Reader’s Picks: Dustin Lewis

12.28.2012 (Graham Lucas)

12.28.2012, MSG (Graham Lucas)

 All selections and text by Dustin Lewis

Gumbo -> Sanity” 8.15.98 II, Limestone, ME

A groovy piece from Lemonwheel that perfectly illustrates Phish’s Summer ’98 sound. Tight (but loose), focused and funky. This is one of the truly great (yet somewhat forgotten) segues.



Halley’s -> Roses” 7.13.99 I, Mansfield, MA

How I miss first set jamming like this pairing. This combo comes in the first frame of the (possibly) last great show at Great Woods. Several other readers picks have mentioned that late ’90’s Halley’s represents an “effortless” type sound. This piece, which somehow merges groove with more abstract soundscapes, sounds as effortless as it gets.



Split Open and Melt” 12.4.99 II, Cincinnati, OH

With Big Cypress around the corner, Phish was plugging away at the sound that would take them from midnight to sunrise. Trey switches from effect-laden sustains, to the Mini-Keys, and then back to a raging guitar finish in what was one of my all-time favorite indoor dance sessions on a cold night in Cincy.



Mike’s Song” 12.30.93 II, Portland, ME

I can’t leave out the early ’90s entirely! My favorite “Mike’s” of all-time rages from start to finish. Trey’s ripping dark leads gradually morph into bright, blissful glory. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SECON…….ok, I know, it’s been asked enough at this point.



Free” 7.31.98 II, Columbus, OH

Not your father’s version of “Free.” Trey ditches the guitar god soloing in favor of soupy Summer ’98 funk. A stellar version that, again, makes you yearn for the days when “Free” was free to run wild.



Theme -> Dog Log” 9.17.00 II, Columbia, MD

Another reader recently highlighted the “Mango Song” from this spectacular night at Merriweather. This set was one of the most unique of all time and carried a distinctly dark vibe throughout. This “Theme->Dog Log” is really one piece and you can’t help nodding your head back and forth to those distinctly ’00 grooves. Mr. Gordon owns this one.



Tweezer” 6.18.94 II, Chicago, IL

This is one of my Top-3 “Tweezers.” The aggressive, “in your face” ’94  grooves explode out of the speakers for the first act. After a bit of meandering, Page comes in with a Mind Left Body progression that Trey jumps on like a man possessed. The peak of this jam could only come from those four musicians, in the year 1994.



Down with Disease” 2.21.03 I, Cincinnati, OH

Another choice from Cincy, but a completely different time. It is jarring just how different the band sounds when comparing Cincy ’99 to Cincy ’03. This piece, taken just about 10 shows into 2.0, captures the band getting to know each other musically again. Though it would take until the summer for the band to really hit the gas full speed on a night to night basis, it was fascinating watching the rust gradually come off the car.



Roggae” 8.5.11 I, George, Washington

I know that most people have probably heard this one, but I just can’t leave out the obvious highlight from my first set at the Gorge. Walking up and over that precipice to see the wonder that is the Gorge was one of the true highlights of my life. If you have never been, please go. It is a truly special place. This bluesy rendition of “Roggae” brought the sun down with style…



Mercenary Territory” 10.31.10 II, Atlantic City, NJ

Though “Spanish Moon” seems to be the consensus highlight from the Columbus set, “Mercenary Territory” was my favorite. The full-band peak, including the horns, must have taken hours and hours to get down (though they still didn’t totally nail it.) If you’ve never heard the original Columbus, give it a spin….”Mercenary” is the real highlight.

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2,006 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Dustin Lewis”

  1. gavinsdad Says:

    Shoreline: top of the hill only. How could I hear it?

    The Vehicle.

  2. bobby weird Says:

    cant decide what to listen to or watch. any hot tips???

  3. phishm Says:

    I’m in the same boat bw. Just got finished working for the week. Crazy long week it’s been. Going to the local store to get some Dogfish 90’s and then guess I’ll do what I always do. Wait for the kids to go to bed and get down to some phish. Or get down to some phish while the kids are awake and have a dance party in the family room.
    If you come up with anything worth spinning please share. Thinking AC would be cool just for the birds, but I’m open to anything.

