Reader’s Picks: Joe M.

8.24.12 (Ryan MacNeill)

8.24.12, Pelham, AL (Ryan MacNeill)

 All selections and text by Joe M.

YEM” 12.28.93 II, Washington, DC

The first of many “Oh man, you really should have been there last night!” lot conversations. Some fiery work by Trey once the jam hits stride.



If I Could” 7.1.95 I, Mansfield, MA

I had this tape from the FM broadcast (RIP WBCN) in my car and played it exclusively for quite some time. Love this rendition which came early in the night.



Simple” 12.31.96 II, Boston, MA

Another WBCN tape that doubled my collection at the time. Not a noteworthy two-night stand in most people’s opinion. A highlight was night one when the sound went out and we couldn’t figure out if they were just fucking with us. This version of “Simple” is pretty compact but brings back fond memories of my beat up Toyota Corrola.



Timber (Jerry)” 11.28.97 II, Worcester, MA

My one and only time in the front row. Epic staring contests with Trey all night. This is the second set opener. Gets into a pretty dark place in the jam before coming back to the lyrics.



Maze > Shafty” 4.5.98 II, Providence, RI

My buddy’s first-show-going girlfriend dropped to the floor between us during the middle of this one. The lights and jam were a little too intense for her.



Piper > Dog Faced Boy” 12.8.99 II, Portland, ME

The night after everyone’s favorite CCCC ’99 jam [‘Halley’s Comet”]. General Admission in the whole building for those two nights. I have vivid memories of being really moved by “Dog Faced Boy” after an intense “Piper.”



Harry Hood” 7.6.00 II, Toronto, ON

In honor (honour) of the band’s return to Canada this summer.



Cool it Down” 7.29.03 I, Burgettstown, PA

A swanky take on the Velvet Underground cover.



Backwards Down the Number Line” 8.16.09 II, SPAC, NY

The second set opener from first summer tour closer of the return. Gets pretty far out. I wish they’d tack on an abstract jam to this tune again.



Undermind” 11.29.09 I, Portland, ME

Another song from ’09 and another one from Portland, ME? This ten tune thing isn’t as easy as Mr. Miner makes it look after all. Love the sonic freakout portion of this one though.

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1,083 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Joe M.”

  1. voopa Says:

    T3- see p. 31 re: snow.


  2. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    oh I saw that, voopa, but that was before wilson retweeted it himself. EEEEEEK!!! 😮

  3. stapes Says:

    I feel exactly the same @tela’s. A few teaser weekends there made it tough to go back to winter weather. Still hoping for more rain but the snow can be over with for all I care.

  4. voopa Says:

    Oh, I missed the retweet part. OMG

  5. MrCompletely Says:

    @littleumbrellas said:

    “While Afromassive is more on the Nigerian and incorporates West African influences, we rep the East Side
    … Mulatu Astatqe and other music found in the Ethiopian early 70′s vibe.”

    all of that is super dope can you hit me with some links for your music?

  6. MiA Says:

    Yeah voopa. Those are funny link.

    Here is a map of a place that you can easily see a huge anyhdrous ammonia storage (as well as Methanol) right across from homes.

    These things rarely rarely “blow up”

    It would be like your propane tank 10′ on the bank of a house exploding.

  7. IrieWalton Says:

    Yo, C!

    Sorry we couldn’t meet up last night but that place was packed. We first hung near the soundboard hoping to have some space to dance. Rather that seemed to be the alleyway between sides. So second set we got about 100 feet back and found a nice lil’ pocket to groove.

    Thought that was one of the more jammier TAB shows I’ve been to. Granted, there was some candy pop, but a few of those jams were tight.

    Looking forward to round 2 with MMW, tonight!

  8. BNCB Says:

    Afrimassive makes for a great night out. Small world lilumb! Buddy Jason King sitting in with them.

    Lilumb, post the specific details.

  9. sparx Says:

    Bangor in the front
    Dicks in the rear

    Can’t wait to see what fall ter has in store for us New Englanders.

    Vibes Boston and Texas and the rest of the earth. Crazy world we live in

  10. MiA Says:

    My typing is terrible lately.

  11. sparx Says:

    @Fly I would be surprised if Bangor tix are sold out. Big GA flat lawn type venue. Not sure of capacity but do know that it is large. Let’s hope for a sellout but I don’t believe that has happened yet. Could be wrong though, it has happened once or twice before.

  12. voopa Says:

    Yeah, a couple miles from where I work there’s 2 HUGE propane tanks that they keep building closer and closer to…there were a couple of arrests pre-Y2K of some yahoos who were allegedly gonna blow ’em up good, but no one’s seem too worried about them since.

  13. Dorn76 Says:

    Think there was a fire burning for a while at that TX plant, and local firemen were evacuating the area when it blew. They saw the danger of a larger explosion right away.

  14. MrCompletely Says:

    I thought it was a pretty weird TAB show and definitely in the bottom tier of all the times I’ve seen them. Not the worst but just not to my taste and with very bad flow. There were a bunch of real solid highlights of course. I have not yet looked at a setlist but off the top of my head:

    – a bunch of the best stuff was stuff I’ve seen TAB play a lot over the years

    – Magilla is always cool

    – That was liquid time, right? the song with the acoustic/electric transition? that was dope.

