Reader’s Picks: Jeff D’Alonzo

The Storage Jam Brian ferguson

The Storage Jam (Brian Ferguson)

All selections and text by Jeff D’Alonzo

A disclaimer. I love trey and i love jams that exude emotion. Tried to do a combo of relatively unknowns and monsters, but thanks to Miner and this ridiculous community, there aren’t really any unknowns.

Carini” 2.17.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

Thank the dude who remastered this show. It’s my belief that this show changed the game. The winter Europe tour started off strong, new style being developed and whatnot. The night prior, 2.16.97 took it a little further. However, this show, specifically this “Carini,” is where it went down. Coming out of the gate dirty, the band connected and went straight into that funky psychedelic vibe that is everywhere in ’97. There is really solid playing by everyone throughout the jam, but what makes it, is the ending. The last 4 minutes is the blissiest piece of bliss every made. Utter beauty and flowing with a peak that is the definition of gorgeous. I just blissed my pants.



Antelope” 5.16.94 II, Los Angeles, CA

Pretty sure the only people that knew about this one, were the people at the show until this set popped up on etree, i guess 4 or 5 years ago, it was the last missing link to my 1994 collection. Lo and behold I saw a 20 minute “Antelope.” Popped it on and the rest is history. The jam after the “BBFCFM” nonsense is one the most beautiful pieces of Phish music ever made. Trey leads a melodic build up that makes me shiver with emotion. Not really sure how to explain it, heart wrenching glory I guess.



Ghost” 6.15.00 I, Osaka, JP

I went through a month phase where I listened to this “Ghost” three times a day. Perfect driving music. Fishman is a god here and Trey follows his lead all the way through. Two jams, both brilliant, leading to a groove laced peak towards the end. Kids were lucky to be in Japan for this one.



Bathtub Gin” 2.14.03 I, Los Angeles, CA

A personal favorite of mine. The only song on my list that i was present for. It seems like tour openers always have a big jam. The “Gin” is it. The whole winter tour was laced with huge “Gins.” But i like this version the best. Trey is a monster during this one. Funky, dirty, grooving, crushing. Pick whatever adjective, maybe Miner can help me. This jam is just amazing. Throw down city.



Bathtub Gin” 9.12.99 I, Portland, OR

When I discovered this jam randomly back in the day, I was floored. Hadn’t really read about it anywhere or heard any mention, prolly overshadowed by the “Ghost” from the same show. But this jam rules. It’s a perfect summer show jam, sunset, all that jazz. As my buddy Shin likes to say, a straight candy raver. It’s just a really bouncy and happy version with a beautiful groove.



Tweezer” 6.9.00 II, Tokyo, JP

Japan 2000 is arguably their best “jams” tour. So many heavy hitters. This one is probably the biggest. This “Tweezer” starts off cool, really laid back and patient. Gets a tad lost in the middle but then around the 18:00 mark,
everything in the world makes sense. So patient, all four of them finding their way. Both dirty and pristine, this ending jam is one for the ages, complete perfection.



Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I, Chicago, IL

My favorite “Mike’s” ever. First jam is solid, well played and energetic. Then comes jam two, an absolute blissful beast. I love every kind of Phish, acidy experimentation, deep swamp funk, methjazz, etc. I love it all. But what really gets me is the bliss. And the second mikes jam from UIC is one of the blissiest. And also being a complete Trey whore, i love it, and this jam has IT.



Ghost” 7.12.03 II, George, WA

Post hiatus fire. Trey tone is in full effect. Another grooving shred fest, starts off really smooth and elegant. 10:50 mark on is why I go to shows. One of those moments when all you can do is smile at the fact that you got to listen to the greatest band on the planet do their thing.



AC/DC Bag” 11.7.98 II, Chicago, IL

Everyone knows this one but I don’t care. ’98 is prolly their best year all around, imo. The ambient shit brought things to a whole other level. This monster has complete experimental psychedelic ambiance all over the place. Whatever that means. I don’t condone drug use, but if you decide to indulge, put this on and listen to the whole thing.



Mike’s Song” 11.21.95 II, Winston-Salem, NC

My friend Cheryl turned me on to the jam a couple years ago. Not the best “Mike’s,” but a personal favorite. First jam is typical ’95, rocking, Page and Fish owning. But again, the second jam is what i crave. It starts off spotty and confused but towards the end turns into another bliss fed gem. Trey takes control and plays a slow melody that cuts to my core. Beauty.

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  1. BingosBrother Says:

    Thats bad fucking ass. I like that they know and seek that deeper thing with us.

  2. xpun Says:

    That Louis CK clip was hilarious. Great way to start the morning laughing.

    Nice picks. I shall finally mow my lawn today while listening. Rain/work have not lined up for me and now Ive got the shaggy yard on the block. Stupid neighborhood.

