intro to “Cities.” The “Cities” jam sonically represents what it might feel like to be adrift at sea on a gelatinous raft. After all “Cities” flavor has been wrung from the jam, an ambient, looped section takes hold of your dome and places you right on the back of the worm. By mid ’97, this band was an ear candy machine.



Timber Ho!” 7.26.97 II, Austin, TX

More liquid gold from July 97 with a looped out, cosmic jump rope jam conclusion before the “Timber” themed coda.

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399 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Marc “Kaya” Tosh”

  1. BingosBrother Says:

    #1 is wild. Been thinking lately about the future and whether it has already happened and us getting moments revealed to us early when we are. Mozambique supports this theory. Although I’ve never listened to the island tour. Savingit like a fine wine.

  2. MiA Says:

    Brother is a great overlooked jam too.

  3. kayatosh Says:

    TT’s getting real nice. come on by

  4. kayatosh Says:

    music = magic

  5. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Agree w/MiA on Brother and Miner on BOAF. Really everything from those 4 shows is played at such a high level that it just makes sense to spin it from the top. As per the conversation yesterday, I have found myself increasingly a “jam” listener rather than whole sets/shows. Island tour a definite exception to that rule.

  6. makisupa Says:

    4.4.98 II

    I’m glad other sets get respect, but this is the Island Tour for me.

    agree MiA – best Brother ever.

    Bingos, that wine is aging nicely.

  7. JanxSpirit Says:

    We had a baby shower for our first – just a fun party with a lot of our friends celebrating the childless times that would soon be behind us and the parenting years ahead. It was a blast!

    Since we knew people would need to bring presents (and we said they should not), we asked for favorite childhood books, specifically used copies. Got a bunch of awesome old beat up Suess, Silverstein, etc that my kids still read.

    It didn’t feel right to make a registry with a bunch of expensive stuff to buy me because I’m having a kid. We didn’t do that when we got married though either.

    And I’ve never sold a ticket over face…maybe I’m missing out on the moments I could get others to give me stuff 😀

  8. JanxSpirit Says:

    @Miner are you going to all of them this summer?

  9. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I still remember the opening licks of Mike’s Song from 4/3/98 like it was yesterday…

  10. makisupa Says:

    also respect to Kaya for picking 2 canadian hilites on his reader’s picks.

    The Cup comes north this year.

    jtran, your Ducks appear 3 times on my oilers’ path for a playoff spot. Expect some duck launching

    I expect i may have a fantasy BB baseball squad. Go expos, i mean nationals

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Crosseyed teases in that Weekapaug also.

  12. ren Says:

    Why are we not basking in the glow of Islsnd Tour Redux right now!?!??!

    Stoopid Broadway screwed that up methinks

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    Janx is a communist.

  14. BingosBrother Says:

    Good ol Broadway Tony.

  15. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Fuck Tony!

  16. jtran Says:


    Good luck 😉

  17. phoammhead Says:

    Listening to phish cover band . . . ouch . . . tory ain’t too bad after all. who around here’s been slammin’ big red, huh?

  18. phoammhead Says:

    set I: funky, heavy, jibboo, nicu, ocelot

  19. phoammhead Says:

    ^that was bek

    now 1st toob . . . they’re warming up

  20. alf Says:

    nice it up

  21. makisupa Says:

    only surprise tour ever. surprising

  22. phoammhead Says:

    duke of lizards

    ’tis a nice little every thurs early evenin deal we have going here . . . phish and chips . . . 5th installment. we’ve caught 1 and 5.

  23. phoammhead Says:

    oh dear same problems all over again . . . Alaska!

  24. JanxSpirit Says:

    I’m sure it’s been discussed, but I’m finding the PTBM practice of mailing out tix very late extremely frustrating right now. I assume it’s to reduce scalping? No way it does that. It does make it a pain to swap tickets around, though.

  25. phoammhead Says:

    tOOb! now set break. now lets hav another

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