    – there were a couple newer tunes with very interesting jams/solos. Case of A Song Of Fire And Ice And Snow or whatever that thing is called had a particularly good build to it, probably the best solo of the night

    – Alaska is way more suited to be a mid 1st set TAB tune than it is a 2nd set Phish tune. Stay in your lane, Alaska.

    – set 1 much better than set 2

    – there were many more extremely generic and boring pop/indie-rock styles tunes that IMO absolutely killed the energy of the second set. There were at least 2 if not 3 pairs of tunes that were incredibly interchangeable and a couple of tunes that absolutely, in my personal opinion, sucked.

    – overall highlight for me was that the Ginger Hope seemed to be in a mood for slightly abstract tone-and-sustain based solos which I find a lot more interesting than the usual peaky trills he tends to rely on in a TAB context. Some of those solos came in songs that I couldn’t see absolutely any musical relationship whatsoever between the main part of the song and the jam, which was jarring and contributed to the flow problems, but I didn’t really care, though. Those solos were thoughtful, patient, interesting, and powerful. They also went right over a lot of people’s heads.

    – rest of the band was in clear “second show of tour” form. Fair amount of slop in tight changes in older tunes that prob didn’t get as much rehearsal time. Not terrible or anything, not a mess or a trainwreck, but not really clean all the time either.

    – The sound system has improved but I still think the Crystal Ballroom absolutely sucks as a venue when it’s crowded. The floor configuration makes no sense and turns the whole thing into a giant clusterfuck. I know I’m in the minority on this opinion.

    – jesus fucking christ. the TALKING. OH MY GOD. sometimes I fucking hate people at shows. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Disgraceful, Portland.

    Despite all the seeming haterism all the above is intended as a balanced critique. It wasn’t a terrible show but I honestly didn’t think it was a very good one. There were great highlights but they didn’t fit together in a way that worked for me and there were a lot of looooong lulls.

    Acoustic MMW tonight is going to destroy this show musically speaking. Period.

  15. MiA Says:

    Voopa, I’ve been to that GP Resins facility right there in Elk Grove. Small world.

  16. Dorn76 Says:

    Talking is definitely not confined to the yappy E. Coast anymore. Sucks to hear its become such a problem everywhere.

  17. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    awww yeah. Enjoy By at my shop tomorrow.

  18. sumodie Says:

    Smart critique, C. Thanks

    Tho i find it hard to believe there were talkers. So glad peeps on the east coast are respectfully quiet

  19. MrCompletely Says:

    I know right pretty shocking

    still I am blown away by the intensity of it. especially from the drunk side of the room. the difference was hilarious, if lame. standing on the under-21 side of the room you could hear the absolute roar of chatty drunk people as a wall of noise, panned hard right

    one good thing about the Crystal, they’re apparently in a tolerant phase puffing wise. They have gone back and forth on that over the years. So that makes everything more tolerable

    Oh I really liked the drug dealer with his prices written on a white board outside the venue on exit. Never seen that twist. “Pills $10 be happy” classic lot shit

  20. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    nice job by the cbssports guy of throwing in the extra references here

    either he’s a fan, he has friends who are, or he did his homework well

  21. kayatosh Says:

    thanks for the TAB review, C.

    and thank for the economics of phish link, bhizzle. great article.

    greensky tonight, benevento kimock mathis etc in everyone orchestra tomorrow night. been staying up late playing chess. need a nap.

    yapping at shows is a drag.

  22. IrieWalton Says:

    Spot on review, C.

    Yeah, the talking was obnoxious. But the amount of times I had people without saying, “Excuse me” or giving you the courtesy shoulder tap, try to physically move me out of there way was appalling.

    After one guy had physically moved me aside, I got in his face (for one of the rare times in my life) and said, “An excuse me would have been nice before you pushed me aside”. The look on his face and my wife’s (who has rarely seen me confront someone was priceless). He mumbled his apology and kept on tripping over overs.

    Then second set I had another guy who was 6′ 3″ try to muscle his way up to the front about a minute before lights went down and he planted himself in front of the Missus who’s about 5’3″. Literally was standing on her feet, he was that close. Then when I tapped him on the shoulder, he acted aloof. Finally owned up, got behind us, and then a minute later had “by accident, brah” spilled his entire beer on the floor soaking the back of our jeans and shoes.

    He was apologetic, and I believe him as I think he was just plastered, but that’s ridiculous.

    Going to be a while before the Crystal sees me again.

  23. snow Says:

    oh fuck. It’s going viral.

    One problem: Wilson is the bad guy in the song. Details.

    That CBS article really takes it to a whole new level. Hilarious. I like the CBS article’s idea to have phish play the national anthem and then Wilson. Could be fun.
    Best thing to ever come from TAB tour.

  24. snow Says:

    Also, if trey is going to mount a social media campaign, I would much prefer it was abut shutting the fuck up at shows.

    Though the Wilson saga has me giddy. But I would make sacrifices like that for you, dear BB.

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Spinning a little 8-10-97 Deer Creek this afternoon. Dope Split in this one.

    Thanks for the west coast TAB reviews all. Seems like the shows are on par with the east coast shows earlier .

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