Reader’s Picks: Dustin Lewis

12.28.2012 (Graham Lucas)

12.28.2012, MSG (Graham Lucas)

 All selections and text by Dustin Lewis

Gumbo -> Sanity” 8.15.98 II, Limestone, ME

A groovy piece from Lemonwheel that perfectly illustrates Phish’s Summer ’98 sound. Tight (but loose), focused and funky. This is one of the truly great (yet somewhat forgotten) segues.



Halley’s -> Roses” 7.13.99 I, Mansfield, MA

How I miss first set jamming like this pairing. This combo comes in the first frame of the (possibly) last great show at Great Woods. Several other readers picks have mentioned that late ’90’s Halley’s represents an “effortless” type sound. This piece, which somehow merges groove with more abstract soundscapes, sounds as effortless as it gets.



Split Open and Melt” 12.4.99 II, Cincinnati, OH

With Big Cypress around the corner, Phish was plugging away at the sound that would take them from midnight to sunrise. Trey switches from effect-laden sustains, to the Mini-Keys, and then back to a raging guitar finish in what was one of my all-time favorite indoor dance sessions on a cold night in Cincy.



Mike’s Song” 12.30.93 II, Portland, ME

I can’t leave out the early ’90s entirely! My favorite “Mike’s” of all-time rages from start to finish. Trey’s ripping dark leads gradually morph into bright, blissful glory. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SECON…….ok, I know, it’s been asked enough at this point.



Free” 7.31.98 II, Columbus, OH

Not your father’s version of “Free.” Trey ditches the guitar god soloing in favor of soupy Summer ’98 funk. A stellar version that, again, makes you yearn for the days when “Free” was free to run wild.



Theme -> Dog Log” 9.17.00 II, Columbia, MD

Another reader recently highlighted the “Mango Song” from this spectacular night at Merriweather. This set was one of the most unique of all time and carried a distinctly dark vibe throughout. This “Theme->Dog Log” is really one piece and you can’t help nodding your head back and forth to those distinctly ’00 grooves. Mr. Gordon owns this one.



Tweezer” 6.18.94 II, Chicago, IL

This is one of my Top-3 “Tweezers.” The aggressive, “in your face” ’94  grooves explode out of the speakers for the first act. After a bit of meandering, Page comes in with a Mind Left Body progression that Trey jumps on like a man possessed. The peak of this jam could only come from those four musicians, in the year 1994.



Down with Disease” 2.21.03 I, Cincinnati, OH

Another choice from Cincy, but a completely different time. It is jarring just how different the band sounds when comparing Cincy ’99 to Cincy ’03. This piece, taken just about 10 shows into 2.0, captures the band getting to know each other musically again. Though it would take until the summer for the band to really hit the gas full speed on a night to night basis, it was fascinating watching the rust gradually come off the car.



Roggae” 8.5.11 I, George, Washington

I know that most people have probably heard this one, but I just can’t leave out the obvious highlight from my first set at the Gorge. Walking up and over that precipice to see the wonder that is the Gorge was one of the true highlights of my life. If you have never been, please go. It is a truly special place. This bluesy rendition of “Roggae” brought the sun down with style…



Mercenary Territory” 10.31.10 II, Atlantic City, NJ

Though “Spanish Moon” seems to be the consensus highlight from the Columbus set, “Mercenary Territory” was my favorite. The full-band peak, including the horns, must have taken hours and hours to get down (though they still didn’t totally nail it.) If you’ve never heard the original Columbus, give it a spin….”Mercenary” is the real highlight.

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  1. littleumbrellas Says:

    Ah, thanks gdad @Boards.
    -Joggerz, listended to that stonesthrow soundcloud. Dont think its a Miles sample. Stonesthrow loves their 70′s ganster detective film samples. Possibly from Bollywood. Reminded me a lot of a song off the Madvillan album.

  2. phishm Says:

    It’s funny that you write “Not your father’s version of “Free.” “. I actually took my dad to this show. Not sure he enjoyed it as much as his first, but that was the 97 Nutter Center show so understandable.

