Reader’s Picks: Chasin Holden

7.8.2012 (Ryan MacNeil)

7.8.2012, SPAC (Ryan MacNeil)

All selections and text by Chasin Holden

Drowned” 12.3.97 I, Philadelphia, PA

Eight days later, Phish would use “Drowned” to bring us the debut of “Roses Are Free.” On this night, they hit on Stevie Ray before finding their way to the sacred fall ’97 sound. An outstanding 1st setter from a cold Wednesday night in Philadelphia.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 12.3.94 II, San Jose, CA

“Slave.” Horns. Enough said.



Maze” 12.31.94 II, Boston, MA

A standout version from an overlooked NYE show.



Timber” 7.26.97 II, Austin, TX

The Bob Gullotti sit-ins worked very well during the Texas shows in Summer ’97. This “Timber” is one of the highlights.



Harpua > Waterloo > jam > Llama” 6.23.95 II, Waterloo, NJ

It’s hard to find the silver lining in what will always be remembered as a bad show because a fan lost his life [in the traffic mess], but this sequence is fun and rocking and will bring a smile in the face of sorrow.



Simple” 11.21.95 II, Winston-Salem, NC

I’ve always loved this “Simple.” While not earth-shattering by any means, it runs through teases of “Maze,” “Possum,” “Bowie” (twice) and “A Day In the Life.” Very cool to hear for the first time or the 50th time.



Mike’s -> Rotation Jam -> Keyboard Cavalry > Mike’s” 11.25.95 II, Hampton, VA

The first ever rotation jam is interesting, to say the least. What surprises me about rotation jams as a whole is how they usually stay pretty melodic despite the band members playing outside their element. This one is my pick for the best of the three.



Curtain > Halley’s > Roses > NO2”  7.13.99 I, Mansfield, MA

One of my favorite runs of tunes ever. A lot of people focus on 7-25-99, but this sequence is better than any part of 7-25-99 in my opinion. The “Halley’s” in particular is top notch and the segue into “Roses” is maybe one of the most overlooked of the band’s career.



Let It Loose”  10.31.09 II, Indio, CA

Page at his best vocally.



Harry Hood” 12.17.95 II, Lake Placid, NY 

The last “Hood” of a tour rich with excellent versions. While probably not the best version of the tour, this one still finds the stratosphere and is a precursor of the all-time great version from the Garden two weeks later.

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672 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Chasin Holden”

  1. sumodie Says:

    Mmmm….can’t wait to sample this primal Dead (dave’s picks v.6):

    Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO 2/2/70

    Disc 1
    1 Casey Jones [4:31]
    2 Mama Tried [3:03]
    3 Hard To Handle [5:39]
    4 Cold Rain and Snow [5:32]
    5 Black Peter [9:49]
    6 Cumberland Blues [5:14]
    7 Dark Star> [22:00]
    8 St. Stephen> [5:11]
    9 Mason’s Children [5:29]
    10 Good Lovin’ [5:09]
    11 Uncle John’s Band [6:37]

    Disc 2
    1 Turn On Your Lovelight> [14:06]
    2 Not Fade Away [1:20]
    3 Turn On Your Lovelight [3:38]
    4 And We Bid You Goodnight [3:07]

    Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA 12/20/69

    1 Dark Star> [20:38]
    2 St. Stephen> [10:40]
    3 The Eleven> [11:32]
    4 New Speedway Boogie [8:27]

    Disc 3
    1 Turn On Your Lovelight [35:15]
    2 Mason’s Children [7:19]
    3 China Cat Sunflower> [5:31]
    4 I Know You Rider [6:07]
    5 High Time [8:16]
    6 Me And My Uncle [3:30]
    7 Hard To Handle [5:11]
    8 Cumberland Blues [5:33]

  2. sumodie Says:

    Not only did I just hear a Tom Wopat (Luke Duke!) song on my local NPR station, the DJs followed up by mentioning Hardbody and Trey (mispronouncing Anastasio & spelling Phish of course)

    Time for an aural cleansing courtesy of Goat

  3. xpun Says:

    i can’t get the listen to the dead site to load here at work. dammit

    oh well theres always phishtracks

    2-3-93 tour opener in Maine. debut of the baby grand

  4. tela'smuff Says:

    i’m following this dude who’s listening to all of ’99. should be fun. Bonner Springs up today. so it begins.

  5. xpun Says:

    Boner Springs

    whats that link again tela? i wasn’t into his ambient rating system but would love to relive that summer

  6. tela'smuff Says:

    his rating system is just an opinion. it is what it is. it’s a reason to go back and listen.

  7. sumodie Says:

    Cluster headache peeps:

    “Harvard Medical School professor John Halpern recently started a company, Entheogen Corp., to develop 2-bromo-LSD, a non-hallucinogenic LSD analog, to treat cluster headaches, one of the most painful conditions in medicine.”

    From that fascinating article posted by Dr P a few pages ago:

  8. phishm Says:

    Imagine if IT never happens again. They get up on the stage and play music, but nothing clicks. Each night the music doesn’t mesh worse and worse. They decide to try and switch jamming styles, but nothing seems to work. Each time they jam it’s just vanilla noodling. Wouldn’t that suck? Nevermind. Just a nightmare I had lately. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten how to jam. How could they?

  9. bobby weird Says:

    apropos of nothing at all, according to animal planet, while crickets may sing each and everynight, cicadas apparently wait 17 years until one night when millions simultaneously appear and sing in unison thru the night. In an effort to mate then disappear for 17 years (their offspring that is). A “rare and different tune” indeed!!! Thank u jerry…

  10. xpun Says:

    thanks. think i’ll hit up the gin and that meaty second set tonight. i actually just listened to the following nashville show last night. a girl at work is into bluegrass and i played her that first set with all the set ins.

  11. tela'smuff Says:

    definitely the most punishing of MLT’s. great flow to set II.

  12. bobby weird Says:

    Listentothedead was down last I checked. Too many phish fan Internet hits…

  13. littleumbrellas Says:

    show me, your cicada love.. dig it bobby

  14. phishm Says:

    I’d wait that long for that which sang her true song my way. Until then all I’m gonna do when I get to college is bang, bang, bang bang.

  15. bobby weird Says:

    Cicada love valuable byproduct knowledge thnx to JG. how could anyone be so cool and smart wo the Internet???? Blows my mind.

  16. phishm Says:

    hmmm. I remember there was a time way back when where I sat inside and had only a lan line. No internet. No video games. No cell phones. When was the last time one of you picked up a fucking book. Nevermind. that was real, but not important right now.

  17. bobby weird Says:

    Props to hunter obv…

  18. phishm Says:

    Don’t believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free.
    OK nuff from me. Peace.

  19. bobby weird Says:

    Phishm I hate u (not really) but I was 3d row for that hartfird meadows show. Trey recollected about “pong”… beep…beep…beep. I remember pong… and that sick show 3rd row Icculus!!! (We did not have this conversation…I will deny the same.).

  20. phishm Says:

    It’s all good. I hate you too, but not really either. Isn’t that weird. There are hundreds out there watching us type back and forth to nothing but a thought that goes back beyond most with eyes on us. Either way it’s all good. Great show IMHO.

  21. phishm Says:

    And I agree. This conversation didn’t happen. Oops.

  22. xpun Says:

    When I became a dad my dad got me the dead lyrics book. My kids have grown up on a hunter diet. And Cassidy. I like that one.

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