  4. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Got my Dave’s Picks 6 in the mail today.. Just listened to the bonus disc so far (12/21/69)… sound is impeccable. Gotta really dive in to this bad boy next few days.

  5. Sumodie Says:

    Spinning DP6 at present! I so rarely listen to the Dead nowadays that this primordial Dead drop is a huge treat. Why didn’t I subscribe last year, lol

  6. tzara's Says:

    Aw shit, @gdad, the top of the lawn. Shit was downright tribal up there. Drum circles at setbreak. Thanks, hadn’t thought of that in years.

    Also, what the hell with all you easterners getting your Dave’s Picks before me? Thought those shipped from CA. What a gyp.

  7. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Seriously Sumo- Music wise, these four releases will be the best $124 I’ve spent in a long while.. 2 more drops to come!

  8. Sumodie Says:

    The return label for my DP6 says Shepherdsville, Kentucky

  9. bobby weird Says:

    an embarassment of riches… you bitches! … fuck i am so lazy…… tell me more?…? … put some scraps in your orange?? anything man… i need it baaaadddd….

  10. Sumodie Says:

    Agreed, Palmer

    Now if only the CD player worked in my car (one reason my listening habits are so skewed nowadays). No, there’s no aux / iPod input either

    Anyone seen Youth Lagoon live? He’s playing here on Tuesday, an actual hometown show opportunity for me (Well, 20 min away in Northampton MA)

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Yeah, Kentucky here also. Plus, DL is a Canadian, so anything is possible.

    DP #5 came 3 weeks late..

    I haven’t even got to the goos stuff yet ( the huge jams) and I’m already impressed. This particular release, #6, was the main reason I subscribed. 69 and ’70 era, unreleased material.. The sickness.

  12. tzara's Says:

    Well, with any luck I’ll get it tomorrow. Been listening to a lot of ’70 Dead lately. Such a great, unique sound that year. 5/1/70 on listentothedead sounds great.

  13. Mr. Palmer Says:

    good stuff…^^

  14. mmmhmm Says:

    I like the backstories in the DP liner notes. always a fun little read. Bill Walton’s was entertaining on the last one

  15. mmmhmm Says:

    I hate research papers. Worst weekend ever. Fortunate for some new Ph and GD to listen thru for the next few days.

  16. angryjoggerz Says:

    Made it to Shoreline for 6 GD shows, totally top of the lawn. Some of my best dancing memories ever from up there. Gyoto Monks ftmfw.

  17. bobby weird Says:

    dem monks know whats up!!

  18. kayatosh Says:

    props to all you cats doing the dave’s picks series. just reviewed the 6 installments and the shows picked look excellent.

  19. Calpain Says:

    “new weird america” could be my fave sub-genre on that list.

    acidjacks aud of GOAT from Brooklyn has great balance and clarity. the homemade analog preamp gives it nice warmth.

  20. voopa Says:

    Monks was my only birthday show…what a night.

    So I thought it was kinda funny that The Stones had to do a second run of $85 tix cause their shows aren’t selling, but I signed up anyway. You could choose to be notified for up to 4 venues, so I chose LA, Oakland, Vegas and Anaheim. Got an email yesterday about the LA shows at 3 but I didn’t see it until 3:30, and the tix were long gone by then.

    Today, same thing. Email sent at 3 for the Oakland show, saw it at 3:30, tix gone. I’ll be more vigilant tomorrow.

  21. hazel mango Says:

    diggin the chance, rl.

  22. Sumodie Says:

    Saw that too, voopa. Stones don’t care, they’re automatically guaranteed $5M per show

    Already have $85 mystery seats for Boston. Curious to find out how others fare before Boston to see if there’s any tips on how to get the better seats, other than being a young buxom blonde female

  23. Sumodie Says:

    Anyone else read about this bizarro fucked up tragedy?

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Disc one Dark Start->St. Stephen->Mason Children…

    the segue into Mason’s Children is bad ass.

  25. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Holy Shit. Grant Hill is still in the NBA.

    Also first-spinning new Dave’s Picks. So far, so good.

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