Reader’s Picks: Joe M.

8.24.12 (Ryan MacNeill)

8.24.12, Pelham, AL (Ryan MacNeill)

 All selections and text by Joe M.

YEM” 12.28.93 II, Washington, DC

The first of many “Oh man, you really should have been there last night!” lot conversations. Some fiery work by Trey once the jam hits stride.



If I Could” 7.1.95 I, Mansfield, MA

I had this tape from the FM broadcast (RIP WBCN) in my car and played it exclusively for quite some time. Love this rendition which came early in the night.



Simple” 12.31.96 II, Boston, MA

Another WBCN tape that doubled my collection at the time. Not a noteworthy two-night stand in most people’s opinion. A highlight was night one when the sound went out and we couldn’t figure out if they were just fucking with us. This version of “Simple” is pretty compact but brings back fond memories of my beat up Toyota Corrola.



Timber (Jerry)” 11.28.97 II, Worcester, MA

My one and only time in the front row. Epic staring contests with Trey all night. This is the second set opener. Gets into a pretty dark place in the jam before coming back to the lyrics.



Maze > Shafty” 4.5.98 II, Providence, RI

My buddy’s first-show-going girlfriend dropped to the floor between us during the middle of this one. The lights and jam were a little too intense for her.



Piper > Dog Faced Boy” 12.8.99 II, Portland, ME

The night after everyone’s favorite CCCC ’99 jam [‘Halley’s Comet”]. General Admission in the whole building for those two nights. I have vivid memories of being really moved by “Dog Faced Boy” after an intense “Piper.”



Harry Hood” 7.6.00 II, Toronto, ON

In honor (honour) of the band’s return to Canada this summer.



Cool it Down” 7.29.03 I, Burgettstown, PA

A swanky take on the Velvet Underground cover.



Backwards Down the Number Line” 8.16.09 II, SPAC, NY

The second set opener from first summer tour closer of the return. Gets pretty far out. I wish they’d tack on an abstract jam to this tune again.



Undermind” 11.29.09 I, Portland, ME

Another song from ’09 and another one from Portland, ME? This ten tune thing isn’t as easy as Mr. Miner makes it look after all. Love the sonic freakout portion of this one though.

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1,083 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Joe M.”

  1. snow Says:

    wow. the NFL did everything possible to fuck over the seahawks with this schedule.

  2. snow Says:

    Fucking sucks as a fan. five 10am games. shit show. Fucks up my sunday. get irie at at 9:30!?
    I’m pissed.

  3. snow Says:

    six 10am games.

  4. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Stop crying snow. When you go to the title game, your schedule gets tough.. 😉

    See the Giants schedule the last 2 years…

  5. Mr. Palmer Says:

    10am…whats wrong with that? Sounds perfect.

  6. IrieWalton Says:

    Onto round two of live music, tonight is MMW. Just discovered the local taproom just tapped deviant dale’s a few hours back. Delicious.

  7. snow Says:

    The problem with a 10am start is that the game is in the middle of the day. I want games later in the day. That’s the problem for me.
    The stats show that west coast teams do worse playing at 10am because the players have to wake up early relative to their body clock.
    It’s not the teams, it’s the advantage they get from the scheduling.
    Like playing thursday nights has a huge upset ratio for the home team.
    We were already in the hole before the schedule came out because we play all of our hardest opponents on the road.
    Whatever, we will still dominate.

  8. snow Says:

    see my ideal sunday is to take care of business in the morning like playing with my kid, errands, exercising, etc. And then start watching off the DVR at 2pm. For a 10am game, i’ve barely eaten breakfast and when the game is over, I’m all wasted and it’s only 1:30.
    I guess I will have to prepare my wife for me just watching football all day on 10am starts.

  9. MiA Says:

    If you want to be respected you should be able to win at any time of the day they throw at you.

  10. 4thDimension Says:

    14:35 mark of the 8/12/04 S&SS = welcome

  11. BNCB Says:

    Lamest rant In the history of football fans award goes to:
    ‘Glowbanks 2013’

  12. BingosBrother Says:

    If y’all haven’t watched Hannibal yet, give it a try tonight. Easily the best show I’ve seen since Lost. Pure art.

  13. frit0pendej0 Says:

    Hey all, long time no post. It was cool to catch up with this week’s comments and see the quality of the conversation on all the terrible shit that went down this week. This place has a great vibe and I’m looking forward to throwing down with at least some of you on tour this summer.

    In the middle of a brutal few weeks at work, so I’m feeling justified in shelling out the arm and a leg for Prince at Showbox tonight. Me and the Mrs. have tickets for the late show, and we expect to see at least one other bb’er representing. Line up the espresso shots and pay the babysitter for OT. Show time at 11:30.

    Did people see that LivePhish is releasing 6/20/95? Odd choice since the best part of it (the Mike’s Groove) is on a Live Bait, but we could use more Summer ’95 on crisp SBDs. That was my first hometown show and I overdid it with the extracurriculars. I felt like they were playing *that note* in the Mike’s for like an hour. You know the one.

    Built to Spill has been sounding really good lately. I haven’t seen them mentioned here and wanted to give a shout out. The band is led by one of the few truly great guitarists in indie rock. Keep it Like a Secret and Perfect from Now On are both full of multi-layered guitar symphonies. They’re not quite as, uh, mind-expanding as MBV, but in the same ballpark.

  14. Snow Says:

    By comparison, 9ers play Two 10am games. And only one is near a being a playoff contender.

    Really, lamest ever? Let the winning begin.

    And I don’t want respect… I want home field advantage and a Lombardi.

  15. Mr. Palmer Says:

    You have to earn those, Snow. They aren’t handed to paper champs. JUst be thankful you guys get to play the Cards and Rams 4 times…

    Built to Spill- used to catch them way back in the day. Good band. Do they still bring it?

  16. BNCB Says:

    At least on this site Snow. I don’t think you’ve had much competition though, fwiw.

  17. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    hang on, snow.

    you also get four night games, including two MNF dates. one of your 1pm starts is central time, so that’s 11am local for you not 10am. only one of your early starts (the central time one) is backed by another early start but that’s due to a two week road trip. all others are backed by late games at home and all but one is preceded by a late game at home (the giants game is preceded by a road game at sf).

    it is not really that bad.

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    and I didn’t even mention that your afc foe is the south, so that means jacksonville (win), titans (win), indy (you better win that one if you think you are a playoff team), and houston (win here to prove you are worthy).

    not to mention the aforementioned rams/arizona double up 🙄

  19. BNCB Says:

    Glow is just understanding the game. Just started watching last year. Complained about 10 am starts cuz the local sports anchor did.

  20. BingosBrother Says:

    Didn’t football just end?

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    pretty messed up that on the espn page for a team’s schedule there is a link to buy tickets on stubhub for each game. not the original ticket source mind you, the reseller source…

    eff that.

  22. 4thDimension Says:

    11:00 mark of bader birds = welcome to the 4th

  23. RoosterPizza Says:


    My internal clock sucks real bad when I stay up until midnight watching the Giants lose a night game.

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    This phishtracks site is a music junkie’s paradise.


    Snow getting taken to the nfl woodshed in mid- April… Gotta love the NFL.

    Snow- you should come east for the Giants game. If you come, I’ll buy you a ticket to the game and you have place to stay… 20 minutes from stadium

  25. gavinsdad Says:

    Bader Birds will always remind me of @willowed dancing and a nice chunk of BB and extended fam. Great version in a completely worry free setting.

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