  3. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    one of the reasons i really like these reader’s picks is that they sustain on the very reason why i still listen to phish- phish plays rad fucking music.

    gracias por las selecciones!

  4. jtran Says:

    psych heads – anyone heard of Os Mutantes? Playing in SD next week I guess. Looks like a 60s Brazilian psych band that’s reformed.

  5. sumodie Says:

    “Bncb, check out Witch and Ghana Soundz from sumos orange. Like em both as much as Goat. In a different way.”

    WITCH was a 70s psych rock band from Zambia

    The other is a terrific comp of 70s rock/funk bands from Ghana

    And my orange should be aglow

    Can’t wait to see Os Mutantes at the Solid Sound festi this June in North Adams, MA. Haven’t spun their music but have read about their legendary status in Brazil

  6. littleumbrellas Says:

    Os Mutantes rules!! As does this site.

  7. phishm Says:

    The hardest thing that I find when trying to get into a jam are the distractions around me. I find it hard to just sit there and allow the music to take over my being. Once it does however it’s so rewarding. Time to allow the music to take over. Hope you are all having a good one. Peace.

  8. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    Os Mutantes = solid (though their earlier incarnations were best)

  9. littleumbrellas Says:

    Incredible Os Mutantes clip. David Byrne put out a great comp of their music.

  10. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    OM was featured in a world cup commercial a while back. Expected them to be more widely known after that.

  11. littleumbrellas Says:

    Miner your choices are always on point and also so for your readers choices. Solid idea. Music, music, Music.

  12. jonacho Says:

    Definitely loving the reader’s picks for continued new music and versions I have never heard.
    The little personal anecdotes are great for giving some context for the picks.

  13. gavinsdad Says:

    @telas – this is “the melt” right?

  14. MiA Says:

    Seeing Os Mutantes on Saturday. Getting really excited for Psychfest.

  15. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Wife sitting on plane on runway in florida getting ready to come home..

    Said they just yanked a middle eastern looking dude off the plane sitting right behind her… flight delayed…

  16. gavinsdad Says:

    hey Dustin…nice picks here…thank you.

    Mercenary is actually my favorite tune off WFC…and that Theme>DogLog was on @kennypowers SBD comp from a few years ago…that’s an amazing combo and i dont ever really look for anything from a dog log.

    only DL i ever caught was that Hampton 99 version and looking at the stats here (!) it was that sick one at MPP then IT, then nTelas ’12

  17. tela'smuff Says:

    that be the one @gdad. when i did my picks i was going to put up my list of often hyped jams, but went with something different. other than the My Left Toe>Whipping Post, which i can never leave off a list.

  18. voopa Says:

    What matters is if he was Middle Eastern sounding, apparently.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    nice picks, dustin. familiar w/ all of the picks w/ the exception of the the 93 mike’s and the 2003 DwD. love the gumbo, halley’s, and melt. well done

  20. gavinsdad Says:

    doing this melt sbd stylee (LP 7)

  21. gavinsdad Says:

    Mike taking some ownership of this 99 melt during the year of the loop.

  22. voopa Says:

    Live Bait 7

  23. phishm Says:

    So I work from home most of the time. Like I said before there are people in town for the week. They want me to take them out so that they can get the vibe of the city. I know these people basically through phone conversations and it’s all business. If they really knew me they would probably be a little shocked, or not. Hard to tell with work peeps. Any ideas on what normal people do in the city on a Friday night? Weird question I know, but figured some of you would get me.
    I guess Listen to Jim Croce, play darts…

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Phishtracks listening project idea.. Spinning Japan ’00 from start to finish

  25. gavinsdad Says:

    gah. thx voops

    random shit: the first time I saw Tube was 8th time played 11/4/90. the next one i saw was 12/29/97. So i really never knew I saw a Tube early on.

    then with Punch…it evaded me until Clifford Ball.

    for years i didn’t think i caught a Forbins til i got the Timers stats…first 4/20/90, 2nd 12/28/90…3rd townshend ’91…then UIC ’11.

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