  3. phishm Says:

    I like that response from Mike. They know what they are doing. I find it more of a frame of mind that is turned off and on by the presence of deep jams. It’s like a switch that can be turned off and on at will with their music. They are true Jedi’s.
    Oh and my yard needs to be cut too xpun. I’ve become the guy with the shaggy yard. Good thing I’m the only one in my neighborhood not in the HOA. Time to get some work done. It never ends. Peace.

  4. Shred Says:

    Or soundboard if you prefer.

  5. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    And happy 18th birthday to the Lowell Reba today!

  6. voopa Says:

    T3 that is just awesome!

  7. Shred Says:

    Lowell was the hardest ticket I ever had to scalp. I still have no idea how I made it in. Needed bracelet and ticket to get in. Almost impossible. I met some girl that worked there and she got me a ticket. It was weird cause once she offered, I had to go in with her. I didn’t have a bracelet. Since she worked there I didn’t need one. So I just “tagged along” with her crew. Even went back to their house and had a few beers. Once she got me in I went solo. I was right there in front of Trey. Voting for Spock’s Brain name. What was the other choice?? Reba and Yem are so vivid in my mind. I wish they could write a bunch of quality songs like that again. Such a great night.

  8. MiA Says:

    Great souvenir T3.

    I don’t think that the dropbox link is a SBD.

  9. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers!

    Loving the picks for today; thanks Jeff!

  10. Shred Says:

    Its 100% a soundboard. From The Archives show. Right click it. It has SBD right in the information.

  11. MiA Says:

    Not questioning you Shred. Maybe I should have said it’s the worst sounding SBD that phish has ever produced or released.

    And that’s saying a lot with how terrible the “official” SBDs sounded in ’09.

    One can change any of that metadata at anytime they want. It means nothing. That track was pulled from a FTA show. So whoever did the rip, wrote that in there. Not KS.

  12. MiA Says:

    I think this is the version I’ve always heard.

    Drums sound way clearer to me. The ride cymbal and the crash really ring and you can hear the bell well. Better stereo imaging, etc.

  13. alf Says:

    @RL, sumo

    cluster + eno

  14. alf Says:

    and, Culture live in Berkeley 1983 (audio, no vid)

  15. sumodie Says:

    Maybe the mp3 formatting made the 2-17-97 DWD sound worse

    The lossless copy I have, but not at my fingertips, sounds great as I recall

  16. phoammhead Says:

    trying . . . well not trying too hard . . . to wrap my brain around all the cocaine references in that old crow show last night – hill billy music and cocaine – okay, then.

  17. Shred Says:

    That’s the remaster which I linked on the last page. I prefer no clapping. Annoys me.

  18. marcoesq Says:

    Morning all. Great picks here, love me some late 90’s Phish

    So The Voice of Russia started following me on Twitter today, interesting..

  19. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I think the auds( some of them) from the small rooms in Europe and Japan actually sound better than boards..

    thanks for the vape info RL and tzaras…

    That Louis CK video was perfect…

  20. MiA Says:

    Sumo, if you find that lossless version that sounds great, I am very interested.

    I agree with Mr. P too.

    Hard to listen to Slip Stitch and Pass, a small room SBD that sounds like the best ear candy from Phish that my ears have ever heard (amazing sounding show) then put on something else and say it’s even from the same recording rig that they were using for the Hamburg shows.


  21. marcoesq Says:

    Yeah that 2.17.97 sbd sounds gawdawful. iTunes says I’ve only gotten 2 plays out of it in the 2-3yrs I’ve had it

  22. Guyute711 Says:

    I like Old Crow and would like to go see them tonight in CLT but $40 for a ticket is about $20 too much.

  23. MiA Says:

    It’s unlistenable by me. It always amazes me how different all the SBDs sound from Phish. Even the LivePhish series 1-20. I mean I get they were recorded on different rigs even.

    Bryce Goggin should have been their go to “remaster” expert, not Kevorkian.

  24. marcoesq Says:

    Seriously. There’s a lot I do not know about recording technology but what I do know is that a lot of their SBD releases sound like shit.

    Best sounding IMO

    -Darien ’00
    -Halloween ’98! so good
    -NYE ’95 but levels could’ve been brought up more
    -Hampton ’98 (great..)
    -Fukuoaka is good but boomy
    -Island series but Nassau way better than Prov
    -Licoln ’95 and Blossom ’95

    That’s it, I’m tired of this list but you get the point

  25. sumodie Says:

    Well, I could be wrong about the 2-17-97 dwd sounding better in lossless

    The torrent I linked last page is active

    Otherwise I’ll dig it out tonight

    Meanwhile I recommend Amon Duul II – wolf city in my citrus

    Also added Ash Ra Tempel too

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