Reader’s Picks: Nathan Coblentz

Summer 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

Summer 2012 (SammyC via Crowdseye)

All picks and text by Nathan Colblentz

Here’s my ten. I’ve tried to include personal favorites that I haven’t heard much mention of from other fans.

Divided Sky” 11.19.92 I, Colchester, VT

Never has a TV theme sounded so heartwarming – Trey’s ‘Those Were The Days’ moment just before the ‘lullaby’ segment puts this “Divided” in ‘best ever’ territory, right up there with 6-18-94 and the like.



You Enjoy Myself” 8.28.1993 II, Berkeley, CA

This might just be the perfect underdog of a “YEM.”  Oh to be on Page Side / Rage Side during this full-blown “Oye Como Va” tease.  There are hundreds of rediculous “YEMs” from those early years, but this one just hits me just the right way. 14:40-15:10 sounds like the sky is falling. Everyone has their favorite “YEM,” this one is mine.



Wolfman’s Brother -> Magilla” 7.21.97 II,  Virginia Beach, VA

On the heels of Phish’s game changing Europe tour, this might just be the funkiest tour opening set ever, and the drop into “Magilla” is uber-smooth and a surprise for everyone. The only other appearance of “Magilla” in 97 was in France just a few days earlier, one of many phish standards to be reinterpreted for Phish’s new sound. While the French reading oozes like molasses, this one chugs along at a “Wolfman’s” tempo with some snazzy jazz comping from Page and Trey. As far as I know there hasn’t been another “Magilla” quite like this one, before or since.



Tube > Drowned” 11.2.98 I, West Valley City, UT

This is my absolute favorite “Tube” and easily makes my top 5 list. The overpowering, raging psychedelia of the second “Tube” jam carries perfectly into “Drowned,” making this easily the musical highlight of a show that also happens to contain the famed Dark Side set.



Down with Disease” 7.7.99 II, Charlotte, NC

While I’d be less likely to remember this performance if this wasn’t my first show and my first time hearing this song, this succint, 11 minute scorcher of a “Disease” takes no prisoners. Trey is a god here. “The My Left Toe” cool down that follows is nice too.



My Left Toe -> Prince Caspian” 7.21.99 II, Burgettstown, PA

While we’re on the subject of toes, this is the biggest and probably the best one. Fire this up and enjoy a full-service audio brain massage. About 12 minutes in it morphs into something entirely different – a billsful, watery I > IV jam over the same 6/8 Left Toe groove, which then drops beautifully into “Caspian.”



Stash” 12.31.03 II, Miami, FL

One of the more original “Stash” jams you’ll hear, this version has everything. Words don’t quite do it justice so I won’t try. Just don’t forget to bring a towel and a pair of quality headphones.



Boogie On Reggae Woman” 8.2.09 II, Morrison, CO

Clocking in at 18 minutes—nearly unheard of for this era—this “Boogie On” deserves another listen. Nearing the 10:30 mark, it starts to lose its bouncy “Boogie” flavor and takes on more of a ‘Oye-Ghost-Va’ feel.  It is all too easy for Phish to fall into grooves like this, but coming from “Boogie On” it sounds pretty damn cool. An easy highlight from a time when Phish was just starting to find their groove again.



Backwards Down the Number Line” 6.12.11 II, Columbia, MD

Trey seems much more stoked to be playing this song than the “Harry Hood” that precedes it. This song has its haters, but they really should hear this one.



Run Like an Antelope” 6.24.94 II, Indianapolis, IN

This “Antelope” is indispensable to any list of “Antelopes” worth their salt. The massive “Disease” jam sandwiched in the middle of this already scorching jam is what puts this one over the top.




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    Comment 1,000.

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    Youth Saskatoon

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    I’d like to thank the BB for providing relief for ticket woes. In particular MiA , Xpun and Gavinsdad . Good lookin out gentleman

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    @gc – sumo

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    Doc Ganz getting it in.

    @gc – pix or nans

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    Saw Corncob is Austin recently. Looking appropriately grisled and worn out like a senior in college. I give a vote that he is no longer a yout.

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    Yeah, I remembered him, dl’d his links, but they only have disk 1 and the bonus disk…

    Beggars can’t be choosers and all, but the completist in me shed a single tear

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    just pre-ordered the ventura 97-98.

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    Joe, Ashamed to admit I’m a Habs fan. It was a wonderful regular season, anyway. Worst to first turnaround. Then a disappointing first round of the playoffs. Too many injuries. I’m not sure who I’m cheering for, now. But playoff hockey sure is fun to watch. But I no longer have a horse in this race…

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    I find when listening to a really good show, at times, I tend to first forget what show I’m listening to. Second what song they were just playing or are playing. Third laughing when I realize how intense that jam just was or is. Have a good one. Peace.

  17. phishm Says:

    Just to add, I like listen to shows I haven’t heard before recommended by the bb and not look at the setlist and just enjoy. Amazing how many jams are out there that I have yet to discover. It’s a fun search however. you all have a good night. Peace.

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    @rooster. Montreal beer: deu de Ciel

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    Yes! I had that one too. Peche Moretel, I think.

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    Not gonna lie. Trips me out to be doing the graduation boogie on the same stage phish has played. #Mullins

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    Related fun fact: luthor then died from a diabetes and hypertension related stroke after being in a coma for two months.

    Worth it!

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